There has been a lot of upside on the market. The home you want is now 16,000 more. This kind of price jump or INFLATION is soaring now. So we predict a MASSIVE FED POLICY SHIFT. The shift will be LONG TERM INFLATION CONTROLS.

We see the FED rapidly rising interest rates – and every single meeting into 2017. No slow adjustment.

We see the FED “REACTING” to the STIMULUS planning Trump’s team will execute to rebuild America. Long term investing of a trillion dollars creates inflation and rising economies as well as rising debt. The dollar’s worst enemy is inflation. Nothing hurts the dollar buying powers like inflation at home. The dollar MAY NOT perform like the market is betting upon. At first,  the dollar may rise as it is doing. Later in the inflation cycle, the dollar may fall sharply.

The FED to assure capital flight INTO the USA dollar will rise interest rates to market levels to attract customers with an INFLATION RISK FACTOR built into the interest rate pricing.

So we anticipate FED SHOCKS as the new policy comes into play. With some rate hikes larger than the market bet upon and some rate hikes far more frequent than the market anticipated. I’d bet on that if your playing 4X.

Meanwhile, the markets are massively shorting ETF’s which I told you is just beginning – that market is going to be slammed when the ITALY factor comes into full play. As I have written below. When GREAT NEWS EVENTS occur you hear first and you hear the TRUTH on this blog site. We always hope you’ll share this blog site with your own group list and customer base. They always thank you. If I piss you off somehow write a comment. i personally reply to GLOW and to GO comments. I respect your right to disagree with me. Although my reports are all economic from an investment banker economist math view never personal religious or political.

I wrote the BOOK – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( great Holiday Gift by the way as is PERFECTION CAN BE HAD and SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS at Amazon ) but Redemption is based on CELEBRATING ALL HUMAN VARIETY of thought race religion region and all forms of our tapestry of variety without any punishment for the diversity of humanity. You all make me sparkle every day in every way. I’m so grateful you read my blog and share it. Thank you all and know you are appreciated.

The Effort to write this blog – as a Forbes Global Top 10 Keynote Speaker – Author – Film Producer – Chairman of CEO SPACE – is often between planes – at airports or on planes – and off 1,000 emails a day – and immersion study of global financial press and details and 100’s of hours a month on calls around the world getting data for you.

So my goal is not to polish a finished product that is the best written – but to be abundant in giving you hard DATA to read the financial tea leaves with new glasses so you see the TRUTH. As you have seen over 20 years the accuracy of the blog has become legendary. My hedge fund and private equity tribe refer to me as the WIZARD OF ECONOMICS alive today. While writing this I just wrote an article in a magazine via telephone interview – which I do often – following the author of RICH DAD POOR DAD’s interview which started at CEO SPACE. Small world. Then back to YOU.

So know I”m writing in between work as I have the data points and from those notes create your blog which may be quick and dirty in my Chairman blitzed daily schedule but I’m always THINKING OF YOU and I always wish my readers to have the same news I have for my own inside tribe.

I share with YOU what I share with FORTUNE LEADERS and the SUPER MONEY Decision makers of the world. I apologize is it is not always as well-written as I wish but I lack the time of many blog writers and I go for VAM – velocity Acceleration and Momentum of world NEWS – this BLOG GIVES YOU ALL VAM you can not get anywhere else. Plus frankly I’m always right.

Berny Dohrmann – the Data and Information Care taker just for you

PS: The Trump Rally will run out of steam before Jan 20th – trust me.