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Happy New Year 2017

Berny Dohrmann – Founder and Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL




So for ten days being inside a Florida Hospital ISOLATION WARD for explosive pneumonia and flu ( extreme flu where they come in wearing hazmat suits ) was fun. Christmas in Federal Prison was better. I was screaming from the pulmonary pain with each a cough so they gave my Tyrol. It was intense. This is the first day in ten I feel 65%. So to my Holiday readers, I apologize though as you know markets are SLOW and trading is tepid as the big guns are like TIM at Apple having their nephew just peak in on the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE as he did while on vacation in New York City. HE did say Apple had a great holiday season without any indicator on numbers.

Today it was reported Apple again lost new start cell phone MARKET SHARE and SAMSUNG gained in new activations of overall market share. This was and is troubling in the market because Samsung lost their case against Apple, showing crime DOES PAY – and they had a year of SAMSUNG GALAXY 7 NIGHTMARE EXPLOSIONS AND RECALLS and they still beat Apple on new start market share? They did NOT loose ground? This means the market for gadgets cares about only features and could care less how ethical or moral the feature market thief might be in the world. This is NEW FOLKS.

Now to be sure new activations is NOT SALES. Apple is:

  1. Sold OUT of iPhone 7’s
  2. Sold OUT of IWATCH’s ( mine is on back order )
  3. Sold OUT Of ear pods

So we await those all important numbers. We told you in the dip BUY APPLE STOCK as much as you could a rare breach of our move to all cash and get out of the markets altogether.

We have reported and reported the TRUMP RALLY is a FOOLS RALLY built on nothing at all. NOTHING. Now we have data we reported as predictions coming in:

  1. Interest is now a head wind for existing home sales which surprisingly pulled back as we suggested would take place.
  2. Oil inventory today surprised expert market watchers as US inventory ROSE In the middle of storms and winter demand. Upward price for oil has the breaks on it.
  3. Shale oil is now the winner of OPEC phony price jaw boning – where NO ONE IS CUTTING BACK and the glut is expanding – but NOW market share will shift even more to THE AMERICA”s as CHINA seeks to deal away from OPEC and court TRUMP favors. For self-survival.
  4. The Chinese currency broke the 7000 yuan barrier – the Chinese lashed out globally this was not true – which means it is true as the YUAN is down to an 8 year low against the dollar and about to plunge even more.
  5. China now doubled its currency basket ( its panic way to further confuse the market on Yuan market price globally ) which is not fooling anyone.  A nation borrowing 300% of its earnings each year is not healthy and the international bodies give China a CRASH due to DEBT over the coming 36 months – which is economic – historic and nothing personal. Just failed communist economics as seen over 300 years of failed socialism economics – a theory that can not work and does not work or self-correct. Nothing personal or political just economics.

More people rise up in other systems. The best seems to be the UAE. The boss gets the advice. Decision’s get made. Things get done. Democracy appears to be to slow in the world today and communism is like going in reverse. A system of public support for Kings and Dictators seems more effective. More a CORPORATE accountability for nations than a political extension of older models. Perhaps we can evolve a better form for everyone without the rigged system models?

The major players in the market are going to see that:


  1. The market is hideous over priced.
  2. The multiples are insane.
  3. Trump is going to have serious head winds for a long time in 2017.
  4. The market is going to self-correct sharply as I noted it would following the full run of the FOOLS RALLY.
  5. The ETF markets and the world debt instabilities will become the seeds of a future SUPER CRASH.

Until then the party goes on. Consumer confidence is a record high. Business confidence is high but pulled back a bit at year end.

The fear index has peaked at the low and is slowly rising again. Watch the VIX. You’ll see a record shift without warning.

The market will correct before Jan 20th.

The TRUMP ICHAN team furious with China hacking, legal theft, the rip-off of American jobs and economics has HAD IT. They now are discussing TRADE WAR WITH CHINA – just take the lump and get er done – better whack than wham. So with that model in mind if deals can’t be made, by the DEAL MAKER OF DEAL MAKERS – the TRADE WAR IS ON and China already in the toilet is going to LOSE. We are the buyer, not the seller. If we stop buying CHINA is out of any options as communist economics fails and Russia will BENEFIT as RUSSIA is not China’s friend. The USA is China’s friend IF China will play fair and by rule of law and stop their unfair trade wars – which having won so many economic battles are about to lose the economic war itself. TRUMPED.

The markets will be in disarray as this unfolds.

This is the climate your investing into.

Which is WHY we suggested going into 2017 you SELL HIGH ( now into all cash from bonds and stocks ) and you wait for the new LOW then buy back IN and make a fortune. Those who stay in and believe will be deceived. IT is all so historic.

Now you have the history book.

Hope this helps you look at your nation with fresh eyes. I’ll be in California at PSI WORLD SEMINARS head quarters Jan 3rd to 10th at WORLD FAMOUS HIGH VALLEY RANCH. One of my great healing spots. I will be in Romania speaking, in India speaking,  hoping for Israel on Peace plan consulting and speaking, and the GULF UAE this Spring if my buddy John Thorp’s meetings with Prince Mohamed all go well.

Plus New York on MODERN DAY MILLIONAIRE ( your all invited to that ) Jan 14th  – brrr.

March 14th CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL first of five BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES you can all register into at Disney World where we assist all our business owners to SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY in 2017 with profits and income they can’t match without being inside CEO SPACE first of the year – five to thrive series.

Wishing all my readers the most prosperous NEW YEAR with my thanks for your prayers healing me up.

Prayer works.

Berny Dohrmann CHAIRMAN – FORBES & INC MAG # 1 ranked business conference world wide in 2017 – just published




So I did what I never do – I took a flu shot. By the end of the day, I was in the hospital with spiral into pneumonia and FLU so bad I’ve been in hospital isolation ward since Friday. Just home and the entire family was ill so no Holidays for us. Let me mend a bit and I’ll get you back up to speed on the news.

While I was out we did receive:


  1. Inc Magazine ranked CEO SPACE the # 1 business Conference in the world in 2017.
  2. Forbes Magazine ranked CEO SPACE the # 1 Business Conference you CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS in 2017 – the third year at the TOP SLOT.

So that is a lot of hard work as we make our March 14th first of five programs the best ever in Orlando to accelerate growth. I’ll send you those links and there is a huge year end sale if you want to TAX PROFIT and become a lifeTIME CEO SPACE member. Just phone as they are coming from many nations this March and you should as well.

Thanks for the prayer. Glad to be out of that hospital.






Communist and socialist countries, engage a central market control economic model, versus a free market control economic model, that creates typically, over decades fantastic DEBT and CREDIT market ABUSE. This economic dynamic builds up bad toxic debt, that over time, compounds, and becomes a mountain that ends up controlling policy. DEBT AVOIDANCE. The central planners become trapped, in a core economic model ( socialism and communism ) that simply is less efficient than free market capitalism and far less self-correcting along the time lines.

The financial lance the CENTRAL PLANNERS in CHINA now reside within, have narrowed from a commuter lane in an eight-lane freeway 12 years ago, to a very narrow arterial country windy unmaintained road, with potholes

I want you to visualize the CHINA problem:

  1. 12 Years ago 15% GNP – gross national product output rising like a rocket for a very short time.
  2. As 1% of elites owned 99% of the wealth the economics became unsustainable and the system wobble stopped growth.
  3. The system crashed from 25% growth to above 5% growth today ( they lie about real numbers ) so adjust them
  4. The down graph goes down the flip chart for a decade and breaks the marker pen as the line proceeds on the side wall
  5. During the crash as industry capital and internal wealth fled china in the largest run on a nation in years
  6. China central planners used DEBT ABUSE to create a 300% borrowing against jobs to support currency and jobs
  7. This created a rebalance of inflows of capital reserves to an outflow of capital reserves by over 1 trillion in 18 months
  8. A bad debt overhang of toxic never to repaid debt in China now is topping 100 Trillion US DOLLARS
  9. Interest rising in the USA means the YUAN value already 20% down in 2016 against the dollar is crashing further
  10. Debt China is running at 300% to one in INCOME must be largely repaid in dollars, soaring in value making payments impossible for CHINA to pay

China must stop supporting its currency which could drop its value by 40% in the New Year ( if not before ).

A free market float of the currency will drop the value of CHINESE PHONY money by 40%.

Inflation in China will soar as capital runs from all sectors foreign and internal into higher safer dollar returns. The run in China which has been fantastic is nearing CONTAGION levels as the FED adjustments come into the market. There is NOTHING that Central Planners with years of failed economic policy can do to fix this. The IMF warned them. Then IMF put the Chinese Yuan into the class of the London POUND and the US Dollar – that was a failed IMF policy that will bite their credibility directly in the Chairwoman’s ass worldwide – now on trial in FRANCE. Like the last French IMF chairperson as the IMF, authority is diminished. The USA warned and offered to help but all have been rejected by closed circles COMMUNIST CENTRAL PLANNERS who just know better.

In trying to rewrite economics the last meltdown gasp of economics is currency controls and price controls both going on today in China. Market controls, trading controls, and draconian controls that since 1700 have never once proceeded into any future but collapse and failure of the economic system itself.

China, as I’ve defined, is in an economic DEATH SPIRAL. As the tornado of unresolved DEBT ABUSE continues, bankrupt banks and financial institutions allowed to book utter crap bad debt as good assets will only get worse and the SUPER CRASH will be deeper, faster and worldwide influencing due to syndicates with global financial institutions known as counterparty agreements. Liquidity worldwide freezes up when the DEBT BOMB goes OFF in CHINA. A run on the banks or institutional runs via massive short selling as took place in January of last year sinking all China markets and leading to a huge currency devaluation – right before XI said that China will never devalue its currency. XI has lost confidence in central economic planning policy ( nothing personal just economic failure in policy ) as has CHINA communist central planners under XI. Can’t be reclaimed now. The DEBT ABUSE IS TOO FAR GONE – wealth is too conslidated, circulation is restricting and the cost of the debt mountain is about to soar to levels China can not and will not be able to pay.

The short selling in everything CHINA is going to become massive. The profits made on the short selling will pass one trillion. China lacks resources to offset the massive rising short selling on the failed economics. The market is always smarter than the Communist Central planners and will always protect itself.

Wealth in China is going to rebalance and that rebalancing is going to be painful for CHINA and the painful for the rest of us – the entire world.

So imagine this:

1. China is borrowing more and more to keep from an employment crash and civil war inside China. A CHINA SPRING.

2. China provinces could politically revolt following SUPER CRASH.

3. Debt cost based in dollars for repayment see China Yuan crashing in value, every day in every way in every market, while US dollar value is soaring making repayment of existing and future debt impossible, what the WORLD BANK calls UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT POLICY. A copy of the socialist failed economics in GREECE where last week they gave the finger to the IMF, paid out when they lack the cash to do so – pension money ( politics over economics ) such that – Greece will not get its next traunch of required life support capital and must go bankrupt and itself bow out of the EU with bankrupt socialist ITALY right behind only second to CHINA.

4. As FED rates rise dollar values simply SOAR worldwide. Everyone rushes from the DEBT BOMB NATIONS and currencies back to the higher profits and stability of the strong growing USA economy. A free capitalist economy that self-corrects and is more successful for 400 years than communist and socialist economic models. History never lies. People under capitalism which is needed evolution to improve and is far from perfect – do better overall. Cooperative capitalism is slowly reforming economics, a theory we developed and published in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for Fortune leaders and for heads of state worldwide. Increasingly capital funds are reading this work and adopting its policies when they fund. Because it makes capitalism BETTER.

5. Communism principles are better adopted in SOCIAL COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM now rising in the most successful nations. Communism while well intended is a set of box top rules that simply do not work. Communist leaders are well advised to move their markets into the more successful capitalistic laws and model so easy to copy worldwide. Why continue with a failure.


Debt-ridden failed DEBT BOMB NATIONS must write off their bad debt, the sooner the better which will result in a long painful super recession. The failure to do this step will result in SUPER CRASH and worldwide depression.

Credit and Debt ABUSE coupled to wild market speculations where more money invests in speculation for profit than real economic investing is the CAUSE of all world depressions and wars from Rome to this day.

A small global leadership of investment banker economists has the historic data to see the insanity of repeating past history over and over again. If I can write one truth – economically speaking – leaders at the top learn nothing from past history and they always repeat past history and are always so confused when the economics take over their political bad choices. The people suffer so needlessly because of these bad choices.

Economic literacy is not taught in schools and should be the second job of education. The three jobs of education in my opinion is to 1. teach students to be self-reliant to think independently to debate intelligently and to foster core civics and culture for each community education is offered to weave a cultural tapestry of pride and rule of law in all communities one for the other – 2. to educate entrepreneur core skills as backdrop all other education in math science arts language and culture and 3. to educate economically on systems modeling and history to avoid repeating past economic history through an informed population of leaders who possess this secret knowledge.

Leaders fail because they are not educated properly nor are their advisers. It is NOT THEIR FAULT. They simply do not know HOW to reform education globally which is not hard and teachers would welcome the new focus and directions. Empowering teachers to do their best work in this new box top rule set would elevate education as the first sacred task of all nations to its unborn.

So we are all stuck. The world is competitive versus cooperative. A G-100 three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL GLOBAL  CONFERENCE chaired by an inspired visionary investment banker economist chair person can resolve the issues and break with the economic merry go round history. 287 Captains steering the Space Ship PLANET EARTH in entirely different wakes to their destinations creates a sick planet, failed economic systems that impoverish billions of us, and leads to SUPER CRASH via DEBT ABUSE and world war.

It’s not THEIR FAULT. They are ignorant. Their advisers are really not providing the information to go in the right directions. Politics lead economics rather than the correct form of economics lead politics globally.

President Bill Clinton the most awake on this model solution dynamic uttered the single phrase that defines the age that we reside within when he said after reading REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION hand carried to Hillary



….….folks ( on MEET THE PRESS USA )…..we either cooperate …or we perish…it’s as simple as THAT……President Bill Clinton USA to the world press


Now consider all the idiots on the news telling you in 2010 DOT.BOMB crash – the OCT Super Crash of 1988 – the 1911 Crash and recession – the crash of 2008 – just before each CRASH – the BOOM IS SOLID and WILL NEVER END …BUY BUY BUY.

Why do so many waits and buy at the all time high thinking they are missing out – right at the end of a long boom bull market that based on known financial history must soon CORRECT if there were not system flaws? When you FOOLS RALLY a SUPER RALLY on no economic models for that run up – you always adjust after. It is fatal to so many trusting their nest eggs to those suggesting it is SAFE to invest at the all time HIGH at the END of the longest run up in modern times – and that investors are foolish to not dive in at these insane HIGH levels?

WE have said to acquire the discipline to sell high, ( now ) and move to all cash and wait till the CRASH and then buy low.

Going against the herd is what I have done since the early 1970’s. And WON. Always.

Those that follow me know that single rule sell high buy low. Buy low sell high. No other rule applies. Data not emotion rules.

It is our opinion CHINA and the EU Debt ABUSE BOMBS will explode soon. When they do and as they do from forces you now know leadership has zero power this late in the game to control ( save with a G 100 ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS TO RESET GLOBAL REGULATIONS IN THE DIGITAL AGE )  – where competition in communism and capitalism will default the system into SUPER CRASH and global depression.

Historically that is the place we are today.

At CEO SPACE we just told CEO’s from Romania, Estonia, the EU, Africa, South America, Isreal, Moscow, and the AMERICA’s to standing room only CEO leaders… in a week of education on the future options that included billionaires walking around with millionaires and those in development space being mentored what to do. To invest in momentum and growth in their business. That entrepreneur owning their OWN BUSINESS was the safe space to prosper in any future market. To use CEO SPACE for SOCIAL CAPITAL as you are far safer inside larger numbers to grow your cooperative trading community. Grads comment on that aspect of CEO SPACE for my other readers just learning about CEO SPACE as a safety net.

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What I’m predicting is going to happen. Your safe harbor is:

  1. While the good times roll – build momentum and with CEO SPACE it is so much faster and safe.
  2. When the good times top CEO SPACE will present blueprints how to prosper in the new down markets.

Owning your own business IS the safe harbor. Waiting if you’re on salary to get fired and downsized and then start your own business is OK but you’re so much better off if you start NOW while you are on salary. IF you already own your own business tell every CEO to read this blog as you GROW FASTER learning at CEO SPACE options tools and tactics to GROW FASTER.


As your holidays arrive at research and learn earn and return ( to your blog site ).






The markets, all of them, where hideously overpriced when this so called TRUMP RALLY which you read here we call a FOOLS RALLY sucked in grandma’s all over. Computer software betting against computer software is the occasion makes taking place today. Everyone is at the table paying no attention to fundamental economics or financial market history. Both would be wise to consider.

So as in all SILLY RALLY”s the herd the crowd stampedes for greed. Newton is disacknowledged and some bulls in the front of the heard suggest that new gravity now exists and what goes up will go up and then continue to go up. When the apple hits that cow on the head all you see behind him is bull shit.

As an investment banker economist,  it remains out opinion that following the REAGAN RALLY the market went down 20% his first time in office, is a pattern you should look to.

Another factor we see is China Debt exploding in 2017. The US Dollar rising places Communist Planners under XI in a financial prison cell block. They now see their loss of over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of precious government cash, in the failed support of their currency, which has been crashing for two years.

Friday the YAUN crashed again – biggest one-day crash ever really and it only stopped because the markets CLOSED.

Then China grabs a military asset in the SOUTH CHINA SEA from the USA. This blast across the TRUMP BOW says – see what we can do – and let Obama show you the right way to respond because the wrong way is going to do more than rattle your chain pal. One day after Obama said Russia is a small puny little country, with 1.3 trillion dollars in GNP against our 20 trillion dollars in GNP fully adjusted ( China is only around 5 fully adjusted ). There is only one ROME today and America IS Rome.

So the Chinese Communist see their currency worth so much less today in the world, and the interest rising in the USA means a nation, financed entirely by 300% debt over $ 1.00 of income now has the soaring cost of debt with a phony money plunging in real value. So their options are: de-couple their currency and free float its exchange will devalue the currency, or they can massively devalue their currency, or they can keep supporting their currency. Next week is a big week in 4 X Markets and the world is watching China. Being on the wrong side of THAT bet is a serious miscalculation. Betting CHINA will come back is a serious miscalculation. Capital flight is accelerating and with FED policy that acceleration will VAM – velocity acceleration and momentum. The Communist will try to control it with increasingly tough crackdowns which itself will further accelerate RELOCATION of trade to other Asia communities with China being the serious loser.

Truly there is no way forward for Chian due to missed opportunities in the policy that are economically sound.

I have reported to you the one truth that matters: IF POLITICS LEAD ECONOMICS ALL PEOPLES LOSE IF ECONOMICS LEAD POLITICS ALL PEOPLES WIN. How sad knowing this leadership is insane.

So if you want to invest in the SUPER RALLY and bet that what goes up will always go up and you wish to bet it is SAFE and it is profitable to buy at all time market peaks and the market will reward YOU with ever new market peaks. It is not true and you will discover what is true. Be insane. It’s your money after all.

Me. I’m all cash waiting for the DIP ( the huge plunge of this roller coaster ). It is not far off now. In investmenting timelines it is all UP and over SO FAST looking back. Those that lack patience and discipline.

Just let me know – how do you like your blood in your bath – warm or chilly.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the TRUTH on just for you