Increasingly Hedge Funds Private Equity Investment bankers Press and Banks read this blog on trend lines. Why? This blog makes Crammer look like the used car sales person he is. I was running a major brokerage firm when Crammer first sought to develop ratings for being the CLOWN Of WALLSTREET. Watching him lose your money is a wonder and he never goes to prison.

I told you when Crammer and others said the US DOLLAR was toast – the greenback would be fodder – when the IMF welcomed the really phony communist money from China as a main basket of currency ( predicting they will RUE the DAY they bowed to politics to violate baseline economics when they did so ) and they will – the entire world told us why the dollar was over.

I said – the dollar is the strongest global reserve currency on earth. I said the axis of evil attack on the dollar and our markets in 2008 would fail. I said the dollar will save the world. Today the dollar is soaring to levels the only question Crammer needs to answer in the circus – is HOW HIGH – just HOW HIGH WILL IT GO Crammer my son?

The dollar is the strength and only bet that is honest and safe in the world today. As trillions are now returning into for all the right reasons.

I feel vindicated.

Now then the soaring dollar makes the devalued communist paper money in China worth even less – like a 50% double whammy. This will make China “stuff” cheaper for the world. Still, the world even with declining prices in China is running out of China. This week Apple is exploring doing all their manufacturing in the USA. This would start a sunset in China that we can all watch for the GREEN FLASH – as the dollar winks out on China. China is going to hard land with such a crash the world is going to shudder.

We told you that – fact – as well.

So even the delay in that big Super Crash from China brought on by the soaring dollar will only be temporary. THE RUN on CHINA has to do with the unfair trade practices the corruption, the pain to do business IN China, the global rip off where everything is stolen in China where the rule of law is a communist oxymoron and where they can’t join the world – why – because they are failed communist modeling and they can’t admit they failed and give up communism. That is why. Why do they do it? Keep an utterly failed system?

Engage the GREAT FIRE WALL to block out the world internet from their own 1 billion people in 2017? Why does communist do it? Why do failures keep failing? Because they are NUTS that is why. It is crazy. And the People pay such a COST.

They are totally nuts. There is a better way. It is obvious. How do you KNOW there is the better way? Look at the dollar world wide. That is how you see sanity from insanity. Majority from a minority.

Communism is a form of economic insanity.

That’s my message and I”m sticking to it – nothing personal just taking care of billions because I’m RIGHT.

Meanwhile, crazy ISIS blew up a MOSQUE and killed more faithful Muslims and children and babies even – and the Taliban are saying – WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE CRAZIES ITS NOT “US”….disavowing ISIS as Muslim because they are not Muslim they are INSANE.

The Muslim world has had enough of crazy ISIS and is about to KILL them all. Good bye crazy brains.

The world is going to be much safer soon…much safer.

Berny Dohrman – Keeping the Truth on for you – boy was I right about the dollar.