Reminds me of the fools rally in 2007 before the market lost all the wealth of the world. I keep saying – BUY low and SELL high. All time highs – SELL. Time will tell. Is this ever wrong. Not in 500 years but that’s me.

Looking into 2017 we can’t see where the earnings will come from to support these growing multiples. With massive policy shifts one would wish to error on caution.

Do you buy at the all time high thinking it can only go up? IS that a FOOLS rally? We say historically YOU BET. Enjoy your cash and if your in the market SELL.

Discipline makes money when nothing else does. Discipline.

Lots of news. The USA passed its budget ( finally ) into April only. Then it is all on TRUMP ECONOMICS. Can the new team pass a long term budget? It is going to be the FIGHT OF THE CENTURY. We can’t see that right fueling a gigantic rally. Can you?

The EXIM BANK funds the competitiveness of nations buying our planes and trains and things against global state funded subsidy. Congress wants to defund it but they did extend funding. CEO SPACE is for a fully FUNDED EXIM BANK. If we lose it we lose jobs lobs of jobs.

Thats taking a battle in the under the table rooms.

Generally our eyes follow DUESTCH bank still far from out of any woods. Italy and its banks about to go bankrupt asking for state bail outs again – which can be done only by breaking EU rules. Its a mess out there.

The US is booming and that is the Holiday good news and the year end sales are brisk and booming as well. To early to see how it all shakes out we are waiting for those numbers.

China got six IPHONE phones that caught fire and blew up. APPLE says ah shucks it is nothing. IT IS SOMETHING. I’d follow that item. Still out of a billion phones it is far from SAMSUNG. The supreme court ruled Apple damages from Samsung at almost half a billion are TOO HIGH and must be adjusted lower by the lower courts. So legal theft pays today?

I have to go to my 14 year old musical recital so more later. I have to be DAD for my last of nine so I”m fully on duty as FATHER.


Berny Dohrmann