So my big story Tuesday, Nov 22nd, is how ISIS gets its weapons. As the supply is a huge conveyor belt of billions flowing to Eastern EU block nations. Next to Agriculture the weapon’s trade no one wishes to talk about is the LARGEST ECONOMY in the EASTERN-EU block. I’ll be speaking in Romania soon and believe me, I know.

Now the dealers – to be sure – have legal paper work. But keep in mind many of these leaders have PRO-RUSSIAN leanings. The weapons train then moves through numerous stops on its way to WESTERN BACKED – Iranian-Backed – rebel fighters. Then in Turkey, the weapons ( and this is less than three weeks from leaving the EU factories ) are re-routed to ISIS. By train loads.

So billions are flowing from WESTERN TAX PAYERS into weapon manufacture supply chains. The supply then moves so that the intended SOURCE of the weapons never receives those weapon supplies – but the enemy does receive them – and ISIS is armed by a never ending theft. No one has stopped this. Turkey leaning now to support PUTIN and away from failed OBAMA policy, is playing a middle of the road game. They want NATO security and jobs. They are allowing the USA to keep its all essential bases in the nation or risk economic wars with the West. They are keeping OPTIONS OPEN. They are waging war against the Kurd’s – Iran – and the West at the same time backing Syria and yet allowing ISIS to get the weapons to fight Syria. Syria is not entertained by this ballet. What is so odd is that the WESTERN NATIONS are doing NOTHING to stop the pipeline of their stolen tax dollars and weapon trains into ISIS that are killing American and allies. When one thinks of the long list of FAILED POLICIES think of this one at the top of the list – because it is life and death. It is making the war weighted and longer.


So India has more cash in black market nontaxable circulation that in the legal system. So Prime Minister Modi, cancels 82% of all cash in circulation using the book NAOMI KLIEN my mentor economist wrote – SHOCK DOCTRINE – as a way to use shock and awe economically to jolt cash into the tax paying system. So India just canceled all bills of specific denomination – issued new money – and said the old money outside the system was illegal. They jail you for using it.

So the Indian economy Stopped Cold – as over 80% of trade as black market cash not taxable. The nation may now become a modern nation, self-funding, and enabled to tackle its infrastructure upgrades as a sea of humanity enters a legal tax system for trade. The black market is being chocked to death by one brave political leader – if they don’t kill Modi. He just chocked off billions in illegal trade. There are going to be sore losers here – even if patriots see the future as brighter for India. Hats off to MODI the leader of our times.


So in the USA we don’t publish anything of importance. We don’t publish how Putin is arming his allies with targeting weapons to the new NATO defense weapons in an arms race like we have not seen since the 1960’s. Trump is calling the heads of all news media into Trump Towers to tell them how they are bad boys and girls for reporting lies about him when he’s really a nice guy. We’ll see how all that works as President SIT COM in America continues. We do wish to report the most powerful person in Trumps administration is likely to be his SON IN LAW. The AIA who engineered his win and one of the most competent executives and managers we have seen in a long while. Trump’s son in law would be an ideal future President. The is beyond Brilliant and representing the seniors and millennials he is in touch with all aspects of the voter population more so than his father in law – who has one massive quality – President TRUMP knows this and LISTENS to his genius son in law. There IS Hope.



As an investment banker economist who forecast trends, we call this a FOOLS RALLY. To be sure its going to be a large up tick. We told our readers take the casino money ( versus your nest egg money ) and play on the casino table if you want to gamble. Do it. Long term you will lose it all when the DOW moves from 20,000 to 6,000 in Super Crash. No one can imagine this crash. No one can believe it is even possible. So keep in mind you heard this 6000 dow number from me since 2014. I suggested Spring of 2017 or Spring of 2018 latest. We’ll see if timing – which is the only item I can’t judge given the variables with accuracy as NO ONE can predict the precise timing of Super Crashes and the contagion that precedes them.

Why SUPER CRASH? The long reported economic data reported here that include:

  1. The SUPER BUBBLE in all asset classes
  2. The casino capitalistic market of speculation and price manipulation lacking global regulatory controls upon digital trading.
  3. The obsolescence of private central banks making failed policy for decades.
  4. The SUPER DEBT BUBBLE the causing agency.
  5. The trade wars of every nation for themselves as Globalization destroys itself.

The CAUSE of SUPER CRASH is outlined in my earth quake books on economic modeling – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION Revolution. I suggest you acquire five copies as you will wish to give this book to others. For Holiday gift buying the more positive books PERFECTION “CAN” BE HAD or SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS will be ideal for the tree gifts this year from Amazon – your circle will thank you forever for these titles. Buy them on Amazon and leave a REVIEW for me as a blog reader with my thank you. The CAUSE Is competitive economics in the world of nations versus cooperative economics in the world of nations. One we solve issues and thrive together with the other we crash and world war together. History is a teacher you can’t toy with.

SUPER CRASH will wipe out any gains in the FOOLS RALLY. If you are confident that for two years – an earnings recession has dropped year to date earning % steadily without let up – such that companies from Apple to EXXON – are seeing the sand ( economic sands ) under their building’s foundation erode year after year – while the stock price soars – with multiples to falling earnings that are insane – and you want to watch the “earnings exceeded market expectations ( which were super low anyway ) but still way down from two years ago I give you this economic math model:

If earnings go down and multiples on stock shares go up for years you have a market that is a casino versus a real market – investing in such a market is providing investors with soaring risk as in 2007 when everyone said …the profits could never stop.

BAM. 2008.



I love economic insanity. It is like no one learns anything over time.

So – we have record drops in home sales in October – as interest rates are soaring. Record rise in repossessions. Record drop in new home and existing home sales. But we have a RECORD NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION.

So while 85% of new homes are unaffordable to the population based on income – to loan values – we have the highest new INVENTORY coming into a market of falling sales in years. Not since 2007 have we seen this ratio once again. Is everyone following the bouncing ball on the music score or is it just me? Economic insanity seems to  be a political tango nations dance to until the music stops and they all wonder WHY the music stopped. Insanity is like that.




Nigeria’s leadership is like a glacier. You don’t hear anything moving. You don’t see anything moving. But all at once all the tree’s and boulders are moved into the sea. Nothing can stop the force of the glaciers advance.

This week they arrested a SUPREME COURT corrupt Justice. Now when you take out the highest law – for stealing – you are making huge progress in your nation becoming a rule of law. The largest economy in Africa is reforming its model – re-inventing its economics all within an inspired leadership that is as unrelenting as the glacier.

I salute the leadership of NIGERIA with enormous issues and problems for LEADING and being unrelenting positioned for the UNBORN GENERATION. This is not a micro wave fighting corruption that is systemic and endemic. You do not set the timer for instant rice. It takes time. Patience. Work.

Glacial efforts but soon all the trees and boulders are plunged into the sea where the wicked drown. Systemic theft and corruption is on the way out of NIGERIA and the RULE OF LAW is on the way IN.

Congratulations to the PEOPLE of Nigeria.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE sorting it out just for you all