Opec produces at a record high about 33 billion barrels per day.

OPEC is well passed by producers who are not members of Opec including all American Production at almost 57 billion barrels a day and rising dramatically even with low prices – double OPEC PRODUCTION.

If OPEC cuts back its lower producing members like LYBIA and Venezuela will crank up their production and sell outside OPEC curbs as will IRAN and RUSSIA to get Market Share away from GULF PROVIDERS. Market share lost is never coming back and OPEC Gulf member’s know it.

Once upon a time OPEC controlled 60% of the market.

Today its more like a third of the market.

The idea of OPEC domination of price and supply has come and it has gone. Today the weight of supply is OUTSIDE OPEC and that % will only gain ground in the future. SO OPEC is no longer relevant to pricing energy in oil and gas.

Putting weight on OPEC is foolish. Many GULF NATIONS planned on premium priced oil.

Now in deflation oil like all commodities has crashed to market rate pricing. The premium price monopoly penalty on oil is broken now and forever. As more and more oil comes on line OPEC is less and less influential. Always respected. Always important. But really folks – two thirds of the world oil market is now outside OPEC and rising.

OPEC is fighting in its own membership for market share.

There is no unity nor will there be in DEFLATION price markets with every nation for itself. OPEC is fractured and there is no all the  kings  horses and all the kings men can not ever put Humpty Dumpty oil back together again. ( as in NEVER can’t be done ).

It’s over for OPEC everyone…watch and see which is why the IMF is screaming INFLATION is gone and DEFLATION Is sweeping a spiral into SUPER CRASH and the threat to the entire world as a GREAT GLOBAL DEPRESSION LOOMS on the back of central bank – failed policy for ten years – FREE MONEY has killed the golden goose folks – taking the utterly failed policy making of CENTRAL banks and merging them back into their national treasuries is the only LEADERSHIP INSPIRED LAW MAKING MOVE available to nations….to delay is to pay with a cost if we accelerate that is great and to delay is to pray….as we loose it all.

Who says.

THE IMF and WORLD bank today in global screaming warning to law makers confirming this blog – finally they who read this blog are quoting from this blog.

Hopefully its not to late – we’ll see.
Berny Dohrmann – SUPER CRASH IS COMING FOLKS – we told you what to do.




This blog has reported politicians are not economists and they lack all perspective on what works and what does not work. Most serious they lack all memory of FINANCIAL HISTORY and what caused the last two world depressions – in 1907 and 1929. Nothing broke the devastation of the economic full world wide depression – until world war. Nothing worked.

What caused the depressions?

What is the absolute cause of SUPER CRASH and world depression?

The IMF and World Bank the leading advisers to nations – screaming now after whispering and then shouting all year – today SCREAMED….

DO NOTHING LEADERS of the most advanced nations – your in terrible trouble.  Your SPIRAL DROP IN TRADE is unheard of since the LAST TWO DEPRESSIONS. Your trade crash and earnings recession over the past years has now led you into a full DEFLATION TRAP.

The DEFLATION SPIRAL is impossible to defeat. Look at Japan now in its THIRD DECADE of DEFLATION. Japan is paying to get loans started and inflation restarted and that is FAILING utterly. Nothing works.

If the G 100 fail to cooperate the world will DEFLATION SPIRAL into SUPER CRASH world wide depression and world war.

Who says. THE WORLD BANK AND IMF today say DEFLATION CAUSES ALL DEPRESSIONS AND YOUR RUNNING RIGHT ON COURSE INTO FULL BLOWN WORLD DEFLATION. Confirming every single thing I’ve been writing to YOU in my blog over years of time.


Meanwhile IRAN rejected OPEC proposal to cut back its output stating it wants a full 13% market share of OPEC before it will even talk about limiting production. This kills OPEC itself and all talks of OPEC influence on any level in market pricing just this blog stated.

It is going to get totally wild in the markets.

Do not fail we told you OCTOBER as the great poem says…is the cruelest month…and we agree for the markets.

WATCH OCTOBR and strap in your very tight investor seat.

Berny Dohrmann – Bringing the IMPORTANT news to you FIRST




Professionally speaking Hillary won the debate. The debate was a professional versus a newbie. The professional set up mine fields, walked Trump into them, and then watched him fiddle around to get out. The countless Reagan opportunities to anticipate and defeat these easy to expect political TRAPS all well thought out and set up – were not present with Trump.

Politically Trump and Hillary probably tied. Trump appeared Presidential. Hillary appeared hateful and mean spirited in her obvious distaste for Trump and her painting of Trump. While she attempted to define TRUMP was unfit the tie occurs because Trump appeared fit and handled some very hard land mines with vigor and poise.

Vote Wise Trump may have won. Trumps single theme – you had 30 years Hillary and you have not done the things you speak to – and Hillary you know you will not do those things now – left a clear TRUMP UP ( Hillary’s own words ) on Trump is the Change Agent and Hillary is the liar say whatever it takes to get elected but frankly you will not fix things that need fixing. Who can you trust really? Or trust more.

Who is more trusted to fix the country? I think Trump won.

Who is more trusted to manage the world issues Nukes and related – I think Hillary set Trump up well and won decisively on those points.

Now the polls will all come in and surprise us and we will see the voters surprise us even more. If Hillary pulls ahead from these debates already – its over. Trump lost on stage tonight. If Trump pulls ahead it will be very hard for Hillary to come back. If they stay neck and neck it is going to be the October 9th Debate the decides it all very likely.

IT was exciting lively and informative. I think we all felt more than the sound bytes. In the end the feelings convey oceans and one must read those cues to define how YOU FEEL as a voter.

Hillary may have said the best line when she chose to encourage everyone of US in America to Vote as if our lives and futures depend upon it – because she believes this vote really counts that much. THAT was the most important message of the night.


Berny Dohrmann with an opinion …..Dr. Gruder Agree’s



I’m in my suite at DISNEY WORLD as CNN starts. CEO SPACE Board member Dr David Gruder author of THE NE IQ INTEGRITY –  Fortune Integrity managment coach – and my personal integrity coach.

We will be watching the debate together. Discussing it. Then we will share our expert opinions after.

Duetsch Bank closed at a three decade low and it is not over. We cautioned everyone on what is taking place.

We’ll keep you well informed.

Thank you for sharing and bringing others to this TRUTH SITE on what is really going on OUT THERE – world wide – and we apprecaie your readers so much.

THANK YOU one and ALL.

Berny Dohrmann – Orlando Wyndham Resort & CEO SPACE




The largest lakes of OIL are in the USA and Canada. Increasingly production of these lakes is dropping in cost. Opec can no longer control world markets. If they raise price they lose market share forever to the nations not members of OPEC. These nations have more oil by far than OPEC possesses.

World oil . Oil is a replenishing resource. The EARTH FARTS oil and gas. The supply is way over any demand. And Demand is failing as we move to clean energy and will continue to fall. Unlimited breeder reactor energy is almost on line. New endless micro wave cheap power from space beamed to earth is coming on line. Its endless too.

Oil is not scare.

Oil is not costly to bring to market.

The day of price manipulation by oil monopolies is over.

The day of a hidden tax for oil pricing by a small group ( the few against the many ) is coming to a close for oil and energy economics. Normalcy is returning.

Opec wants to secure a million barrel a day cut in supply from their all time high output.

Iran does not wish to cut back just coming on line again less than one year. Iran needs revenue to build and grow their economy.

Libya down to zero is now returning this month ONE MILLION BARRELS a month and will elevate that number.

Russia an Opec Member – and a PETRO one mineral nation economy has shrunk from 5 trillion in GNP to 1.3 Trillion in GNP and can no longer afford its economics with huge deficits looming. How would Russia cut back revenue now?

There are so many OPEC mavericks who just economically can not cut back in this market space.

Plus at any price raise to 5o dollar oil – the North America GIANT PRODUCTION comes back on line and takes millions of barrels away from OPEC.

Check mate.

So oil with a break down of failed OPEC now dying – is history is over now – creates a more market rate oil price of 30.00 dollars and revives economies world wide as the HIDDEN TAX of monopolies on oil disappears from the market as a manipulation.

The worlds largest lakes of oil and gas have been discovered as new supplies in the last five years outside OPEC and these new lakes come alive each year. Cost to get oil from under water with robotics and technology are falling. The lakes under 3/4’s of the earth – where most oil IS are so large there is no shortage. 100 year old wells are full again when they go back and check because the EARTH is MAKING new oil – the EARTH is an oil and gas factory there is NO SHORTAGE of this RENEWABLE RESOURCE. We are learning to burn oil clean and more effeciently getting so much more out of a barrel. OIL controlled by monopolies is GAME OVER economically folks. OPEC is deseprate and needs to adjust their own economic planning to foever new oil price to market considerations. Our proposal to SAUDI is on the Prince’s desk to DO JUST THAT. Fast too. But we may begin with Jordon who will adopt faster to economic realities.

Think about these factors as you read the press and spin from oil nations attempting to push water back up hill against the forces of economic gravity.

Make sense?

Berny Dohrmann – Telling the Truth faster just for our readers world wide – share this blog for me with your tribe