If the market stays up the incumbent “always” wins – unless we present new historic

If the market goes down the new folks always win. Close to election.

Today the market is a roller coaster. One side bids it up. The other bids it down.

Data means little. It seems.

China at the Holiday season has a CRASH in exports manufacturing and their slow down is a nose dive.

The earnings recession is global.

Samsung is taking a 5.4 billion dollar HIT on earnings and an 18 billion dollar hit on stock.

Wells Fargo earnings are crashing and no data on the run on their bank is out yet.

Deutsch bank is selling assets to get desperately needed cash to manage its own run on its bank – seeking merger partners – the hand writing is on the wall for Deutsch bank.

The disappointment of earnings is vast and global.

So the market goes UP today on bad data globally. You figure that out.

Trading in the roller coaster makes money if you see the market as a casino versus a real market any longer. Computers make money on volatility for SUPER POOLS of money. As 80% of small investors ( us ) are OUT of the market and trading and the market is FREE MONEY leveraged by institutions, trading against each other, one software moving profits against another chaps software in a market without regulation.

To prove a point today the powerful Democratic  Senator that just ousted the CEO of Wells Fargo Bank wrote a scathing letter to her own party boss President Obama asking President Obama to use emergency powers, to fire Mary Jo White ( CEO SPACE LIKES MARY JO ) for failing to regulate the digital market space – to demand more disclosures  Elizabeth Warren see’s as vital to reverse casino economics – but we fear Senator Warren is spitting into the wind. After all a NEW PRESIDENT is coming in and why SPIT now when in 60 days a new team is in power? What is the point?

Congress not Mary Jo has failed to pass legislation to RE-REGULATE the digital casino that is now out of any control. CONGRESS in the last three hours of the lame duck BILL CLINTON ADMINISTRATION passed unanimously ( that is 100% of congress voting ) the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT – the very name a congressional Fraud and Bill Clinton Signed that law. This law took all the DEPRESSION SAFE HARBOR LAWS out and allowed deposits in your bank from say your grandmother – to move off shore without her knowing – and be invested at fifty to one margin in pure crap – where the bank looses all its money – but the loss is not reported on the books. For one issue of that VERY HORRIBLE LAW that created CASINO CAPITALISM in a digital world.

Congress is the problem related to casino capitalism Senator Warren not Mary Jo White – who IS – administrating your laws faithfully – and doing a great job of balancing avoiding a SUPER CRASH while trying to reign in speculation but she frankly lacks the RIGHT LAWS to do SO from the CONGRESS.

So the casino rolls on and the markets go up. That folks is ….insane.

The longer we party to the cliff the longer the fall in SUPER CRASH.

Party on.

Berny Dohrmann – As we miss Super Crash in October ( if we miss it ) hold your sights on the Spring of 2017 and remember we told you the time line over and over on this blog.