The symbol of the ALIGNED NATIONS cooperating together – is – the largest most powerful nation on earth The United States of America. The out nations led primarily by failed economic policies of COMMUNIST NATIONS – are dying. All living things die hard when cornered for their life including failed political systems. Communist nations and their leaders know they have failed. To prolong their failed economic model that feeds an elite inside group to wealth along with dictator state powers – the dying creates war with those with more successful economic systems. The dying always distract their populations from the death that is taking place. This distraction prolongs power.

Years ago the AXIS knew they could not win in any conventional war with the ALIGNED NATIONS. However, they evolved another failed policy, that they might win in a prolonged war of ASYMMETRIC WAR FARE.

To propel this war the following policies were forged and are all reported in NSA Adviser Kevin Freeman ( CEO SPACE FACULTY )”s great documentation of all this – THE SECRET WEAPON a must read for those who wish to be informed on the growing threat . WORLD WAR III has already started.

The policies include:

  1. A proxy war with the Aligned nations using Straw enemies – North Korea, Gulf radicals like ISIS, Iran, and others from Cuba to Venezuela all Communist members of the AXIS of EVIL.
  2. Use terror from 9/11 to more structural modeling fighting core infrastructure and capacity widdling at the economic core of the Aligned Nations.
  3. Evolve your warfare and remain ahead of the enemy approach to the war and the terror.
  4. Recently move to fire. Create plant explosions, train derails, and massive urban fires which are so easy to execute world wide – from California to Isreal and no one even calls it TERROR or WAR.
  5. Escalate success on all fronts fighting more geography and sapping economic strength on so many fronts the ALIGNED NATIONS divide over cost to right the plagues – moving into chemical and bio-terror and purchased nukes as North Korea sells it’s Nukes to Iran and African bidders. That is coming.

Aligned nations wish to preclude PANIC. If they reported the massive fires across the US  the global epidemic of plant explosions, train derails, and increasing airplane crashes are terror – the economics of the entire system would SUPER CRASH. Fighting the cause of this national sponsored as metic rial warfare is becoming the largest single cost of national security.

The DIGITAL WAR of hacking, breaking down power grids, information, robbing billions from Aligned nation banks, manipulating elections, is a first in warfare. There are no borders in the war fare. Russia gave you a clue today when PUTIN asked a child where the borders of Russia are. He said ( correctly ) the BARING SEA. Putin replied on state communist-run propaganda TV the communist party assures everyone listens to – NO CHILD ….TODAY RUSSIA HAS “NO BORDERS” THERE ARE NO BORDERS – FOR OUR NATION WILL PROTECT AND SECURE RUSSIANS WHOEVER THEY ARE IN THE WORLD ON ANY LEVEL IT MAY REQUIRE.

The new CARAFE includes:

  1. Asymmetrical attacks on economic machinery
  2. Massive destructions that cost billions upon billions to repair annually
  3. Loss of critical information and state secrets
  4. Technology theft to outfit nations with the WEAPONS OF ROME the downfall of Rome was the theft of its war weapons by its enemies just as we see today.
  5. Low-cost attacks on critical assets of the opposing nations on so many fronts the cost of response is BANKRUPTING the ALIGNED NATIONS who are becoming more and more divided due to economic collapse made by the warfare strategy which is working.


The answer in terms of history versus other concerns on pure math and economic data decision making would be yes – and yesterday is already too late.

So the WORLD WAR III started before 9/11 and continues escalating.

The Aligned nations are loosing from Germany to France from the USA to Isreal burning today – where new fires are being lit faster than old fires can be managed. 100,000’s of thousands are out of their home – so much more effective than a suicide bomb outside a restaurant.

TERROR is winning. Why?

Lack of UNIFORMED policy to stop them.

We are at war.

At some point, we are going to have to bite the bullet and act like it.

How will many have to die before the leadership of shame moves from the leadership of blame into the leadership of FLAMES?

We are watching as THEY fiddle once again…while Rome burns. Folks appeasement never has worked and will never worked. Giving them powers when they fail to live within cooperation versus competition is economically – too painful to consider – but we all keep doing it just like pre world war with Hitler – just like THAT exactly – so we can all get that last big mac with cheese. Folks we have to stop this war by WINNING IT. Keep your on upon the fire light.

Happy Thanksgiving from the TRUTH LIGHT HOUSE world wide