The War BY Terror – Asymetric War Fare



The symbol of the ALIGNED NATIONS cooperating together – is – the largest most powerful nation on earth The United States of America. The out nations led primarily by failed economic policies of COMMUNIST NATIONS – are dying. All living things die hard when cornered for their life including failed political systems. Communist nations and their leaders know they have failed. To prolong their failed economic model that feeds an elite inside group to wealth along with dictator state powers – the dying creates war with those with more successful economic systems. The dying always distract their populations from the death that is taking place. This distraction prolongs power.

Years ago the AXIS knew they could not win in any conventional war with the ALIGNED NATIONS. However, they evolved another failed policy, that they might win in a prolonged war of ASYMMETRIC WAR FARE.

To propel this war the following policies were forged and are all reported in NSA Adviser Kevin Freeman ( CEO SPACE FACULTY )”s great documentation of all this – THE SECRET WEAPON a must read for those who wish to be informed on the growing threat . WORLD WAR III has already started.

The policies include:

  1. A proxy war with the Aligned nations using Straw enemies – North Korea, Gulf radicals like ISIS, Iran, and others from Cuba to Venezuela all Communist members of the AXIS of EVIL.
  2. Use terror from 9/11 to more structural modeling fighting core infrastructure and capacity widdling at the economic core of the Aligned Nations.
  3. Evolve your warfare and remain ahead of the enemy approach to the war and the terror.
  4. Recently move to fire. Create plant explosions, train derails, and massive urban fires which are so easy to execute world wide – from California to Isreal and no one even calls it TERROR or WAR.
  5. Escalate success on all fronts fighting more geography and sapping economic strength on so many fronts the ALIGNED NATIONS divide over cost to right the plagues – moving into chemical and bio-terror and purchased nukes as North Korea sells it’s Nukes to Iran and African bidders. That is coming.

Aligned nations wish to preclude PANIC. If they reported the massive fires across the US  the global epidemic of plant explosions, train derails, and increasing airplane crashes are terror – the economics of the entire system would SUPER CRASH. Fighting the cause of this national sponsored as metic rial warfare is becoming the largest single cost of national security.

The DIGITAL WAR of hacking, breaking down power grids, information, robbing billions from Aligned nation banks, manipulating elections, is a first in warfare. There are no borders in the war fare. Russia gave you a clue today when PUTIN asked a child where the borders of Russia are. He said ( correctly ) the BARING SEA. Putin replied on state communist-run propaganda TV the communist party assures everyone listens to – NO CHILD ….TODAY RUSSIA HAS “NO BORDERS” THERE ARE NO BORDERS – FOR OUR NATION WILL PROTECT AND SECURE RUSSIANS WHOEVER THEY ARE IN THE WORLD ON ANY LEVEL IT MAY REQUIRE.

The new CARAFE includes:

  1. Asymmetrical attacks on economic machinery
  2. Massive destructions that cost billions upon billions to repair annually
  3. Loss of critical information and state secrets
  4. Technology theft to outfit nations with the WEAPONS OF ROME the downfall of Rome was the theft of its war weapons by its enemies just as we see today.
  5. Low-cost attacks on critical assets of the opposing nations on so many fronts the cost of response is BANKRUPTING the ALIGNED NATIONS who are becoming more and more divided due to economic collapse made by the warfare strategy which is working.


The answer in terms of history versus other concerns on pure math and economic data decision making would be yes – and yesterday is already too late.

So the WORLD WAR III started before 9/11 and continues escalating.

The Aligned nations are loosing from Germany to France from the USA to Isreal burning today – where new fires are being lit faster than old fires can be managed. 100,000’s of thousands are out of their home – so much more effective than a suicide bomb outside a restaurant.

TERROR is winning. Why?

Lack of UNIFORMED policy to stop them.

We are at war.

At some point, we are going to have to bite the bullet and act like it.

How will many have to die before the leadership of shame moves from the leadership of blame into the leadership of FLAMES?

We are watching as THEY fiddle once again…while Rome burns. Folks appeasement never has worked and will never worked. Giving them powers when they fail to live within cooperation versus competition is economically – too painful to consider – but we all keep doing it just like pre world war with Hitler – just like THAT exactly – so we can all get that last big mac with cheese. Folks we have to stop this war by WINNING IT. Keep your on upon the fire light.

Happy Thanksgiving from the TRUTH LIGHT HOUSE world wide




So as Opec ten years ago watched the US dollar they are exclusively paid in – decline in market value – in a currency trade war with Asia who refused to deal in fair trade – price was manipulated by producers to over 100 dollars a barrel. Making them profit even when the dollar at one level ( 75 cent gasoline in the 1990’s at the US pumps ) flew to 4.00 gasoline as the US Dollar currency war created a rebalance in the trade with China. A trade war the US largely won and China is now off line on economic modeling. A failed communist policy that has shaken a billion people for generations now.

Meanwhile, OPEC seeing the DOLLAR SOAR In value – is now less concerned with the price rebalancing at the pump world wide. OPEC has in the last 12 month been at SUPPLY WARS with North America. North America has more oil ( at a price point ) to take market share away from OPEC – than OPEC itself has in total. The supply lake has shifted.

To secure its customers do not leave – OPEC has moved from long-term contracts as REQUIRED to spot market selling to anyone and everyone to assure customers do not MOVE away from OPEC markets. The BIG LIE of OPEC that they will stop supply and move supply down is EXPERT SILLY stuff in 2017. The market for oil is declining. The new oil is lithium ion batteries. Homes are going off the line to solar and Tesla Batteries. Cars are going electric. Power is being generated by fuels away from oil.

The USA just ( like today ) past laws to increase ( next year ) the ratio of fuel to cars that is BIO FUEL moving oil demand DOWN DOWN DOWN the rabbit hole. OPEC is in a recession. Saudi is in a recession. They built their growth economics on 70 dollar barrel prices. Now no matter how much they pump they can’t balance their nations books.

They can’t pump less because they will lose customers like FOREVER.

The meeting coming up to cut supply must be reviewed with this economic data in mind:

  1. Opec members including Russia ran their supply up all summer to record-high output in October – so when they agreed to FREEZE PRODUCTION the freeze would be at an all-time record high pumping output – against a MARKET GLUT of supply greater than demand with demand falling in 2017. This can’t raise prices long term. Its a BIG LIE – its an illusion.
  2. Opec members long out of market share – like # 2 and # 3 largest output producers Iraq and Iran are saying – they want to be exempt from any FREEZE while they continue record multi-year output to even higher outputs for years in time forward. They need the money.
  3. Lybia and Venezuela and other “on their ass producers including Russia ) need money so bad – whatever they agree to they won’t live by it and they are not agreeing anyway.
  4. Opec historically makes agreements their members never live with.
  5. Oil price will we believe based on these data points – fools rally at year end – and then crash substantially in 2017.

The WORLD is DROWNING in OIL – remember we said that.

But remember the world is a casino capital market – manipulated entirely by unregulated money pools in shadow banking that provide a hidden tax upon the peoples of the world – until – the G 100 re-regulate financial speculations globally – the economies are now casino capitalism – wild wild west style – in a new world we call DIGITAL ECONOMICS that the economists and planners have no tools to even measure – given the leverage and speculations.

We have spit in the wind by reporting ETF’s will destroy market capitalism and create the next world depression – as market debt super bubbles collapse due to credit abuse starting in Asia and spreading to the EU ( if not starting in the EU on Dec 5th depending on the referendum vote to Exit the EU in Italy in effect ) – such that fortunes we suggested will be made by SHORTING ETF’s much like the movie the BIG SHORT reported for Sub Prime in 2008.

We are watching all the players manipulate their market share in the PRICE WAR and TRADE WAR that always follows competitive capitalism’s abuse with credit – moving from melt down to years of the trade war and then into the final form of SUPER CRASH world depression, not the recession and world war to rebalance trade. This failed economic modeling is repairable and that the political will to reform policy is not present is a terrible virus on human brain powers – effecting billions today.

The population problem? World War will take care of that. But wait…we can avoid it but we have to THINK our way through the options.

Hey, no one is DOING THAT – the book by Kevin Freeman GAME PLAN tells you all to make your OWN GAME PLAN because no one else IS thinking it through.

CEO SPACE at Disney World Orlando Dec 13th is SAFE HARBOR for those who wish to invest in life insurance for lifestyle. I strongly encourage you to explore CEO SPACE and attend with your family.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Berny Dohrmann – Founder and Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL world wide




AMERICA celebrates Thanksgiving. Isreal as mobilized its army and national guard units. My friends are being called up all over the nation. Neighbors are offering thousands of firefighters and equipment. The nation is having fires explode across the drought stretched landscape and in cities with Haifa being the worst hit at the moment – 55,000 have left their residences and more fleeing behind them. Smoke is filling the sky of the Holyland.

As soon as they get one more or less controlled new fires are started. There is not enough manpower to combat this new form of terror.

The Boss has declared this a new war on terror laws will apply to all arsons. So far FOUR PALESTINIANS have been arrested. The Palestinian Authority has offered to send men and equipment to fight the fires.


We have long suggested fires at plants and major USA fires are terror related in the USA – the easy way to cost billions without detection really.

So now the next wave of insanity – starting with planes into the Twin Towers as insanity grows and madness becomes acute – moves to burning the innocent to death – which is madness. Killing innocent mommies and babies anywhere is a war crime and is madness under rule of law.

Russia just bowed out of the Wars Crime treaty. Why is that do you think?

China is the world record setter filing over 1 million patients in 2016. Interesting they rip off everyone and want protection on their 1 million patents. Why is that do you think?

China just revoked the northern province past ports – 11 Muslim’s live there – and now they must all turn in passports and submit to punishing reviews to travel – why is THAT do YOU…think?

Economically it seems to me the world is not divided into Christian versus Muslim or Muslim versus Muslim. It is divided economically on core systems between communism ( an evil most corrupt financial model ) and competitive capitalism ( not much better ) and a final revolution into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that will light up the hearts and minds of all peoples once they understand the differences – read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION by Berny Dohrmann on Amazon – get five and share them this Holiday – and your readers and circles will understand the difference.

It’s all economic – why is THAT do YOU ….think?

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping you in front as Israel is on fire today……



No, thank you as enormous outflows left the US bond markets. Why? Because the Trump presidency has Policies which includes massive spending to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. This strategy long overdue since 2008 includes:

  1. Massive infrastructure spending
  2. Massive return to home manufacturing
  3. Massive trade rebalances
  4. Global INFLATION overpowering deflation and stagflation
  5. Massive shifts for developing nations

Already the DOLLAR has soared in value since the election. There is really no comparison and the rise is continuing. Fixed bonds knowing interest rates are rising next – are bear bonds and no one wants them – versus NEW bonds which will replace them. So bonds are being sold. Like never before. The Bond Super CRASH has begun if your a Bondholder – it was NOT THANKSGIVING out the door to the American Holiday. The safe haven investment is a blood bath which is why we told YOU all to move to all cash getting out of both stocks and bonds – for those who listened you’re very happy and safe right now.

The worst is yet to come.

Meanwhile, let’s think of how this all works ( economically ) on the stock market as my students in economics class 101. So children let begin.

  • Earnings have been going down in a global earnings recession since 20014. No end in sight.
  • Multiples on share price have been soaring without earnings ratio’s to drive them. We call that insane. Fools rallies.
  • Next add in the DOLLAR SOARING and what that will do to all American based companies that must buy STUFF world wide at a price where their money goes farther – that’s good – and where if they sell STUFF their goods are now SO MUCH HIGHER COST FOR EVERYONE ELSE.
  • Now consider the price value ratio of the benefit of BUYING STUFF will not offset the decline in SELLING STUFF and MARGIN CRUNCH because all USA firms have been hit by DOLLAR swing having zero time to prepare for the shift. Their earnings will be muted – and share price will be affected – negatively – into 2017 .

Consider this while – the market skyrockets up on “what” – insane honeymoon “WHAT” after Trump  – as in WHAT?

SO THE RISK INSIDE THE MARKET is greater than the reward. The market is always to buy low sell high. Also, the market is always bowed out when the crowd moves in and bow in when the crowd moves out. This requires discipline. I’ve suggested you sell out at the high – and invest in diversified insurance investing for the coming years until SUPER CRASH works its way through the system.

It is so hard to take this advice. Over 40 years those that have – slept like babies and never lost their principle hard earned nest eggs. Those who did not lose their nest egg and moan and confirm…I SO WISH I LISTENED TO HIM AND TOOK “ACTION”.

What I”m telling my readers – is to keep the data pure – wait and watch – and see how right this blog is going to be – against all the experts – in time. Just wait and watch.

I promise you – this is going to be fun.

Berny Dohrmann – Financial historian and founder CEO SPACE – next big one for you ( the tax man will buy your lifetime membership asset Dec 13 ).



So my big story Tuesday, Nov 22nd, is how ISIS gets its weapons. As the supply is a huge conveyor belt of billions flowing to Eastern EU block nations. Next to Agriculture the weapon’s trade no one wishes to talk about is the LARGEST ECONOMY in the EASTERN-EU block. I’ll be speaking in Romania soon and believe me, I know.

Now the dealers – to be sure – have legal paper work. But keep in mind many of these leaders have PRO-RUSSIAN leanings. The weapons train then moves through numerous stops on its way to WESTERN BACKED – Iranian-Backed – rebel fighters. Then in Turkey, the weapons ( and this is less than three weeks from leaving the EU factories ) are re-routed to ISIS. By train loads.

So billions are flowing from WESTERN TAX PAYERS into weapon manufacture supply chains. The supply then moves so that the intended SOURCE of the weapons never receives those weapon supplies – but the enemy does receive them – and ISIS is armed by a never ending theft. No one has stopped this. Turkey leaning now to support PUTIN and away from failed OBAMA policy, is playing a middle of the road game. They want NATO security and jobs. They are allowing the USA to keep its all essential bases in the nation or risk economic wars with the West. They are keeping OPTIONS OPEN. They are waging war against the Kurd’s – Iran – and the West at the same time backing Syria and yet allowing ISIS to get the weapons to fight Syria. Syria is not entertained by this ballet. What is so odd is that the WESTERN NATIONS are doing NOTHING to stop the pipeline of their stolen tax dollars and weapon trains into ISIS that are killing American and allies. When one thinks of the long list of FAILED POLICIES think of this one at the top of the list – because it is life and death. It is making the war weighted and longer.


So India has more cash in black market nontaxable circulation that in the legal system. So Prime Minister Modi, cancels 82% of all cash in circulation using the book NAOMI KLIEN my mentor economist wrote – SHOCK DOCTRINE – as a way to use shock and awe economically to jolt cash into the tax paying system. So India just canceled all bills of specific denomination – issued new money – and said the old money outside the system was illegal. They jail you for using it.

So the Indian economy Stopped Cold – as over 80% of trade as black market cash not taxable. The nation may now become a modern nation, self-funding, and enabled to tackle its infrastructure upgrades as a sea of humanity enters a legal tax system for trade. The black market is being chocked to death by one brave political leader – if they don’t kill Modi. He just chocked off billions in illegal trade. There are going to be sore losers here – even if patriots see the future as brighter for India. Hats off to MODI the leader of our times.


So in the USA we don’t publish anything of importance. We don’t publish how Putin is arming his allies with targeting weapons to the new NATO defense weapons in an arms race like we have not seen since the 1960’s. Trump is calling the heads of all news media into Trump Towers to tell them how they are bad boys and girls for reporting lies about him when he’s really a nice guy. We’ll see how all that works as President SIT COM in America continues. We do wish to report the most powerful person in Trumps administration is likely to be his SON IN LAW. The AIA who engineered his win and one of the most competent executives and managers we have seen in a long while. Trump’s son in law would be an ideal future President. The is beyond Brilliant and representing the seniors and millennials he is in touch with all aspects of the voter population more so than his father in law – who has one massive quality – President TRUMP knows this and LISTENS to his genius son in law. There IS Hope.



As an investment banker economist who forecast trends, we call this a FOOLS RALLY. To be sure its going to be a large up tick. We told our readers take the casino money ( versus your nest egg money ) and play on the casino table if you want to gamble. Do it. Long term you will lose it all when the DOW moves from 20,000 to 6,000 in Super Crash. No one can imagine this crash. No one can believe it is even possible. So keep in mind you heard this 6000 dow number from me since 2014. I suggested Spring of 2017 or Spring of 2018 latest. We’ll see if timing – which is the only item I can’t judge given the variables with accuracy as NO ONE can predict the precise timing of Super Crashes and the contagion that precedes them.

Why SUPER CRASH? The long reported economic data reported here that include:

  1. The SUPER BUBBLE in all asset classes
  2. The casino capitalistic market of speculation and price manipulation lacking global regulatory controls upon digital trading.
  3. The obsolescence of private central banks making failed policy for decades.
  4. The SUPER DEBT BUBBLE the causing agency.
  5. The trade wars of every nation for themselves as Globalization destroys itself.

The CAUSE of SUPER CRASH is outlined in my earth quake books on economic modeling – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION Revolution. I suggest you acquire five copies as you will wish to give this book to others. For Holiday gift buying the more positive books PERFECTION “CAN” BE HAD or SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS will be ideal for the tree gifts this year from Amazon – your circle will thank you forever for these titles. Buy them on Amazon and leave a REVIEW for me as a blog reader with my thank you. The CAUSE Is competitive economics in the world of nations versus cooperative economics in the world of nations. One we solve issues and thrive together with the other we crash and world war together. History is a teacher you can’t toy with.

SUPER CRASH will wipe out any gains in the FOOLS RALLY. If you are confident that for two years – an earnings recession has dropped year to date earning % steadily without let up – such that companies from Apple to EXXON – are seeing the sand ( economic sands ) under their building’s foundation erode year after year – while the stock price soars – with multiples to falling earnings that are insane – and you want to watch the “earnings exceeded market expectations ( which were super low anyway ) but still way down from two years ago I give you this economic math model:

If earnings go down and multiples on stock shares go up for years you have a market that is a casino versus a real market – investing in such a market is providing investors with soaring risk as in 2007 when everyone said …the profits could never stop.

BAM. 2008.



I love economic insanity. It is like no one learns anything over time.

So – we have record drops in home sales in October – as interest rates are soaring. Record rise in repossessions. Record drop in new home and existing home sales. But we have a RECORD NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION.

So while 85% of new homes are unaffordable to the population based on income – to loan values – we have the highest new INVENTORY coming into a market of falling sales in years. Not since 2007 have we seen this ratio once again. Is everyone following the bouncing ball on the music score or is it just me? Economic insanity seems to  be a political tango nations dance to until the music stops and they all wonder WHY the music stopped. Insanity is like that.




Nigeria’s leadership is like a glacier. You don’t hear anything moving. You don’t see anything moving. But all at once all the tree’s and boulders are moved into the sea. Nothing can stop the force of the glaciers advance.

This week they arrested a SUPREME COURT corrupt Justice. Now when you take out the highest law – for stealing – you are making huge progress in your nation becoming a rule of law. The largest economy in Africa is reforming its model – re-inventing its economics all within an inspired leadership that is as unrelenting as the glacier.

I salute the leadership of NIGERIA with enormous issues and problems for LEADING and being unrelenting positioned for the UNBORN GENERATION. This is not a micro wave fighting corruption that is systemic and endemic. You do not set the timer for instant rice. It takes time. Patience. Work.

Glacial efforts but soon all the trees and boulders are plunged into the sea where the wicked drown. Systemic theft and corruption is on the way out of NIGERIA and the RULE OF LAW is on the way IN.

Congratulations to the PEOPLE of Nigeria.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE sorting it out just for you all