60 Minutes did a report on the great CRASH of 2008 to discover the cause. They concluded the cause with many experts at the top agreeing, was the unholy conspiracy of failed CENTRAL BANK policy and the Clinton Administration in 1999. In December, on a snowy day in Washington, in the last 3 hours ..and thats THREE HOURS…before the United States Congress adjourned for their Holiday Christmas break, on a slow slow news day, the last unanimous vote of that time passed a law. The last big law of the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION.

A long sought CLINTON POLICY.

The law was named the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT of 1999. The President signed it and went home taking all the g and w’s off the White House Computers. Merry Christmas.

The CLINTON POLICY destroyed 70 years of DEPRESSION SAFE GUARD LAWS. The law had little to do with commodities other than to manipulate all their prices. The law permitted investment banks to own banks. The law permitted banks to invest like investment banks – prohibited and a crime in 1999 and legal in 2000.

Speculations that were a crime in 1999 where now legal again in 2000.

The law makers knew what they were doing. As many state laws outlawed at state law level what is known as BUCKET SHOPS or scheme’s plans or devices to invest in “which way an item any item might go versus to hedge by buying the item directly” as a crime. The new LAW stipulated as 60 minutes reported so well – THAT – the Federal Law superseded these state laws and that NO PROSECUTION could now occur when the speculation in the digital markets that was CRIMINAL AND A CRIME was all of a sudden legal again by a animus act of congress and Clinton Policy signed into law.

During the next 16 years the real market would be over come by 100’s to one in trading on casino bets as the REAL MARKET of the entire world was destroyed and the core cause of the depression of 1907 and the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1929 returned to the world. However now no physical side bet bucket shop was the villain as today the push of a finger can trade half a trillion dollars in speculations creating a CASINO CAPITALISM that is a “we have been here before folks” GREED FEST that is mindless and without legal restraint until the laws change.


So in our election no one talks about policy to the vote really. We are talking about who kissed who in the hall ways. I mean really. We are grown ups. Everyone kisses everyone lets get off that topic.

SUPER CRASH is occurring because the fire wall between banks and investment banks was destroyed – a firewall the depression congress sought to never have breached regardless of the GREEDY pressures to do so. This single policy has:

  1. Created Global Casino Capitalism
  2. Made Central Banks obsolete and failed as policy makers
  3. Bankrupt the banks and investment banks if REAL MARKET ACCOUNTING applied to them as it does to all the rest of us – but they are exempt by the 1999 ACT.

When the crash hits the blame game will begin. Everyone will move the pea under the wall-nuts so fast you will have trouble seeing the pea and you will never be asked to consider the REAL CAUSE. Congress – Clinton failed policy – and Central banks who proposed it all for their own greedy membership ( remember Central banks are private companies under a contract and immune to any prosecution for their crimes ). Central Banks need to be MERGED BACK INTO THEIR TREASURIES in a digital market space a single error the depression congress over looked to their peril today.

Who pays the price for the CLINTON DOCTRINE?

All of us. All the people of the world. Can the one that brought you this failed policy and leverage that is no longer fixable – fix their own error ? Why would one think that?

So the single issue we think is so important – WHO WILL FIX THE ECONOMY AT CORE?

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking for the unborn generations of nations

PS: See SIXTY MINUTES clip on the cause of the 2008 crash – its all there folks verifying every aspect of my reporting here.  Hey why don’t they do an UPDATE in this election? No you know the CAUSE of the 2008 crash and the CAUSE OF THE MUCH WORSE SUPER CRASH STILL TO COME…..without new laws we are doomed.