So cash-starved nations will cut back – if the political propaganda from OPEC the new global SITCOM becomes reality. Some points to keep in your mind as markets soar on OPEC weekend news their five of 14 as the rest did not even show up to the meeting – agree to marginal cutbacks:

  1. The cutbacks are from highs that when the cutbacks take place the world remains at the new SUPER HIGH output for everyone in OPEC over the top of FALLING DEMAND. There is too much oil. The world is drowning in oil folks.
  2. Those not part of OPEC over 50% of world production in and out of THE agreement ( if no one cheats and they always cheat for 50 years ) will now race – just race – to take market share from those cutting back.
  3. Production in Canada the USA and SOUTH AMERICA will soar now as they race to take MARKET SHARE away from the SITCOM of OPEC. They fired blanks this weekend which the market will figure out by Friday. UP then back down again.
  4. The world is in a long-term MARKET SHARE war and OPEC is an entertainment now versus a real force for influence and control on a supply demand marketplace.
  5. Cartels and Speculators have lost – and the new market is abundant oversupplied oil and who can get and keep MARKET SHARE today.

It’s funny to watch OPEC try to push oil uphill against gravity nature and supply demand economics.

It is funny to watch them try, though. But in securing MARKET SHARE coming into TRUMP are you KIDDING ME. Seriously? Really?

What an opportunity for all of the AMERICA’s and everyone knows it while they watch this OPEC installment of their sitcom. Opec is becoming a market JOKE folks.

And in 2017 Russia and others are not about to lose market share – they just will not. OPEC has been suckered in and the big loser is going to BE SAUDI who just can’t afford those losses. This is the last bluff and all the chips are moving to the MARKET SHARE big boys right now.

Here comes the belly laugh.

Economically speaking.

When POLITICS ( Opec ) attempts to push oil uphill with phony economics the reality of economics always wins. There is no going back to yesterday in oil markets.

It is a NEW MARKET SHARE DAY folks in the oil markets.

Buy into the dips sell into  the peaks.

That is my economics – you do it any old way you wish.

Berny Dohrmann – Fixed to the OPEC CHANNEL for the sheer laughter it causes me