Icon the investment scion today reported that the market had far more downside than upside potential. He could not see the crazy multiples being maintained. He stated the FED had created a FALSE market place by keeping interests low this long. ( Ah hem – we coughed that up for two years now to our readers ).

A Fed Local Chairman ( Fisher )  stated today that the market is being harmed by low interest this long. That market distortions are taking place that leave the FED out of the control room. The Fed Chairman ( spitting in the FACE of Fed Chairwoman  Janet Yellin’s call for even more easing last week ) stated the next recession would be longer and deeper because of FAILED FED LOW INTEREST POLICIES.

ICON said that he was MORE AND MORE worried about the stock market and that the

S&P was way over valued today. ICON said the FED had created a totally false market place.

Jeffrey Bunlach the BOND KING of the world stated that investors need to become defensive ( as markets dived and bond sales out of government securities began to gush ).

Fisher says the dangers of low interests could impact the core stability of the entire financial system of the world.  ( Ah hem we said that precise item all year did we not readers ? )

Janet Yellin marching to her shareholders of her private bank ( the Fed ) like criminal Wells Fargo and all the big financial brands as shareholders – suggested we open the flood gates of money and just drown the world in cash and that would create growth? This is not wrong minded its pig headed. But then Janet IS the worst Fed policy leader in 70 years.

Fisher said the Central Bank ( the Fed ) was limited to fight recession as they did not control all the factors that depressed prices and growth. He said that low interest rates this long run a risk on entire system stability.

This flies in the face of Janet Yellin stating she wants the FED to consider a HIGH PRESSURE ECONOMY virtually downing in free fed money until growth begins. Well 20 trillion later how is that failed policy working for you now Janet? The system is a casino – outside your regulation – addicted to speculation and manipulation – and avoiding all real economic growth investing – hence no growth. While the USA can not pay its debt – debt you ran up – because without growth we lack ability to maintain the debt. We bankrupt the USA. Its Math Janet its in JOBENOMICS read the Chuck Vollmer book – his math can’t be wrong he’s run BILLION DOLLAR institutions larger than the Fed Janet.

But hey sweetie pie – you march to your own private drummers – where your own track record of failure and loss means nothing as long as no blame attaches to you honey. Which it never does ….except here. I blame YOU JANET and I hold YOU responsible for the unborn generation of the nations of the world. You allowed GREED TO FEED while your morals and judgement proved inadequate to leadership and its requirements. F as Fed Chairman Janet Yellin – Grade “F” – as history will define. Give it time.

CEO SPACE is the largest business voice in the nation for smaller business. We in writing Chairman Yellin never receive a courtesy reply. Not even a respect. Why? Well they march to the SUPER MONEY and GREED and trample the little people who pay all the bills. Our people. They won’t even reply to a policy request.

They are not just arrogant and bad people – they lack manners and are rude people.

Fisher reported other reasons that contribute to North American zero growth over this time frame include:

  • Lower productivity falling now versus rising
  • Labor force growth is falling not rising
  • Aging population and retirement
  • Weak or absent investment
  • Weak foreign growth

Is anyone reading these tea leaves as to why NO SHORT TERM RECOVERY is going to take place. We are working so far away from the truth and the cause and no one is working  to fix it. Stocks continue to hold lower following Fisher telling the Truth against Janet Yellin telling lies.

So today we had various experts all confirm things look long term – BLEAK. Not to mention after election realities settling in on the markets:

Hillary – largest tax increase in 200 years

Trump – largest tax decrease in 100 years

The economy needs to be fixed to prosper.

We’ll keep a light on for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Optimistic for a FIX ya think ?