Competitive capitalism and communism are failed economic systems. Why? They both follow highly flawed and incomplete box top rules as to their system models, largely forged in the industrial revolution years of the 17th Century. In 300 years we have not reformed these flawed rules. The world model has yet to preclude 1.3 billion starving to death THIS YEAR while there is plenty of food to feed them all – or to cease making much of the earth inhabitable and with toxic water for unborn generations. Both systems are insane and obsolete. Why?

There is no conspiracy nor is there an ideology. Beuarcracies are largely by their nature INWARD FOCUSING. They do not focus via  their core drivers outward to reform or change THAT WHICH IS. Generations of THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT preclude real retooling. Real reform. Real invention. It is more or less mindless. Only INSPIRED LEADERSHIP can install the new model for COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM I’ve laid the blueprints out – so when that leader shows up his teams have the proven model to advance from iN REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Get yours on

The present failed model of competitive capitalism and communism always leads to this table expressed from my economics in the book over 300 years –

  1. 1% consolidate and own more wealth than 99% as it is now in EU ASIA & the USA.
  2. This leads to financial instability in markets and a market MELTDOWN  2008
  3. This leads to TRADE WARS between nations in bad faith dealings over time
  4. This leads to a contagion event via debt abuse by nations and SUPER CRASH
  5. This leads to world war to rebalance accounts in the global system

Repeating THIS PATTERN as we have for 300 years through a failed economic box top rule game board – is INSANE – but we are all doing just that.

In 2008 a digital weapon opened WORLD WAR III and created THE CRASH it was not free orderly markets.  The first global trade war using hacking began and has hacked every major corporation and military on earth. Today North Korea just hacked the South Korean center to PREVENT HACKING and stole that software. The axis of evil is alive and well and has 10,000’s working full time on the  theft of national wealth DIGITALLY online.

All this is a first and makes rebalancing the global system without a full on world war almost impossible. Again it is insane leaders creating insane policy in the insanity of competitive dealings between nations – the cause versus the symptom. Competition is insane. Cooperation is sane. Everyone is getting sucked in to the symptom versus working on the cause.

Competitive capitalism and communism are failed economic systems for humanity.

Cooperative Capitalism the final revolution is the fix for humanity.

CEO SPACE leads this revolution you can join on Dec 13th if you want to revolutionize your own economics first. For thirty years we have led in this revolutionary space of economic reform globally.

Today we have China. 25% of her failed economic system ( communism ) state controlled by STATE RUN ORGANIZATIONS the highest of any nation or SRO’s. The SRO’s are loss entities further central communist planning agenda’s one of which is to maintain jobs at any cost as policy to avoid riots and revoluiton their largest fear. China hs falled from 25% growth 9 yaers go to 2016 with just over 5% growth. A down graph with no let up and that is their best lie numbers and math. It is far worse than that. Even with all the efforts to stop the down bubble. China is spending 300% more than it earns running a DEBT NATION. Their bad debt now passes 100 trillion all shown as good assets. China IS bankrupt today and any other label is a lie.

Enter TRUMP who knows all this detail. So now the trade war – is going to be no longer ONE SIDED. That IS for sure. Right at China’s weakest moment. Consider:

  1. China fails to protect USA or EU IP.
  2. They rip off our IP from food to technology.
  3. They invented soverign nation hacking as a hardened military weapon of nation.
  4. They went to DIGITAL WAR WITH US fostered by RUSSIA to bankrupt us.
  5. They work together on it as Putin has declined GNP from 5.7% to 1.3% in 14 years
  6. Both Communist systems have so utterly failed their only escape is war.
  7. China floods markets with state-supported pricing to foster false economics.
  8. The USA is going to require fair trade, not unfair trade REALLY starting in 2017.
  9. This can slam China economics into the floor all at once.
  10. This can create global SUPER CRASH and World War over time

And all THAT is coming in 2017.

Trump can move manufacturing out of China at a pace never seen in modern times while blocking China made goods without huge tariffs into the USA. These taxes will make CHINA made goods much more expensive and create Amerian fair trade. Trump will require China stop hacking and stop IP theft. No one goes to jail in CHINA for making Apple RIP off stores or MCDONALD rip off’s using the same brand and name. No nation has the IP theft to match China.

The failed POLICY of multiple administrations – that – globalization and trade would drag CHINA into a great global partnership. Nothing has been further from the TRUTH. China is not getting more open. In fact,  XI has returned 40% of reform laws to their older state-controlled version. CHINA IS GOING BACK to the future. The trend is back to hard line communism at every level from currency controls to price manipulations.

China is not moving toward the world China is remaining as it was at its worst. Their growth is built on UNFAIR ADVANTAGE IN WORLD TRADE POLICY ripping off other nations to its own advantage. All nations have caught on and the run out of China we have reported all year on this blog is now over a trillion out in 2016 and another trillion in 2017 bringing CHINA GNP down to say 4 trillion. Japan will become the # 2 economy again as this takes place. Likely in fact.

America is operating an economy where china at its lie numbers is only 25% of America’s annual economic power. America is not number 1 as an economy it is by ratio so much larger that nothing else comes even close to its influence if it wishes to use that influence. Trump will use the weight of his powers to assure AMERICA is no longer a victim to communist bad faith trade dealings.

So the TRADE WAR PHASE of the table shown here, as it was before WORLD WAR I AND AGAIN IN WORLD WAR II is about to super heart up. Friends of China on one side and friends of the USA on the other side. Who has the majority of friends given the real economics? The friends always and we mean historically follow the real money. That is not bankrupt China coming to a very HARD DEBT BOMB EXPLOSION next year or in 2018 at the latest.

TRADE WAR is the big item, not the BOEING need to adjust their retail price to the USA on their plane orders.  TRUMP will install two major policies:

  2. THE USA WILL SEEK MORE VALUE FROM ITS SUPPLIERS IN AMERICA THE OLD “FREE LUNCH” MODEL AND 1000 dollar  hammer acquisition model for a four dollar hammer – is OVER.

America GNP is 15% Manufacturing the highest % in 20 years – but pathetic to its % in 1955.

Trump will boast that % and by a LOT.

Trump will rebuild American INFRASTRUCTURE. This will modernize everything. Trump will require everything from STEEL to CEMENT is made IN AMERICA to get those contracts. Jobs will soar but so will  inflation as wages and prices rise over time.

Even with rising Manufacturing, the long game is not THAT. Robotics and AI is the threat to JOBS as per the millions of cash register jobs threatened by Amazon’s new artificial intelligence AMAZONGO stores which threaten WALMART.

My new book SUPER CHANGE suggests those who fail to learn unlearn and relearn are the uneducated of the future. Adapting to SUPER CHANGE is the new “C” Suite leadership quality most desirable by future boards. A new type of leadership skill is required just to remain CURRENT within the forward markets of SUPER CHANGE. The age we are moving into in 2017 is the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Human’s most challenging adaption mission  of our own creation yet. Can we adapt?

WILL we adapt?

80% of the best jobs in five years do not even exist today.

Training the workforce of the SUPER CHANGE future to the skills evolving in SUPER CHANGE new industries is the task of NATIONAL POLICY. Education,  as it has been has reached a point of total obsolescence worldwide . If human education is not reformed the future will be written by the SELF EDUCATED outside the education  system as it is today.

Education reform to the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR from K to 12 and up – with designs for the digital classroom of tomorrow using SUPER TEACHING Technologies, is the future. If we don’t change the software on our young super learner brains they will bypass obsolete education as they are doing now.

You can not adapt what we offer today globally you must REFORM what we offer today to lead in the future of SUPER CHANGE as a people and community and nation. Whole brain sofware is now the survival of nations in forward SUPER CHANGE.

Threatened with global TRADE WAR – civil unrest – riots – break downs of nations – collapse of nations – can you see a way to avoid WORLD WAR once again?

FAILED policy is the symptom.

Failed economics is the illness.

Competition is the cause as a virus human thought form.

Cooperation is the cure.

Will the world cooperation or compete.

No larger question exists before humanity.

In 2017 read my blog with this MASTER WORK in your thinking. Students print this item and take it to your learning institutions. To foster new thinking.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the Truth on just for you