The central planners face a problem. Corruption is being used to VET anti-party business owners out. A million have moved to prison. Party officials are LEGALLY stealing their venture wealth – LEGAL THEFT institutionalized by a central communist nation – always the end gasp as in Russia. Economically speaking not politically.

The party has pledged to end the trillion paid to state-run organizations SRO’s – of which there are thousands – many shut down but they still pay employees and loans they are never repaying are held as GOOD ASSETS by the banks – say 100 trillion worth of bad non-performing loans. They are borrowing 300 dollars for every dollar the nation earns every year. They have gone from 25% annual GNP to 5% plus – and that number many experts feel is a lie. The graph is ten years pure down. Again economically not politically a crash of their GNP like Russia from 5.1 trillion to 1.3 trillion in only five years – a CRASH of their economics to the world. Japan is doing so much better folks and we believe is the # 2 economy now not CHINA. Japan is a RULE OF LAW nation. Is why.

Millions have left cities back to rural towns with no jobs. The planners this week are more worried about SOCIAL UNREST with 87% no longer party members than they are the economic short term. The once growing middle class can not support the economy of a crash in manufacturing which is taking place in the bubble. Commodity Bubbles. Real Estate bubbles. Financial market bubbles. How long can you spend 300 to 1 on your income each year? Economically a VERY HARD CRASH is the only outcome folks.

The IMF accepting China currency was a crime and a political move. Terrible for the world. No one is doing anything about that crime.

Watch how this all plays out. And we love the Chinese people and wish them a reform into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Their planners do NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT. We are going to try and help them to do it.

Meanwhile, their growth plan for decades has come at a social cost no one can spend out of. 80% of rural water in their populated NORTHEAST provinces is UNSAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. But the communist leadership still insists the urban water being supplied is SAFE. IT IS NOT SAFE. It is killing them.

Half the land is contaminated and is not safe to build on or habitat. It will take trillions and 100 years to clean this pollution level up.

The air is so unsafe that it is reducing life expectancy and creating health care costs that lead the entire world. The aging population – highest of all nations – is going to die because they can’t breath fresh healthy air.

All this is going to become increasingly KNOWN to the masses of the population. What will happen when they view their leadership as a failed economic model – and a model that is a leadership of SHAME leading them into the unsustainable environments and health costs that crash the nation for generations financially?

We would not wish this INCONVIENT TRUTH on any people.

Meanwhile, Russia and China do the one thing they can – reach out to other nations to move their models into Africa, South America, and developing nations – as their wealth is now “deal making” with other nations to secure their wealth and populations. They have five women for every male in child age rearing and the hope of their people with the lack of worker replacements – is EXPORTING humans. Economically speaking not politically.

Personally, as an investment banker economist I would remove any bets investments or long-term plays on CHINA. Those who bet on China are risking a revolution and potential financial setbacks. Historically speaking.

We continue to watch for you by telling the truth faster.

Berny Dohrmann – China, as we have said, is TOAST economically

PS: As China leadership and Putin  does not tell the truth – and favors Philippine leadership we suggested were breaking humanitarian laws by just killing 2900 drug dealers without trial or due process – says it all really. No?

Apple And ME



I said the market is going to SUPER CRASH ( but not now ). When? No one knows. I said predicting danger moments were OCT 2016 – the period of many historic Super Crashes for lots of reasons – I said IF we get by October and no Super Crash – it would be Spring 2017 and I felt before Spring 2018.

With that said Apple carried my highest recommendation because – there is a pent-up demand from the Apple prior generation owners 600 million of them to upgrade to IPHONE 7 and the new second version of IWATCH 2016. Those sales are not in the last quarter earnings.

Also the dip in sales – is because NO ONE BUYS knowing in weeks a NEW VERSION is coming out. Duh. So those dips are ridiculous and fail to report the real culture trends. Period.

Finally, Tim said today:

  1. We exceeded earnings from the market guru’s even knowing the DIP before new release would occur.
  2. We ARE making it up with IPHONE 7 sales that will stun ya all by year end.
  3. Our service sector went up by 30% and is soaring on recurring revenues.
  4. We are now a record of 237 billion cash in the bank more than the majority of nations
  5. We added almost 50 billion in new profits last quarter – like give me a break.

So I continue to suggest as media whips the stock into a dip you buy before you get year end numbers and see what happens as portfolio’s adjusting at year end out of Samsung and into Apple by the billions upon billions.

Apple is the ONE I think is worth you’re talking to your licensed experts about.

I said it before and today’s earnings just made me snug and warm all over.

WAY TO GO APPLE TEAM  …yahoo ( and Microsoft at an all time record high has nowhere to go now but DOWN ) keep that one in mind.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping my opinions on the market data




It seems to me the world is just a mess. Perhaps only IRAN is telling the truth. Iran’s leader stated this weekend that – America is not moral. He said look at their leaders. Look what they say to one another. Just listen to it.  The nation is not moral. The American people are left with a choice of bad or worse. So that IS the truth and everyone – knows that truth. Our people are better than our leadership.

What a mess.

Opec is lying. There is only one issue. There is a GLUT Of Oil because at a price of 60 or higher shale and related off shore oil flows like rain – more oil than there is demand. And increasingly all that oil is not from OPEC. So they stay Russia will cut back. The head of Russian Oil says “no we will NOT”. Opec says our members will cut back. Iran says NO WE WILL NOT. Iraq says NO we will NOT. Opec trusts Libya will not begin pumping for political reasons same for Venezuela and Nigeria. Big bets we feel are in the wrong direction.

Opec will Venezuela not be able to get real cuts to supply. Meanwhile the PACIFIC OCEAN of North American Oil and Gas – much larger than OPEC Supplies – is coming back on line. Why? This new technology is getting lower and lower cost to get the oil on line. Now they can produce at 45 dollars and 50 is gold. OPEC can no longer dictate terms they just don’t have enough supply. Plus the market is over supplied.

Coal can burn clean now and we have 1000 years of low cost electricity with CLEAN BURNING COAL is we never import any.

The world is moving into electric cars fueled by natural clean burning gas and clean burning coal all nations have plenty of. Why use high risk nuclear power which makes high risk weapons.

Everything is about to change on Nov 8th folks. Be ready for a huge surprise.

Berny Dohrmann




Donald Trump will lower taxes more than anytime in 200 years and remove oceans of red tape to advance small business hiring ( as they hire 98% of all jobs in the nation ) to stimulate economic circulation and growth investment.

Hillary will raise taxes by the highest total in 100 years and add layers of new regulations onto small business who are not hiring as the nation is at zero growth for five years. Worst recover from recession EVER. As a model to stimulate growth.







Is written by the founder and Chairman of CEO SPACE. We accelerate business growth for small business in 140 nations. Our next Business Growth Conference is hosted in Disney World Orlando on Dec 13th.

As a top 10 Keynote Speaker for FORBES – I’m also – busy speaking. Today and this weekend at the DIGITAL FOOTPRINT IT CONFERENCE near DISNEYLAND in Anaheim California. The DIGITAL FOOTPRINT CONFERENCE upgrades all business owner IT on line performance.

Digital Footprint is hosted by CEO SPACE FACULTY member, an INC 500 Company, and dear friend Ken and Kerri Courtright.

Through this weekend my Blog Postings may be slower though my research is current so there is a LOT going on out there which we will update you about. We told you IF we missed a SUPER CRASH the next moment of RISK for SUPER CRASH is the Springs of 2017. We will keep you posted as to why and how it is shaping up.

The Gulf States and Japan and China are moving in to SAVE Deutsch bank, by putting billions of capital in – which will suck out into fines – for the criminal stealing the bank under took over years of time. Wells Fargo Bank is now under CRIMINAL investigation from the United States Government and the FBI and the State of California has opened full on CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS and is now taking evidence from victims of the crime in their state. Germany has yet to open any CRIMINAL investigation into VW or to Deutsch bank, not understanding that CONDONING CRIMINALS IN NATION creates a boycott of the nation – all its goods services and products. The longer they wait the worse it becomes as WE THE PEOPLE turn off buying for CRIMINALS …its up to us folks.

SO making CRIME “NOT” PAY is the next step as government policy is not cutting it.

Meanwhile my coaching schedule for CEO’s who own business here at DIGITAL FOOTPRINT is AM to AM no breaks by appointment – so helping others is such a joy.

Helping you and your tribe is also a joy thank you for reading.

Berny Dohrmann – Blog Host