Today the Fed Chairwoman I have stated is the WORST Chairwoman of the Fed in 70 years – gave the market a speech I summarize as stating:

  1. Downturns are serious
  2. They create new unknowns
  3. Policy makers must be more nimble in solving new challenges the world never saw before
  4. We have no clue what to do
  5. Growth sucks and policy is not working and we don’t know why

She failed to report – WE ARE THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS with our failed policies that I’m continuing.

Folks the CENTRAL BANKS of the world need to be merged for pure oversight back into their treasuries. These account-less agencies – as private company NGO contractors to nation are hopeless conflicted failed policy makers. Law makers need to pass emergency legislation and merge the FED into Treasury.

Meanwhile Shadow Banking is soaring. Shadow banking is a technology approach to do in private firms what institutions once owned exclusively. Shadow banking is now taking 100’s of TRILLIONS into world positions – all speculative casino capitalism manipulations of price and goods and services – WITH ZERO REGULATORY OVERSIGHT BY NATIONS –

So the market has become a casino.

The market is digital and the regulations have failed to stay ahead.

Shadow Banking exists in loopholes that no nation can close.

Unless the G 100 re-regulate the DIGITAL CASINO criminals run the casino.

The risk for a SUPER CRASH accumulates in how long and serious the world depression pending and coming will BE and the failed policy of CENTRAL banks is the cause, including legalizing SHADOW BANKING and failure to regulate SHADOW BANKING.

How screwed are we?

Economically speaking without a regulatory re-think?


Oh yeah – thats what I’ve been telling you. You should have some comfort in what I’ve been saying that the TOP COP – Janet Yellin is clueless about a solution and she said that just today – she admits we have new problems the world never experienced before and she names so few of them because she herself is CLUE LESS. She is buried in inside circle data of the worst kind….THAT IS THE WAY WE ALWAYS DID IT.

In a world moving to digital flash trading Janet can’t begin to influence via 100’s of trillions that make the Fed look like a poker player with 1.00 dollar chips – at a Vegas high roller table – with SHADOW BANKING holding mountains of chips in reply.

Your DONE Janet and the FED your DONE.

Its time to merge you into US TREASURY and allow the grown ups to make policy.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker economists with an opinion of my own


PS: Confidence in Central banks has been shattered completely and forever – the markets no longer consider them anything but marginal to reality.