So while President Elect Donald Trump and his team are in New York this last week putting their team together – I was too. We nominated some positions and we’ll see if they get traction or not.

I started Monday for three days at Carnegie Hall with world famous Bob Proctor Super Star of The SECRET and one of my oldest dearest friends. Carnegie was packed wall to wall including the balconies. The World famous Les Brown another buddy was on site with Mary Morrisey and Michael Beckworth also of THE SECRET.

When I got off stage the audience shot to their feet with a standing ovation in tears and joy some on chairs screaming and yelling. The SNAP or Super Networking Session we closed the event with was so emotional with gratitude that the shares reported miracle after miracle in break through’s in human consciousness. We told you it was a historic event and it was and will be so remembered. I ‘ve posted pictures on Facebook and other media including Google Plus. IT takes me awhile to approve new friends as I’m so jammed for time and on Face Book, I long ago passed 5000 but you can follow me of course.

I have a pre-CEO SPACE ( Dec 13th Business Growth Conference ) for our Grad base in Orlando this week. Next week I speak at WOMAN OF WEALTH MAGAZINE in Vegas a business launched at CEO SPACE and now so successful helping WOMAN world wide.

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Globally we are watching for you. The illusion of oil price manipulation moves on. The OPEC crowd will reduce oil from the all-time high of 1.5 million barrels a day – to at least 500,000 barrels per day more than demand. Demand is falling. Supply will continue to rise no matter what OPEC does. The only thing OPEC will do is reduce the income for Saudi and its largest producers from their all-time record high – a high they ran up before the meeting at month end on purpose – to make the cut back reach the level they desire – with a cut that is a card shuffle. An illusion. The market will go up then the market which is never fooled will go down.

The TRUMP RALLY is what economist David Stockman said. A market HIDEOUSLY OVER PRICED. The SUPER CRASH we told you about is coming. Why? Because the market today is a casino. Casino capitalism. No regulations. Globally. The regulations are local and the trades are in the cloud.

The market will rebalance as TRUMP begins to reset trade. This will create panics. You will begin to see the other side of the TRUMP rally on time, just as we told you, in the spring of 2017.

If you cash out and moved to DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING as we have instructed on this blog – advising to seek counsel from licensed professionals – you will sleep like a baby in our opinion. If you did not – your going to peak out and throw up.

Pigs become bacon.

Berny Dohrmann – That’s my story and I’m sticking too it