This blog has reported politicians are not economists and they lack all perspective on what works and what does not work. Most serious they lack all memory of FINANCIAL HISTORY and what caused the last two world depressions – in 1907 and 1929. Nothing broke the devastation of the economic full world wide depression – until world war. Nothing worked.

What caused the depressions?

What is the absolute cause of SUPER CRASH and world depression?

The IMF and World Bank the leading advisers to nations – screaming now after whispering and then shouting all year – today SCREAMED….

DO NOTHING LEADERS of the most advanced nations – your in terrible trouble.  Your SPIRAL DROP IN TRADE is unheard of since the LAST TWO DEPRESSIONS. Your trade crash and earnings recession over the past years has now led you into a full DEFLATION TRAP.

The DEFLATION SPIRAL is impossible to defeat. Look at Japan now in its THIRD DECADE of DEFLATION. Japan is paying to get loans started and inflation restarted and that is FAILING utterly. Nothing works.

If the G 100 fail to cooperate the world will DEFLATION SPIRAL into SUPER CRASH world wide depression and world war.

Who says. THE WORLD BANK AND IMF today say DEFLATION CAUSES ALL DEPRESSIONS AND YOUR RUNNING RIGHT ON COURSE INTO FULL BLOWN WORLD DEFLATION. Confirming every single thing I’ve been writing to YOU in my blog over years of time.


Meanwhile IRAN rejected OPEC proposal to cut back its output stating it wants a full 13% market share of OPEC before it will even talk about limiting production. This kills OPEC itself and all talks of OPEC influence on any level in market pricing just this blog stated.

It is going to get totally wild in the markets.

Do not fail we told you OCTOBER as the great poem says…is the cruelest month…and we agree for the markets.

WATCH OCTOBR and strap in your very tight investor seat.

Berny Dohrmann – Bringing the IMPORTANT news to you FIRST