If we are talking about the MARKETS I believe this. The casino capitalism markets are so phony, so manipulated outside any regulatory frame work, THAT, the likely roller coaster volatility in which the SOFTWARE makes so great a short term institutional profit will continue. I think that KNOWING a SUPER CRASH “IS” coming the Central banks outside a merger back into treasury, will vastly expand stimulus, free money, and market efforts to super inflate global economics with phony economics. This will make the ultimate Super Crash much much worse and its already the worst of all super bubbles in 8000 years of government, history, and failed economic policy of nations.

Until a DEBT CONTAGION DEFAULT EVENT triggers Super Crash the central banks will seek to influence the casino they created and that they alone profit MOST from – all of which falls outside the Government and public understanding. Financial ignorance is the ultimate cause of everything that is going to rebalance the entire world through WORLD WAR and enormous death and pain.



So the Criminal management that set up and continued policies to earn over 5 billion in profits we know about – bilking over 2,000,000 customers by committing crimes they never are held accountable for or ever go to jail for ( like Deutsch Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland ) – is now still in power. They fired 5,000 little people. They need to fire 5,000 managers and the board of directors. ALL OF THE CRIMINALS and charge them and prosecute them all. Case in point this weekend on a slow news day:

So the criminal Stumpf – the CRIMINAL CEO who planned it all authorized it all and bilked his own customers for bonus money and a golden parachute of tens of millions he received last week when he quit – has installed his own management team that engineered it all so the criminals continue under his guidance – no change no criminal prosecution. Now get THIS. It comes out this weekend that as CEO Stumpf SOLD tens of millions of stock in Wells Fargo knowing the investigations and settlement were coming but just before the fine and settlement. HE KNEW. He committed criminal insider trading at a disadvantage to all other shareholders KNOWING as an insider the stock in WELLS FARGO BANK would plunge and not stop plunging for years and years as the bank has a RUN ON THE BANK and must sell off assets like a fire sale to remain liquid or file bankruptcy. HE the criminal made insane profits while his shareholders got shot in the ass from his crimes. NOW SHOULD HE GO TO PRISON WITH ALL HIS MERRY MEN? Am I the only sane on on line here? Where is the media? Reporting on the Hillary they go low and we go to hell and lower than hell – nothing is more hypocritical than the notion the HILLARY DIRTY TRICK machine goes HIGH – they never go high – they have invested 1 BILLION Dollars in trashing Trump – not winning themselves – and its working. ONE BILLION more than any sum in the history of elections to just TRASH ONE CANDIDATE to the toilet bowl and flush. Its funny to watch if your awake …its their only style.


So Trump has the majority of the popular vote and states. The West Coast and Upper East Coast is Hillary. It was Monday 190 Electoral College Votes to a little over 200 for Hillary with the swing deciding. Due to the Clinton Smear campaign despite winning the Debate – Trump popular vote soared – his poll numbers soared – his crowd s can’t fit in stadiums – Hillary can’t fill smaller venue’s – BUT the Electoral College has moved 170 or so for Trump and 250 for Hillary.

Trump may win the popular vote and Hillary wins the Electoral College and Presidential vote. Though an upset could still happen in this Political Sit Com WAR ELECTION – no one is going High – everyone is going lower than any election in 400 years – the lowest of the low ever in history. It is a shame to all peoples of the world.

When you look at the RED and BLUE MAP this weekend – you can believe Trump won’t win by a landslide.

When you visit the ELECTORAL COLLEGE numbers which is all the Clinton Team is focused upon – Hillary can not LOSE this election no matter how the popular vote unfolds – UNLESS SOMETHING NEW HAPPENS.

So that is the news on the weekend report. I’m not taking a position for either side I”m just saying there is no HIGH GROUND. They are both in a rope pull across a mud pond and anyone saying they are on dry high ground in this election is a liar. That is the only truth I hold. Its frankly a shame to our unborn generation.

My politics. I wish the two vice president candidates were on one ticket running together and actually WON. They would be the bomb for America.



Isis is being cursed by Allah. Any Muslim can see the INSANITY of ISIS. There is no Koran that supports their horror Muslim to Muslim. They are insane brains. They are under their faith under the possession of demons, also insane, and they are cursed. They are not blessed rising up. They are cursed being destroyed and utterly deleted as insane brains. Those who follow them are insane. Backing the anti religion. Those backing ISIS are into satan worship and bowing to the dark side every day.

Allah is cursing ISIS. They have no favor. No grace. they live like cornered rats. They have no water food and can not pay their insane troops. They are having the majority of their tribe wake up and defect. The DEFECTIONS are stripping ISIS of any survival ability. The Taliban and ISIS are not political nor are they religious. They are INSANE BRAINS.

Today you know OF GOD as cooperative. In the after life there is no competition between divine souls outside hell. The absence of God. The notion of any heaven in any faith is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND COOPERATION. Diversity of everything including faith is CELEBRATED and NEVER PUNISHED. When ¬†you punish – as a Master Race or a Master Faith – you are INSANE – competition is a form of insanity. You have chosen EVIL in pure insanity. The absence of God. The majority of vast cooperative believers of all faith’s know this. The Koran DEMANDS respect by all Muslins for other Muslims and for PEOPLE OF THE BOOK. Those who are insane disregard this DEMAND and fail in their own salvation because they are insane. As leaders in the Muslim world define increasingly that the radicals are INSANE and the radicals are NOT MUSLIM and fail to follow the KORAN the insane will have less success in tricking sane brains to join their insane NOT OF GOD leadership.

Media needs to focus on these principles – they are insane – as they do the notion Allah is cursing them becomes so clear and who would follow those who dare to oppose the will of God? Thats my weekend opinion keeping a light on for the Isis oppressed.




If you like to gamble with your life nest egg, I would stay in the markets of stocks bonds and hard assets – all manipulated casino markets – and I would risk loosing all of my nest egg having such fun, as gamblers do, along that path.

If you wish to protect your nest egg at all costs I would sell at the peak all time high, move to all cash in all asset classes, engage a licensed insurance investment professional and move your cash into diversified insurance investing as they suggest approaching the area with this model in mind:

  • Whole life is like liquid banking with far superior returns and better liquidity than FDIC protection in my opinion.
  • Index Life – is high return GUARANTEED PRINCIPLE investing with far better investment long term protection than any market choice in my opinion – by the superior money managers in the world markets today – highest return – nest egg lack of risk.
  • Annuities like bond and income investing to provide fixed income where and when needed also with a nest egg no loss posture.

Safe. A time machine to move money and investment 7 years past the SUPER CARSH period and into return to THE MARKETS after they are RE-REGULATED buying LOW always and selling high.

If you wait your late.

If you delay you pay.

Decision makers gain and procrastinators loose.

Your brokers in THE MARKET are so hopelessly lacking holistic information and so morally conflicted as to the conflict of interest ( yours versus theirs ) that YOU have to make your own choice on your own nest egg.

Later in life a few of you will write me and with tears inform me how your entire nest egg was protected by this weekend blog. Why? because you chose a single drop of courage greater than your fear and took action.

To the rest of you …you will all write me and comment on this blog in the comment section saying – I WISH I HAD LISTENED TO HIM WHILE THERE WAS STILL TIME…I LOST MY ENTIRE NEST-EGG ALL OF IT….MY GOD and I KNEW I KNEW.

We’ll keep a light on for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Weekend In Thought just for you

PS: Why not print this blog and take it to your insurance professional and just explore what they tell you…just explore. The last honest way to invest in the world today.