Leaders from Syria, Iran, Somalia, Russia, The Gulf, and Isreal all conclude into Jan 20th if the take bold steps NOW the USA will DO effectively NOTHING. So as congress readies to go home for Holidays and President Obama readies to light the tree –

  1. Isreal passes a first phase law to legalize the outposts all over Palestine. Obama has said there is no larger barrier to peace than this step.
  2. Russia and Syria are hammering win after win with 24-hour bombing.
  3. Iraq is 24-hour bombing.
  4. Iran is telling Obama if he does not veto sanction extension law there will enormous consequence.
  5. North Korea is likely to DO SOMETHING BIG to get back on the year end or New Year agenda during the danger zone trust me and WAIT FOR IT
  6. India is not amused by PAKISTAN and TRUMP – WAIT FOR IT
  7. China is not entertained by the call to TAIWAN watch the South China SEA

To name a few of my top 7 watch lists. I put ISIS on a list of its own in the danger zone.

To be continued……

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping my readers in the know