The Shadow unregulated banking sector has once again reached levels not seen since 2006 and 2007 in the 80 trillion dollar mortgage industry world wide. Once again over 50% of 80 trillion is now skewed outside regulatory banking. Big banks have moved out of this market which suppresses economic activity, world wide, as enormous fines for their crimes against us all for profits rise to the after markets from the crash.

The SHADOW banking sector is focused on jumbo loans above what gov financing provides. This is troublesome because, sub prime home prices are so low in the main housing market that when they fall in value, their recovery time is short and demand is high.

When the new focus of 40 to 50 TRILLION OF NEW MORTGAGES on much higher priced homes, falls, the value will not return rapidly, nor will the banks be able to absorb those loses.

This unregulated global market sells the mortgages in pools as in the movie the BIG SHORT which all my readers should rent on NETFLICKs. Then these pools sell the mortgages in those pools into larger pools. Then those pools sell into SUPER DUPER POOLS are rated as NO RISK. Like musical chairs the mortgage exposure remains in the last SUPER DUPER POOL holding the mortgage. When the Pools DEFAULT the system liquidity stops, and through ripple counter party contracts the entire system implodes.

So to see the UNREGULATED SHADOW BANKING sector the IMF the WORLD BANK has been warning world leaders about for two years, move past 50% of the 80 TRILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL MORTGAGE MARKET SPACE at larger numbers than 2007 – alarm bells rise on the SUPER BUBBLE IN REAL ESTATE.

I can remember when George Bush turned to his Secretary of Treasury and said HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN – it rises that congress is largely attorney’s and administration is largely attorney’s and staff with limited overall financial expertise. Economists are trained classically in markets of the past when markets of today and tomorrow are digital and represent NEW ECONOMICS the world has never seen before.

The speed and size of the DIGITAL TRADES has taken over the market. The regulations have failed to keep up.

WE have ARGUED for the largest regulatory RE-THINK in modern history. So far no one is listening. They don’t understand the MARKET IS OUT OF CONTROL and is at the level of the SHADOW BANKS a giant legal PONZI scheme in which like musical chairs the world system gets wiped out – when the music stops. Which all this can not end well.

We will keep you informed. The risk due to BAD DEBT rising in the world markets we have so well documented with DATA – hard data – on this blog site if you read back this year – can not be ignored taken collectively. It is historic.

Only the SUPER BUBBLE is now all asset classes – all of them.

So the SUPER CRASH will be systemic to the entire system.

We have told our readers what to to do. Registering into CEO SPACE ( as there is safety in a larger cooperative trading circle ) is the cornerstone of protecting your lifestyle DEC 13th. Study trading a year-end tax dollar for an accelerator for your venture and business with a guarantee. I would just do it.

Time is running out. Today the odds of a Donald Trump election upset are higher than they have been and you will know in weeks – and if Donald Trump wins – everything changes. The markets don’t like change. Even if long term it might be better.

So factor that risk into your thinking which is WHY the markets went down considerably Friday on news new criminal investigations by the Federal Gov. ( never taken lightly ) were formerly publicly opened against HILLARY CLINTON ( again ). Not good.

So as I’ve said – it’s a mess right now. All to pass one way or the other Nov 8th. We are in the stretch. Information is everything. Knowledge IS power to act.

We’ll keep you ahead and thanks for sharing this blog we appreciate that and you all.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – google us



Oil edged down to 49.00 and the largest weekly CRASH in price in six weeks or almost two months. Opec is in a price war to keep price LOW to avoid North America taking their customer base. So far their strategy is NOT working.

North America reporting SOARING EXPORTS of oil products including refined gasoline to customers once OWNED by OPEC exclusively. As North AMERICA has more supply than OPEC and is less effected by GULF POLITICAL INSTABILITY – the long bet from customers is increasing with North America.

This and food products helped the USA reach a 3 % grow to upgrade this quarter soaring the GNP of the nation – trashing expert forecasting. IT IS ALL ABOUT OIL and the WORLD WIDE PRICE WAR.

Opec meets this with more monetary distress from more of its member and nonmember producer nations than anytime in its history. This means OPEC members will never agree to cut OUTPUT as all members are desperate for income the sale of oil products provides. A FREEZE at RECORD HIGH LEVELS OF OUTPUT is a “teaser” with no value to the market – in fact, it means once again OPEC IS DEAD as an agency of global influence on market price or supply and demand. OPEC Is not hostage to the markets versus in control OF the markets.

The new world order of oil economics IS that nothing has stopped North America output rising. Nothing. All policies have led to the glut. All policies have led to the failure to block North American supply gains.

Cutting back today by OPEC means North America out put can rise up to fill the output cut back. Iraq the second largest producer from Saudi wishes to be “excused’ from any OUT PUT Freeze or decline. Iran wants an exemption. Political riots in Venezuela and Libya block their output returning to normalized levels only temporarily.

Russia GNP has crashed 80% in sixty months. Desperate for cash Russia a PETRO STATE is unlikely to agree to any down turn in their income at a time they are desperate for income.

We see the USA financial gains this quarter as an “ONE OFF”. A GNP hype number stitched together on SOY BEAN sales, from a bumper crop. This bumper crop will not again bail out the USA and China has other markets to buy from. As relations with China go South with a NEW PRESIDENTIAL TEAM we see the GNP from the USA as a blip in the model with a 1.5% average to date year end 2016 GNP likely to remain the dismal number. With less than 5% growth the USA can NEVER PAY OFF ITS DEBT starting in the year 2020. Hence our concerns for the crises in leadership.

So we see OPEC in disarray. WE see members desperate for cash. We see no one living with any agreement.

We are watching with all hands on NOV 8th now only days away.

We’ll keep a prayer light on just for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE

Some Good News


Deutsch bank reports strong earnings – before the stock crash and deposit investment withdrawal. The next quarter for Wells Fargo and the banks is going to show you the truth.

Apple will soar.

Samsung will tank.

The USA surprising in our weak quarter – a dirt bag quarter – rose GNP to 2.9 % surprising the experts ( including me ). This means the enormous entrepreneur sector in the USA and consumers are alive and well – and the most important economy – the engine driving EVERYTHING on spending WORLDWIDE – “is” – doing much better than anyone thought.

In fact, this will extend the boom and the stock stupid rallies. However buying at an all-time peak and high – thinking the new forever higher peak will be profitable for you – before SUPER CRASH – is a form of insanities like gambling in Vegas or Montecarlo. I’d suck in your addiction and follow my advice for diversified insurance investing – avoid following the pack and sleep like a baby outside the insanity of the rats racing.

But it is GOOD NEWS TO HAVE  BREATHER for awhile – the USA is doing what it does – it is leading even without leaders.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE




I’m home one day – and out to Philly for 2000 at the faith-based all faiths KINGDOM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEETING – in Philly. What an hour – 2000 faith based business leaders.

Look up on google KINGDOM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and open a CHAPTER in your city – they grow so fast. You’ll thank me. Ask for Angelia the founder and tell her you read about them on my blog.

I’ll keep you up to date even so – just know my schedule is fierce speaking and mentoring CEO business owners every hour into the huge New York Carnegie event I”m speaking at this month before our own CEO SPACE event Dec 13th.

Busy blogger – as I am.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO SPACE




The Clinton’s and Trump have been close friends ( really ) which we all saw in the Charity event after the last election as they laughed and played together right after the Debate.

After Hillary stating – THIS IS WHO DONALD TRUMP REALLY “IS” – she said when asked to make ONE positive COMMENT – I ( knowing him in his home ) she told 70 million viewers – I admire his role as FATHER AND HUSBAND ….( because she knows that is WHO he really is ). Hillary spoke the real truth at that debate – and it says oceans about the lies she just put forth seconds before that. Don’t you think?

I ADMIRE DONALD TRUMP AS BOTH A HUSBAND AND FATHER AND THE WAY HE HAS RAISED HIS FAMILY….she knows thats the truth of who this Presidential candidate IS.


I’ve played a role in Presidental politics off and on for years.

I’ve never seen 2 billion dollars spent – on all sides – to not elect Hillary but to brand trash and manipulate the identity of one man. As a CEO who is NOT A POLITICIAN, he tends to help in his own bashing without meaning to. However, if he says 99% of the greatest things possible to record rally’s like no candidate has ever seen before the entire media only trashes him.

Media does not report Donald Trump like any candidate in history – the bias is as he says the biggest coordinated PILE UP EVER – and folks – that is the truth. Fact check me.

No one knows Donald Trump from all this media distortion – no one gets the truth and still the vote is SO CLOSE it says a lot about the REAL AMERICA who see’s through all of it.

I know Hillary and Bill.

I know Donald Trump. And his history.

Both are better American’s than the media is showing us. Really. Both will be friends after. Both will HEAL THE NATION after. I promise you THAT because I KNOW THEM both.

Donald Trump is now having a backlash. The public is waking up that HEY this “IS” manipulation. They are LYING TO US. Trump is NOT who they are presenting. His poll numbers are growng again. His rally’s set records – Hillary has 1000 Donald has 30,000 every city every day – standing room only turned away – its uncanny. The media would promote that in unbiased ways for any other election but…not this one. Fact check me.

They are starting to see real policies:

Hillary may cause WORLD WAR III in Syria – that is real policy.

Hillary will raise taxes by more than any time in 200 years.

Trump will lower taxes and reset America competitiveness over any time in 200 years.

That is policy.

Trump will reform America standing.

Hillary will continue where we have declined to and keep OBAMA CARE.

Trump will repeal and REPLACE Obama Care with a plan that economically works.

That is policy.

The voters are waking up. If Trump wins it will be the biggest upset in 200 years of election and reset 2 billion of waste that could be JOBS and ECONOMICS versus a TRASH AND BASH two-year spending to tarnish one man. Why?

Because SUPER MONEY on BOTH SIDES knows – Trump knows their game and their monopoly on real power is OVER if he is elected.

The issue is:

CHANGE for the first time in 100 years.

Or NO CHANGE and policy as usual.

Personally,I think America wins regardless of who wins.

Vote beyond the SPIN for WHAT YOU WANT but really- let go of the false lies and labeling – Trump is a GREAT FATHER AND HUSBAND AND PERSON – so vote with a new set of glasses past the 2 billion spent to cloud your present set of eyeballs.

That’s the truth and it is ALL I am going to say about that – knowing and liking them both more than media hype lets you “SEE” today.

Berny Dohrmann – Hoping the TRUTH is helpful world wide to my readers.

PS: Hold your mind open – these are TWO GREAT AMERICAN’s running in a new election rule book of 2 billion in media all lopsided on BASH TRASH TRUMP – and still the vote is neck and neck. Think about WHY. American’s are NOT STUPID they are NOT.