Russia supplied its experts in Ukraine with advanced weapons. Putin knew his people an his nation murdered innocent air travelers on civilian airlines traveling near his war zone in Ukraine following his criminal invasion. The Dutch investigators released today that MH17 was shot down- no doubt – by an advaned Russian Missel – no potential for error with these weapons – READY AIM FIRE. Putin KNEW the entire time folks – PUTIN KNEW.

Putin is now a WAR CRIMINAL.

He has committed war crimes.

He has attempted to cover up his Syrian and Ukraine  war crimes.

Putin is committing war crimes today. In Syria and Ukraine and his own country.

PUTIN is not what he appears folks ….

Putin set up a CEASSE FIRE than used politics approving a USA bomb mission then using that phony approval to  set up to advance strikes with weapons never used in SYRIA before including GAS against American’s,  inside a civilian siege city bunker buster, napalm and related weapons on civilian targets. The dead the children the carnage has not begun to be dug up to find the victims. It will take time as the bombing from PUTIN WAR CRIMES is now 24 hours a day – not against ISIS – but against US led revolutionaries who want to get the other WAR CRIMINAL using Barrell Bombs and GAS weapons on its own civilians, KING HUSSEIN out of office.

The WAR CRIMES define the two men as partners in WAR CRIMES.

Now the world WILL and MUST act.

The world is going to change a lot coming up. Not a little.


The USA becomes the default for moral right – never perfect to be sure – but in the end the final light house for HOPE & PROMISE upon the earth for its oppressed people. Hitler? NEVER AGAIN not on any one’s watch not with the internet.

It is time to PUNISH war criminals seriously. Putin – do you expect an I’m sorry – even that?

Keep in mind. All this time for the families and suffering.



Keep THAT in mind as he stalled and tried to derail the cause.

Stating …it had nothing to do with us.

Nothing do do with YOU?



PS: Know a Russian …as this is unlikely to be published in RUSSIA ….