Professionally speaking Hillary won the debate. The debate was a professional versus a newbie. The professional set up mine fields, walked Trump into them, and then watched him fiddle around to get out. The countless Reagan opportunities to anticipate and defeat these easy to expect political TRAPS all well thought out and set up – were not present with Trump.

Politically Trump and Hillary probably tied. Trump appeared Presidential. Hillary appeared hateful and mean spirited in her obvious distaste for Trump and her painting of Trump. While she attempted to define TRUMP was unfit the tie occurs because Trump appeared fit and handled some very hard land mines with vigor and poise.

Vote Wise Trump may have won. Trumps single theme – you had 30 years Hillary and you have not done the things you speak to – and Hillary you know you will not do those things now – left a clear TRUMP UP ( Hillary’s own words ) on Trump is the Change Agent and Hillary is the liar say whatever it takes to get elected but frankly you will not fix things that need fixing. Who can you trust really? Or trust more.

Who is more trusted to fix the country? I think Trump won.

Who is more trusted to manage the world issues Nukes and related – I think Hillary set Trump up well and won decisively on those points.

Now the polls will all come in and surprise us and we will see the voters surprise us even more. If Hillary pulls ahead from these debates already – its over. Trump lost on stage tonight. If Trump pulls ahead it will be very hard for Hillary to come back. If they stay neck and neck it is going to be the October 9th Debate the decides it all very likely.

IT was exciting lively and informative. I think we all felt more than the sound bytes. In the end the feelings convey oceans and one must read those cues to define how YOU FEEL as a voter.

Hillary may have said the best line when she chose to encourage everyone of US in America to Vote as if our lives and futures depend upon it – because she believes this vote really counts that much. THAT was the most important message of the night.


Berny Dohrmann with an opinion …..Dr. Gruder Agree’s