So let’s look at the issues involved:


  1. The Chinese currency is a fake money that is manipulated by communist and has no world market value.
  2. The Chinese economy is free falling for ten years moving from 25% growth to only 5% growth and that number is a total lie anyway.
  3. The Chinese economy is in a SUPER BUBBLE in all asset classes.
  4. The superbubble is driven by debt – spending 300% more than they earn for years.
  5. The Chinese rip-off IP and do not protect Apple from knock off stores let alone products and the trend is accelerating.
  6. Chinese favor their own knock off’s to buying Apple products despite all their billions invested in China they have treated as AMERICAN a vessel to rape and plunder.
  7. Tim is gay and the communist punishes gays as a culture rather than full partnership love.

The cost to Apple to favor Chian for making things is now offset by the cost to Apple in lost economic opportunities.

The forward risk to Apple from a China Super Crash and social upheaval is larger than returning manufacturing to the USA.

Trump is going to be tough on making things offshore and bringing them back penalty free to the USA – the cost benefit is about to change forever.

Tim and Apple Management are great TEA LEAF READERS.

Developing NEW IP inside a nation that rips you off is not rocket science it is insane.

Returning home to RIGHT TO WORK STATES would be good for America, good for Tim and forward Apple Management, great for GLOBAL SALES and great for IP protection. Supply-demand problems would disappear from the Apple supply chain.

The cost benefits are being weighted.

Personally, I vote for AMERICA for all the economic reasons. Patriotism in corporate leadership is rising like a TRUMP HIGH RISE.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching Consumers vote with their wallets. China – RUN.just RUN.


PS: “IF” Apple makes a long-term economic realignment – China is toast on that one move – if Apple returns to America how many around the world will follow – leave China as the sun sets on China – as the pendulum also swings back….what is left for China? As with musical chairs those who leave last loose most…..loose the most. The run on the BANK OF CHINA ( the entire communist model ) is totally ON !