1. Predict the Italian vote and its consequences.
  2. The likely outcome OF the VOTE once it was IN – restated here
  3. The third largest bank has already requested STATE BAIL OUT
  4. This means they will go bankrupt
  5. This means there is a HUGE enormous RUN on the bank
  6. A run by investment giants leaving now by billions
  7. A run by short sellers on the stock and investment in general
  8. A run by depositors who will rise up like a tidal wave this week we suspect
  9. A run by insiders who know
  10. A run by competitors seeking business customers to switch

This situation means the amount the bank will require – is massive. Billions upon billions. Only Italy is now itself as a nation moving from SERIOUS DEEP DECADE LONG RECESSION into a full on DEPRESSION. Italy has no spare change. Italy credit cost as risk will now SOAR when it can least to pay more for its DEBT BOND FUNDING rolling over monthly – quarterly – bi-annually – annually with enormous sums to pay that now will ROLL OVER into NEW BONDS at MUCH HIGHER PRICES – only Italy can not pay those higher prices.

Economically this is a DEATH SPIRAL.

Italy is entering the DEATH SPIRAL.

This is all very serious. Planners at WORLD BANK and IMF are in PANIC you can COUNT on that. The FEDS around the WORLD ARE IN PANIC. The phones are ringing 24/7 now as they work 100 hour weeks to plan around REAL GLOBAL CONTAGION – a shattering of financial agreements and confidences that create market panic.

Contagion is a digital melt down of liquidity and circulation of money where the system fails and insitutions fail and defaults cascade globally. For the first time contagions that took weeks can cross the globe in hours. Is that smart? Is that desirable? Is that Good? We have suggested in the digital markets of 20 years the G 100 need to reframe global financial regulations to REBALANCE the ditigal world as it is becoming…a future the regulations have failed to keep pace with. Without this reframe the CONTAGION we write to you about is the host of global SUPER CRASH. Yet to be experienecd in modern times.

Before a SUPER CRASH the markets are always SOARING as if there is no end in sight. We have reported to YOU – the end is in sight and we have in an abundance of caution suggested YOU Protect YOURSELF and your family and we have told you HOW all year. Precisely how. Worth fortunes to those who act on what we suggest to you.

The USA markets rising on the TRUMP TRAIN is built on solid busy last quarter resuls all expected. But smart money will see this at foundation level is not a justification for an over-priced market. On the anniversary of former Chairman Greenspan a decade ago at the peak of the TOP BOMB era suggesting the markets have reached OVER PRICED EXHUBERANCE ( where does he get those phrases in the shower ? ) – we conclude the market is NOW OVER PRICED and profit taking before month end next year is likely. Soon we  all will   see if we are right.

Add in the risk category the SPEED following the PRIME MINISTER of ITALY resigning today – leaving a rudderless void in state governance – with politics in shambles – WHAT the rest of the week will bring.

Our blogs saying – ALL EYES ON ITALY – remains our watch phrase.

And you know why.

And you know FIRST.

That is HOW to interpret the global press you are reading right this minute.

Behind the gossipy news on nothing – Syria is in blood bath – Italy is the economic risk of the week – and Iraq is pounding Mousel in another blood bath. ISIS is getting totally hammered in economics – manpower – dying at a record rate – as MAD DOG SAID some folks are just born to kill. ISIS is finding out their two-year self-promotion was spit in the wind.

The sane are crushing the insane – as it is throughout history.

We all want a more sane world. We want to play together in cooperation and stop all the competition. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE GLOBAL VILLAGE GET THAT SINGLE MESSAGE we all share – now if only our leaders will relfect our collective will.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the Truth bright for you today