Right Apple was a sunk stock, 72 hours after the critics panned the Apple IPHONE 7 and the new updated IWATCH and all those new applications – I said buy. If you did you already made a LOT OF MONEY.

The 600,000 IPHONE 4 users who have yet to upgrade are looking at what? Christmas that is what. I told my family I want the NEW IWATCH this Holiday. How many millions upon millions of me are out there?

This all following the largest success of any Apple launch in history. When the numbers finally hit the market they are going to inside a BLEAK MARKET SPACE just blow you away. Which is consistent if you look at history.

Further the SAMSUNG CRIMINALS having been whacked a billion dollars for stealing Apple IP ( that is AMERICAN IP they just ripped off ) should not be rewarded with Global customers. We must boycott Samsung as a criminal management.

When they blew people up to save a buck with batteries and circuits that explode burn down homes and offices – injure and kill folks – put fliers in the sky at risk of life – you stop buying from criminals. When they recall the phones in a slow horrible way that is time consuming with millions out of touch and can’t get back into what they paid for – then finally get replacement phones – then those burn and blow up as well – I mean the replacement phones and S lead engineer says on open mic by mistake – WE JUST DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHY THESE KEEPS EXPLODING.Samsung

Folks the tens upon tens of millions of SAMSUNG customers that are moving to Apple – who had an APPLE HOLIDAY HOME RUN ANYWAY – is so much of an APPLE WINDFALL TO SHAREHOLDERS you just have not factored that in yet. I would do everything I could to get Apple Stock in my hands at today’s price before the MARKET WAKES UP and discovers – WOW

ITS CHRISTMAS when 78% of all consumer sold goods get bought – it is CHRISTMAS and the largest APPLE RUSH is about to overwhelm Apple – backlog the chain of supply – and show you an upward STOCK LIKE YOU HAVE NOT SEEN SEEN FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE AND BANK OF AMERICA TODAY.

Buy low sell high.

Buy now and hold till the next Apple sell off before their anniversary of the IPHONE and then sell after the market trashes that release next fall and then BUY LIKE CRAZY all over again. Making money with Apple is historic. Just look at the graph and buy accordingly. You could be brain dead and make a ton of profit on Apple stock. But if you factor in the SAMSUNG FACTOR and 600 million yet to upgrade from IPHONE 4 I mean folks this is not rocket science – its Global Christmas.

Apple Folks.

Ask your expert brokers for their advice and see if they follow my opinion.

Hey but what do I know..I’m not always right …outside 100% of my calls.

APPLE then.

Berny Dohrmann – An Apple A Day builds the profits that pay……

PS: Its because I knew Steve and trust Kim its now …..