Or they should be. We have reported why the FED is dead as serious policy influencer on markets and why over this year. The market has already factored in the FED RATE increase. It is a non-event. Without a policy change of magnitude which could always surprise us all ( real Fed Leadership we have not seen once from Chairwoman Yellin ) we do not see it.

One of my faculty is a lead highly paid the consultant to the FED. They don’t see it either.

The Yield Curve is the highest it’s been since last DEC again factoring by the market the FED as it is. Nothing new. Good for the market not being so affected by the FED WEDS meeting next week.

We see the FED year-end meeting as POLITICALLY SAFE the play Yellin selects as a totally SAFE Fed Leader versus a policy engineering inspired FED LEADER.

At 4.6% unemployment did the FED wait FAR too long to raise interest rates super heating the labor markets.

We think and growing bodies of experts join us in a resounding YES. The FED has missed the market windows since 2008 and caused more pain not less pain. It has been brutal to watch the botched options. Economically speaking.

WE are NOT FED FANS and believe the FED should be MERGED into US TREASURY and public firms should be reporting every six months in a digital age, not every month as in the pony express period. This would remove so much RISK and SPECULATION from the markets and provide FED transparency and Treasury oversight missing today.

One a high note our multi-year lobbying to install 100 Year SUPER BONDS to insert the asset of TIME into resetting sovereign nation debt is gaining traction. As the FATHER OF SUPER BOND THEORY the idea is to have all national debt in a NEW BOND CLASS – SUPER BONDS – limited to sovereign nations exclusively – couped to new infrastructure investment into restoring debt overall once and for all.

TIME as a missing asset mechanism, if engineered correctly, provides demographics and economics in 100 yaars to pay off:

  1. 100% of our national debt in 100 years with forward ease
  2. New infrastructure resources for nation building into the future – roads damns modernizing WIFI communication power grids and forward assets on terms and schedule that self-amortizes in taxes and 100-year repayment with ease.

All impossible without TIME inserted into those mixes. Then economically SUPER BONDS rebalance accounts world wide and resolve the debt bubble that destroys without SUPER BOND THEORY.

The US incoming TREASURER has it from some of our advice and advisors and now SUPER BONDS are becoming POLICY discussion. The WAY to change it all.

So with the Jobs ACT CEO, SPACE helped change the world. With SUPER BONDS we again have helped to change the world.

It all started here folks. It all started here.