It seems to me the world is just a mess. Perhaps only IRAN is telling the truth. Iran’s leader stated this weekend that – America is not moral. He said look at their leaders. Look what they say to one another. Just listen to it.  The nation is not moral. The American people are left with a choice of bad or worse. So that IS the truth and everyone – knows that truth. Our people are better than our leadership.

What a mess.

Opec is lying. There is only one issue. There is a GLUT Of Oil because at a price of 60 or higher shale and related off shore oil flows like rain – more oil than there is demand. And increasingly all that oil is not from OPEC. So they stay Russia will cut back. The head of Russian Oil says “no we will NOT”. Opec says our members will cut back. Iran says NO WE WILL NOT. Iraq says NO we will NOT. Opec trusts Libya will not begin pumping for political reasons same for Venezuela and Nigeria. Big bets we feel are in the wrong direction.

Opec will Venezuela not be able to get real cuts to supply. Meanwhile the PACIFIC OCEAN of North American Oil and Gas – much larger than OPEC Supplies – is coming back on line. Why? This new technology is getting lower and lower cost to get the oil on line. Now they can produce at 45 dollars and 50 is gold. OPEC can no longer dictate terms they just don’t have enough supply. Plus the market is over supplied.

Coal can burn clean now and we have 1000 years of low cost electricity with CLEAN BURNING COAL is we never import any.

The world is moving into electric cars fueled by natural clean burning gas and clean burning coal all nations have plenty of. Why use high risk nuclear power which makes high risk weapons.

Everything is about to change on Nov 8th folks. Be ready for a huge surprise.

Berny Dohrmann