Competition is a thought form.

This thought form is pure evil.

Distilled evil. In every context.

Sports enthusiast argue with me “no we need healthy competition”. There is this or that competition that is “GOOD”.

Let me explain a truth to you that you all know. Each of you are divine sparks. Each of you is immortal. You were never born. You will never die. You are capturing experience from a viewing room with 360 degree’s of screens in dimensions beyond your capacity of memory right this minute to recall the full wonder of. All the Screens are 20 K and 10 D and you are the projector. God is your light.

In the viewing room are all the spirits that ever crossed your path. Some are projecting on your screen. You project on some of their screens including all those who have left you – they never left you – you are together in the viewing room.

This – reality – as you reside right now inside your own movie – is a PROJECTION an illussion a hologram. Your soul is the projector.

In the viewing room there is unconditional love and cooperation. The thought form of competition is an error a bad item of software code a buggy bit of creative option for free will – one known as INSANITY an absolute potential of pure will.

NO NO I say to the sports folks – lets go back to Greece. Sport is not a competition. Sport is a DEMONSTRATION. Sport is a celebration to demonstrate the highest form of cooperation is always UNDEFINABLE. The winners always celebrated the losers and taught them mentored them how to improve their game. There was no ANNIHILATE the opponent or kill them in sport. I teach cooperation to Super Bowl Athletes and we never loose once they embrace cooperation principles.

So lets look at it in liturgy of faith.


There was only the void…

And all that is and ever will be is OF the VOID for that is all there IS but all that is is not IN the VOID which itself remains an eternal mystery of the God Head…

All that IS has a nature, and its nature is to THINK….only all that is thinks substantively – meaning that it must and always creates – its thought IS and always will be –

All that is forever and never ending held first thought.

First though was of self awareness.

First thought IS first creation. Always and forever.

First thought is the daughter the son the reflection of perfect mirror of self – in harmony and self awareness.

Seeing back and forth the perfection of BEING and BEING KNOWN and BEING SEEN so perfectly created SECOND THOUGHT that was FOREVER AND NEVER ENDING.

The second thought was PURE LOVE or perfected LOVE that always  IS the nature of the God Head and this second thought created and  the HOLY OF ALL SPIRITS OF GOD.

The nature of the HOLY SPIRIT in perfected love is so massive it must be SHARED in eternal creation as LOVE IS EXPRESSED. Creation flows outward in all directions in perfected love as an expression of love perfected – yours mine and God’s.

Within the shout of creation and joy and the illumination of consciousness the never ending creative  light travels out in all directions with resonance on the song of creation where the same light struck by the cord of God’s song on one active is a petunia on one reality  and on another is YOU or is ME. In all the verses still being created beyond imagination of the movie you are inside of and projecting. Always the same God light the same illuminated creation within the resonance differentiation that makes the individual.

As FREE WILL is created for their IS …..SEQUENCE WHEN THERE IS NO TIME ….Free Will is required as first aspect of ITS created nature –  to make first choice.FREE WILL MUST CHOSE – MUST MAKE FIRST CHOICE as its core nature.

First choice is state.

Sane or insane.

Sanity or insanity or STATE is the core NATURE the raw potential of FREE WILL or there would be no free will. Free will is born to chose. Created to chose. State is first choice. We all make this choice over our existence. Staying sane is a choice. A second choice for the influence of the insane is like a flu of the soul that is catching and highly contagious to our appetites which can rob us of our sanity. Knowing this is reality is first awareness and the core to all faith.

Insane is – I am separate in my light from you ( not true ) I am equal in power to source ( not true ) I am able to create my own followers ( not true ) I want equal attention for how perfect I am ( not happening ) and I chose to steal your followers ( insane ).

Upon choosing insanity the vibration state of the soul is such that the being making such free will choice the insane soul  is vibrationally  banished to a space occupied by the frequency of the insane for the insane may not exist in the same space as the sane. Like matter and anti matter.

They may possess a body but it a soul. Sanity may become insane by appetites and choices. Once insanity is fully embraced  there is no way back into sanity. Because of second choice of insanity.

Second choice of insanity is that the INSANE never know or accept responsibility for their first choice. Insanity lacks capacity for personal responsibility of choice another aspect of being insane.  The insane  blame GOD for banishing THEM into the insane asylum and for the pain of separation from the sane – when in truth the insane chose insanity and their own vibration as a CONSEQUENCE OF STATE CHOICE created their own banishment without outside influence of any kind.  They become enraged by the unfair consequence GOD has heaped upon them as they lack capacity to know or accept responsibility for their own choices. They are insane souls. Know any?

God has no involvement at any level in FREE WILL CHOICE. God can influence as Insane beings can influence but only the individual soul can CHOOSE for ITSELF.  God is not sad mad or in any state related to the choice of FREE WILL which is an accommodation by creation of every soul’s core nature. IT MUST be FREE to choose  state or FREE WILL would be preordination and would cease to exist at all.

God is the uncreated and such choice never existed at the perfected God Head. God created FREE WILL which did not exist until it was created.

The CHOICE exists upon the CREATION of FREE WILL in sequence when there is no time.

You – as a creation – a free will – were born to chose – are born to chose.

The name of the first free will choosing insanity is FIRST COMPETITION. Competition with the sane. Competition with God. First Competition with source. COMPETITION is the true name all faith’s use for EVIL. Having lost the name the insane has now dominos wherein COMPETITION is globally across all souls thought to be GOOD and OF GOD itself an insane thought. By loosing the very name of evil we banish toxic symptoms but never the source virus.

There is only ONE VIRUS on the human collective mind – it is COMPETITION ITSELF. Competitive thought. Once known for its nature removing your virus is an act of free will.

Competition with God. Is evil.

Competition is always in all forms  pure evil. As a thought form competition is INSANE in all its forms and attributes.

How in this projection do YOU KNOW Competition infected brains who have bad software? Easy.

First competition punishes all diversity of God’s creation in every form, race, faith, culture, size, appearance, superficial things, actions, interests, everything. By thousands of body cue’s before words. Diversity is belittled and criticized you shall know the insane by their works. Now look forward with those new eyes.

Cooperationist ( competition free brains – virus free souls ) CELEBRATE all God’s diversity in all forms. Every soul is doing the best it knows how including the insane.

Second – competitionalist THINK about the last few months of MEMORY and dwell on the past primarily on people places and events where they have been taken advantage of, judging and blaming others, where they are the endless victim ( ultimately of God ) and their attention – the made in the image and likeness of God – is held and focused from insanity on endless elevation of their own self loathing by the only tool the insane posses – blame and judgement of others.  They are always past dwellings in their divine attention and focus of thought. The sane find this crowd – increasingly boring and painful to invest TIME with as they wake up fully.

The virus free spirits CELEBRATE all God’s diversity. These souls never judge or blame another spirit as even the insane are doing the best they know how. They reside in gratitude and uplift everyone in their presence. They are SANE.

They focus their divine attention upon the future in groups conversation and focus always upon what they are dreaming, building, co creating with God, from raising their family, marriage and partnerships to the physical and fiscal worlds. The sane are future dwellers of thinking. 

Competition is attached to material aspects of life and value is established based upon material measurement.

Competition is attached to values as wealth where such items as money is only an aspect of survival and when surplus living occurs they increase their tithing back unto others. There is no focus on self and if  wealth when accumulated is a responsibility to contribution at higher state levels. The sane are always wealthy in the values of their gratitude and relationships as they create from the viewing room. They appreciate this life is a projection they create and take full responsibility for.


If the idea of heaven is a SANE STATE SPACE of unconditional love and cooperation between divine immortal souls in gratitude – why in our projection upon the earth in this time and space  would we create a reality that is competitive, that is  dog eat dog, brutal, harsh, violent, personally cruel, competition is our higher value, and any thought to be sane and of God is made to be mad or weak? Why are we not creating the values we cherish ( cooperative thought )  versus the never ending struggle we loath (competitive thought and its consequences ) ? That itself  is insane. We are creating insanity. So wake up my readers – wake up – and spread this word around the world.

Insanity is catching like Ebola for the soul. Using Porn, Money, Addictions from good to power to capture attention into INSANITY. Buggy bad software of the mind. Souls can chose insanity or sanity. You CAN  simply KNOW the difference. Once you do its easy to live in sanity – the highest state of existence.

Your core nature is to chose to be sane. The insane influence you to join them. Resisting this influence makes you insane. Blessing and forgiving them robs them of their power and elevates your sanity which has all the power. Relax into your sanity and true nature. Teach your children. For this is core to ALL RELIGIONS – those who celebrate diversity of faith are sane and are of God. Those who embrace COMPETITION in FAITH are inane and are of the insane.

God is laughing by our celebration of what is the same about all of our paths.

God is yawning and taking a nap when we allow insane attributes to guide our attention wondering. Whenever we punish diversity in any word thought or action. God has no sequence for insanity which acts out on its own as a nature of FREE DIVINE IMMORTAL WILL. A creative aspect of self. Religions are sane if they celebrate one another. Religions that compete with one another are INSANE and they are NOT OF GOD. All faiths are wonderful if they are expressed in cooperation. All core faith precepts are cooperative. Competition is insane cooperation is sane and now you truly can measure your own circles.

CEO SPACE is a thirty year revolution of thinking and attention. First for organizations of people ( spirits ) we call CORPORATIONS or Institutions – the last battle ground of the insane. For over 30 year’s CEO SPACE has brought COOPERATIVE organization theory and methods into the largest and smallest corporations ( organizations of souls ) in 140 nations. The results based on creative performance of spirits has been so dramatic the REVOLUTION is now adopted by corporate teaching institutions world wide.

Reforming cultures from the FAILED MODEL of competition – an organization pyramid model  of FEAR PUNISHMENT AND EXPLOITATION ( insanity ) and a trap of absolute ceilings for ever rising  performance output – into COOPERATION HUB MANAGEMENT ( culture reform in corporations )  within a wheel management theory of Recognition  Reward, Participation and Celebration creates unlimited potentials for performance gains from divine spirits organized together ( SANE ). This is true for a family ( competitive to cooperative ) for a small Dentist office or venture – or an institution.

The Cooperative leaders include 3 M – Zappos – Google – Apple – Pinterest – Amazon – Facebook – the Competitive Failures include Wells Fargo Bank, Samsung, Deutsch Bank, all our central banks, and most of our political leadership – massively competitive and insane. The result of insanity is world war itself insane. The FEW AGAINST THE MANY.

To remove a virus of the mind one must KNOW you have a virus and your symptomatic problems are caused by the virus itself. Otherwise you deal with the symptoms the virus sends forth as toxin’s and you never deal with the virus ( competitive thought ) as the CAUSE.

If these values where instructed in education culture would evolve with cue language where competition was not acceptable and was clearly known and seen as insane. Sanity would be the valued culture celebrated in the market of  the child souls first who learn so easily when taught THE TRUTH. By keeping the children ignorant we assure the adults are virus infected and blind to the virus which often feels good to them such as a wife abuser loving his power from violence ( insanity ) .

Begin to create a new life  circle. Make that higher state life  circle all who value cooperation without judge or blame for insanity which just is.  The circle talk about cooperation and cooperative solutions versus competitive words. Guard the words. Guard your circle of cooperation thinkers who display solutions as a focus to attention and avoid virus displays of focus of attention upon problems – a competition infected brain focuses attention on problems a sane brain focuses attention on creative solutions always grateful for tomorrow. Competition thinkers are always bitter about yesterday.

Your circle should be blame free thinkers who see each soul as a spirit of God to love just as they are this instant fully and completely. Then guard the guards. For the light of this circle will attract the darkness as influence –  that shall have no powers upon such a circle of souls. It is your choice in this life. If you must eject one from your circle do it in love without blame or judgement for insane souls can never accept responsibility for their own thinking – they are after all virus infected and insane.

Now you know.

For more on this subject the BIG BOOK the COOPERATION BIBLE is REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Buy ten at Amazon and give them this Holiday to the SPIRITS you want to reside in a virus free state – for this one book – reads the reader as the reader – reads this personal transformation. For a Shorter Version of the TRUTH read the short stories of PERFECTION CAN BE HAD – the only publication tested at 1000 on the energy scale of fully awake words ever tested.

Competition is a thought form.

Competition is pure distilled evil.

Competition is insane.

Cooperation is awake virus free spirits in harmony with creation and God – sane.

Cooperation is virus free existing – sanity IS cooperation with the absence of all competitive thought. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the Light of Cooperation all over you like a shower

PS: The crises of leadership can be seen as the few – the insane – leading the sane – the many. WE all have to change that aspect of reality together. Now you have new eyes. Share the highest truth upon reality. I’d print this – frame it – and hang it where you can see it often. You were born to choose. Cooperation changes the world – for one girl from the inner city in WATTS who borrowed the money to become a CEO SPACE member and rose to influence millions world wide – and become effortlessly abundance – if you have time to watch what COOPERATION can DO when you become a teacher and spread the word: