The Election in the USA. Who ever wins we have not seen since modern stock markets a time when the President, whoever wins, will NOT be supported by a majority of the American people. SO whoever wins the nation will be deeply divided. Some are concerned the divisions could be permanent. Further the hatred for each side of the other has become something NEW in American politics dividing long time family and friends in deep long lasting feuds. This deep divide in America is not going to reduce violence, restore prosperity, or unite the productivity of the AMERICAN people. ThINK ABOUT the social change in America. It is massive.

The market trend indicators following one of the longest boom cycles ever recorded are leading toward a DEEP and long recession at best. The recession should start in the first term of the New President and move to Global. The USA the largest buyer moving into deep RECESSION virtually will wipe out CHINA and spin the EU back into serious RECESSION and even break up of the EU further making the recession long. THINKG ABOUT it. Its massive.

The market experts project a 25% to 35% market correction which is 700 point DOW drop folks. Trillions lost.

We have cautioned to watch bond bunds. Index bond funds are especially unsafe. If you think you are SAFE IN BONDS for the first time with leverage and margin calls you may lose MORE THAN YOUR PRINCIPLE investing in bonds. Bonds are likely to lose market value as interest rates rise. Be mindful to protect your self for what was once a safe haven in the casino capitalistic market is no longer a safe haven or safe market and enormous pain will occur as bond holders thinking they are safe find – a they are loosing principle – as interest rates rise – and b they can’t redeem and get out without deeper loss. Liquidity will be as important as price when the new down turn kicks in. When super crash kicks in liquidity will become MORE important as many markets will stop redemption’s as liquidity freezes up entirely. No markets are business as usual nor can they be relied upon to perform as they once did in a non casino capitalism. The abuse is too long and too great today. Credit has been abused by central banks with FREE money way too long. The rubber band is about to snap back on the banks themselves.

The after election markets will trigger a new end of free money market. The super bubble markets in stocks, bonds, and ETF’s will have to adjust. As panic settles in the two highest risks are massive defaults in financial institutions of the world, triggering contagion and panic worse and more rapid than what sank major wall street and global firms and banks.

This time national bail out will not be a reserve to save the system itself. Keep this sentence in your thinking. Central bank policy has failed for years. No one holds them accountable of fixes the core problem. Relying on central banks we are about to herd off a financial cliff into the abyss of a GREATEST DEPRESSION of all time and world war.

We have predicted this out come for years but we ran out of TIME to fix the problem. We suggested the fix economically here to world leaders but no one is taking action. Leaders like Cameron who could and would resigned from the mess – we don’t blame them. The leadership of shame inherit the rest and profit from the mess.

Casino capitalism is as corrupt and hopeless as communism the single worst system to organize human’s under.

So experts predict after election recession. We have predicted the same all year.

Berny Dohrmann – watch your risk folks avoid a blood bath – you can do that still