Russia’s bully boy Putin knows how to keep your eye off the ball if you are Russian. He controls the media. Absolutely. He controls how Russian’s see the world feel and think. He lies to them.

The bully boy has in 14 years become personally the wealthiest man on earth. He has taken Russia as his personal wealth off shore skyrockets – and robbed the national wealth like his personal toy piggy bank. This takes place as tens of millions of Russian’s sink back into near poverty lifestyles.

Putin GNP for the nation over 14 years has dropped from close to 5 trillion dollars annually to 1.3 Trillion ranking Russia below so many other nations on the world stage. No longer an economic super power able to afford its military or anything even food and clothes really. Why?

Putin does not know how to diversify his nation from PETRO ECONOMICS to a diversified economy. In 14 years he utterly failed to diversify his nation’s economy. Now as a PETRO NATION with commodity mining assets in full DEFLATION spiraling down down down – he can not recover. The deficits annually now for RUSSIA at a decline under 1.3 trillion GNP is a death spiral for a failed state. Eventually there will be collapse and revolution conventional to RUSSIA history. Failed leadership receives harsh rewards no matter how wealthy you are.

Also the TRUTH will reach RUSSIAN’s. They will see the truth. Their eyes will be opened.

Bully Boy Putin uses outside WAR to keep the people and their pride on the only new wealth Putin creates – he STEALS THAT WEALTH FROM OTHERS – none of which every reaches the RUSSIAN people and all of which stays with the PUTIN circle – which is why they do not kill Putin.

So today the first enormous SUPER TANKER of natural gas from the USA reaches the UK. This opens the first VIRTUAL PIPELINE on the SEA of low cost high quality fuel to the EU and the UK which frankly powers Scotland industry for 25 years. Russia is out those PETRO DOLLARS. Russia is loosing market share like a stock market CRASH to others around the world – where in PETRO and energy RUSSIA is increasingly marginalized and out and others are IN.

The worlds largest Natural Gas supplies – 1000’s of years of energy output – are in the USA and more is being found annually are record levels. The Earth is FARTING oil and Gas and America is most blessed. The dollar is secure with these wonderful assets from the earth.

Russia is unable to continue by borrowed money. Russia and China stay alive as communist failed states only with massive borrowed ratio’s of debt to ever declining state revenue against ever soaring debt. This concept of borrowing 300 dollars each year against one dollar of income is not sustainable economics. You will default and become a failed state. This is what is taking place in RUSSIA and China.

Yet their people have no clue. None. That trillions have left their building and are not returning ever.

Folks the handwriting is on the Russia debt wall.

The energy pipeline to the EU from the North American market is the END of RUSSIA now and forever until their communism is replaced with an efficient economic system. Their people will get the truth and a revolution is coming.

You can feel it.

I can.

Berny Dohrmann – keeping a light on for the Russian People – Hey my wife is Russian.


PS: Make sure your Russian friends get a copy of the TRUTH for their unborn generaitons.