So Turkey has a coup. Who caused it? WE believe and stated Russia caused it and blamed it on the USA. Erdogan suckered in by Russia – depreciates his USA relationship – executes weapon and trade deals with Russia – the USA failed policy never see’s it coming – suckered right in by Putin ( well done President Putin ) – and once again the USA is on the mat gasping for air.

Meanwhile guided by Putin in PROGRAM style purges – Erdogan is moving all of his opposition out. The question …IS TURKEY STILL A DEMOCRACY …rings valid. Turkey is now free to join the war with Syria against the KURDS liberating ground from ISIS and in the middle as there is no love lost for Syria while all this is going on. Turkey wants larger boarders taking land and moving map lines in Iraq and in Syria to the advantage of Turkey.

The USA is on the mat gasping for air never seeing it all coming.

Russia of course is playing CHESS with the West while the EU and America play Checkers saying King ME and hi-fiving one another. Russia is having a great laugh now.

So NATO and the EU vote today to x out Turkey as a new Nato Member for all the reasons we just stated and Russia being under the Turkey hood. Erdogan lusting for the billions in jobs and dollars pouring in from a NATO alliance, and of course the WEAPONS he would then have access to ( and which Russia could steal ) is not entertained by today’s NO VOTE by Brussels. No siree Bobbie.

So Erdogan goes live and public around the world stating – hey you idiots – if you keep breaking your promise to Turkey, Turkey will open the gates to the EU and send the 3,000,000 plus immigrants from SYRIA right forward on to you – you EU guys feed them house them give them education health care and jobs. We will bankrupt you. NATO or BANKRUPT.

Again the EU and American are on the mat gasping for air.

Russia is holding Putin’s hands up in the victory dance having successfully marginalized the USA from Gulf and Mediterranean policy making in 2014 in 2015 and in 2016 where each round in the prize fight Putin wins and Obama loses like he has NO CLUE at all. THAT is success and America is down for the count. Like we just don’t get it. Never see it coming.

But Putin has us in damned if we do and damned if we don’t. THE NO VOTE ON NATO blocked an important Putin strategic plan. Though the EU is still in DISCUSSIONS with Erdogan – keeping that immigration door closed but now Erdogan led by Putin as a Russian PUPPET in effect – will attempt to get massive concessions more to get into NATO.

Erdogan keeps his USA cards open and on the table allow our bases to bomb his enemies – ISIS – but keeping a watch they don’t bomb Putin’s side too much….with hands off orders on Putin’s team winning for Syria as the USA is on the mat losing and gasping for air – never seeing Putin coming. Good Job President Putin you win on all rounds.

Although President Trump is going to be a worthy CHESS PLAYER coming up next. For the fight is far from over. Far far from over.

Winning is all about who wins last not who wins first President Putin. So hold those hands up and happy dance around the ring. There may be a moment you never even see it coming. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Erdogan believes he is in charge of his nation as he creates a TURKEY dictatorship. And why not. They tried to kill his wife and children only weeks ago – why not consolidate his power. The opposition made their mistakes and now they pay the consequence in that part of the world. What would we all expect? Fair play?

The coup was not fair play.

So democracy – is an idea that exists in the eye of the beholder. Does the USA have a democracy? Where 2,000,000 more voted for Hillary than voted for Trump but the electoral college goes to TRUMP? Is that fair?

The voters are on the mat and they never saw it coming as they gasp for air.

The world today is not fair nor is it honest.

We the people long for integrity and seek only that. We only wish leadership would tell the truth faster.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the truth on just for you this weekend