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As a top 10 Keynote Speaker for FORBES – I’m also – busy speaking. Today and this weekend at the DIGITAL FOOTPRINT IT CONFERENCE near DISNEYLAND in Anaheim California. The DIGITAL FOOTPRINT CONFERENCE upgrades all business owner IT on line performance.

Digital Footprint is hosted by CEO SPACE FACULTY member, an INC 500 Company, and dear friend Ken and Kerri Courtright.

Through this weekend my Blog Postings may be slower though my research is current so there is a LOT going on out there which we will update you about. We told you IF we missed a SUPER CRASH the next moment of RISK for SUPER CRASH is the Springs of 2017. We will keep you posted as to why and how it is shaping up.

The Gulf States and Japan and China are moving in to SAVE Deutsch bank, by putting billions of capital in – which will suck out into fines – for the criminal stealing the bank under took over years of time. Wells Fargo Bank is now under CRIMINAL investigation from the United States Government and the FBI and the State of California has opened full on CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS and is now taking evidence from victims of the crime in their state. Germany has yet to open any CRIMINAL investigation into VW or to Deutsch bank, not understanding that CONDONING CRIMINALS IN NATION creates a boycott of the nation – all its goods services and products. The longer they wait the worse it becomes as WE THE PEOPLE turn off buying for CRIMINALS …its up to us folks.

SO making CRIME “NOT” PAY is the next step as government policy is not cutting it.

Meanwhile my coaching schedule for CEO’s who own business here at DIGITAL FOOTPRINT is AM to AM no breaks by appointment – so helping others is such a joy.

Helping you and your tribe is also a joy thank you for reading.

Berny Dohrmann – Blog Host