HAVE YOU a recollection of a more bitter, more savage, more warlike political contest anywhere in your own history, your reading, your experience, your own life journey? I’ve been involved in more than one Presidential campaign. I have never not ever seen anything this gutter like on all sides. Not ever. It was savage, tribal, mean, cruel personally below all belts. Have you ever seen post-election protest markets like this in cities all over the world not just in the USA? Does that speak something out to you?

Do you think all that emotion – all that depth of conviction is gone? Do you think the investment of more than two billion dollars in investments now all lost are not bitter – and seeking an opportunity to derail Trump as THEIR ENEMY? Do you think they are not united in this purpose? Do you think the highest brain power and professionals on earth are not engaged in a strategic axis of an evil alliance? To derail Trump utterly?

So now you KNOW and it is NOT PERSONAL that Trump is not an experienced politician and he makes mistakes and he plays a little free with laws, is something we all have seen from experience. We have all watched that. Look at his 25 million dollars legal settlement with attorney generals and 6000 legal victims of TRUMP UNIVERSITY. Now imagine he plays just as freely from the OVAL OFFICE in front of his enemies waiting for one tactical error they can grab hold of. Do you think he will fail to give those tigers their steak fillet’s to dine upon? I think yes. What do you think?

So let us imagine Trump makes some technical errors in exercising his complex agenda. Now let’s say the minority democrats few also  get a few pissed off Republicans ( and they are out there really pissed off republicans that worked against Trump and voted against Trump ) to sign on to an IMPEACHMENT proceeding – wherein the Gov stops and the time clock runs toward a one term Trump Presidency. Is this likely with worldwide advocacy to derail the economic issues NATIONS may face with TRUMP to their economy while THEY wish to continue to rape and plunder America. Will the USA be frozen to execute any Trump Presidential agenda, because nations around the globe work with super money in the USA to derail TRUMP and his effects on their economies ( it is all economics folks nothing personal ) – so that they can FREEZE and ISOLATE TRUMP in a legal soap opera that makes Monica and Clinton look like an MTV songfest by comparison for children. The TRUMP IMPEACHMENT will be historic and for GROWN UPS with billions watching more than the OJ trial.

Can’t you see this all being set up right now?

The forces to IMPEACH are going to be enormous. Trust me as a political forecasting professional. I wish it were otherwise.

Keep in mind you learned about the likely impeachment issues, with your knowing this likely forward issue, AS ALWAYS FIRST AND ALWAYS FIRST ON THIS PREDICTING BLOG, so that  you can plan, map  out your  investments into your ventures, grow your business, and option in the IMPEACHMENT factor to the future  market space, and its distractions upon your forward planning. The markets WILL CRASH upon Impeachment proceeding Rumors let alone the vote to convene impeachment proceedings.

IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP imagine those signs and rallies going on around the world. What will the impact be on your plan? Are you prepared? DO you have a counter plan? DO you KNOW how to PROSPER during such IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS? How to anticipate the TRUMP IMPEACHMENT and forge your own opportunity to prosper during those times and periods?

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I’d just DO that step as life insurance for your wallet. Plus you’ll get ME as you mentor for life.

I chose you.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman and founder CEO SPACE – # 1 Business Growth Conference in the world today.