I said the market is going to SUPER CRASH ( but not now ). When? No one knows. I said predicting danger moments were OCT 2016 – the period of many historic Super Crashes for lots of reasons – I said IF we get by October and no Super Crash – it would be Spring 2017 and I felt before Spring 2018.

With that said Apple carried my highest recommendation because – there is a pent-up demand from the Apple prior generation owners 600 million of them to upgrade to IPHONE 7 and the new second version of IWATCH 2016. Those sales are not in the last quarter earnings.

Also the dip in sales – is because NO ONE BUYS knowing in weeks a NEW VERSION is coming out. Duh. So those dips are ridiculous and fail to report the real culture trends. Period.

Finally, Tim said today:

  1. We exceeded earnings from the market guru’s even knowing the DIP before new release would occur.
  2. We ARE making it up with IPHONE 7 sales that will stun ya all by year end.
  3. Our service sector went up by 30% and is soaring on recurring revenues.
  4. We are now a record of 237 billion cash in the bank more than the majority of nations
  5. We added almost 50 billion in new profits last quarter – like give me a break.

So I continue to suggest as media whips the stock into a dip you buy before you get year end numbers and see what happens as portfolio’s adjusting at year end out of Samsung and into Apple by the billions upon billions.

Apple is the ONE I think is worth you’re talking to your licensed experts about.

I said it before and today’s earnings just made me snug and warm all over.

WAY TO GO APPLE TEAM  …yahoo ( and Microsoft at an all time record high has nowhere to go now but DOWN ) keep that one in mind.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping my opinions on the market data