As you KNOW China is closed to the internet. Chinese can’t read this blog. You can share this with a Chinese you know however. Going to China. Print this and carry to a Chinese you know. They will spread the word. Email it. Use WHAT-APP to get it your Chinese contact or WECHAT. Share this item with every single Chinese you know.

Chinese KNOW the worst way to organize people nations and policy is communism a totally corrupt system. Even the war on corruption is corrupt and Chinese know that. 82% of Chinese are no longer members of the communist party. This creates fear in Chinese leaders who worry about revolution and being killed frankly.

Communists lie. They do not share the truth.

Economically the truth is that CHINA has been free falling as an economy for ten years. The growth in China stopped so many years ago and is a down graph ever since. Massive unemployment has been avoided by Communist borrowing. Today Communist borrow 300 dollars for every dollar they earn. Said another way the falling CHINESE GNP – gross national product – is so low – they can not longer support debt. So they are borrowing massively more.

How long can a family or a nation earn only $  1.00 and borrow 300 dollars to keep growth of any kind going so the lie is maintained?

Chinese do not know that their are 1000’s and 1000’s of bankrupt banks and companies in China that are on life support from these borrowed monies. We in the West call these entities ZOMBIE FIRMS the walking dead. They are not real entities. There are millions upon millions being employed who have no work to avoid riots and social revolution…by sending paychecks out to failed firm employees with borrowed money. This model is a failed model. This communism. You know communism by:

  1. Lie to your people
  2. Keep them in the dark unable to see or access the truth on line or in the world
  3. Feed them propganda to manipulate their emotions and thinking
  4. Control education and lie to the people you educate
  5. Create loyal zombies to your failed communist policies that never work over 400 years not ever not once not in any country from Russia to Cuba to China. Not once.

Communist Russia has gone from 5 trillion as a petro nation to only 1.3 trillion in GNP – like ¬†China an 80% drop – now lower GNP than China. Russia people don’t know. They blindly vote for Putin when he can’t afford anything any longer. In fact Putin failed to diversify away from petro economics over 14 years and utterly failed in communist economics. The only way he can grow out is to use his failing aging break down parts and military to steal assets from others like the UKRAINE theft and Syrian theft. They can’t in communism create a real economy so they steal wealth of nations. That is not sustainable either. It is not real. Communism is a failed model. The sooner nations reform from communism the less the pain drain. Russian people do not know their economy is a fraction of what it was 14 years ago with Putin coming in. They don’t know he has ruined the entire hope of generations. They don’t know the truth and they can’t find out. They live in PUTIN LIES. They just do not know how their petro nation has failed utterly under communism when it had hope and promise just before Putin. All gone now. All gone. But with media control and the five to thrive points above his election was a landslide a communist few over the many victory.

All this fraud is about to stop in China. The 100 Trillion Dollars of bad non paying debt – from bankrupt entities – is going to create a wave of defaults like the world has never seen before.

China will experience a financial spark that will run all investment capital and loan money out of nation. Liquidity or the circulation of money will seize up and stop trade. IT will all happen without any warning at all no getting ready. It will spread like an atomic bomb shock wave in minutes and hours not days.

The Chinese people will be shocked and then outraged. But they will be under marshal law from the leadership of shame in a last panic to control revolution that would hold THEM and their failed policies accountable to the people. Chinese have no clue.

The world bank has warned CHINA is the single largest risk to the entire world system do to its lies about real economic recession lack of growth and unsustainable debt.

The IMF the world International Monetary Fund has warned that China is going to sink the entire world system due to mismanagement of its economy, failed policy and unsustainable debt which offers no long term solution to the people of China. Chinese people do not know of these warnings.

Chinese do not know this weekend the INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT INSTITUTION confirmed the largest risk to the world financial system as a whole was CHINESE unsustained debt which despite all warnings is INCREASING versus coming under control. They warned that China was not going to have a hard economic landing but China was now savaged by bad debt at over 100 trillion in non performing loans, going to have a VERY VERY HARD HARD LANDING a SUPER CRASH.

Chinese do not know they as a country have lost confidence with the world markets on production manufacturing and ethics. No one wishes to do business with China when it is smarter easier and more ethical to do business almost anywhere else in the market from India to Viet Nam than to do business in China. Years ago a RUN ON THE NATION took place which is still going on.

China does not know their leaders have lost confidence with the world.

Chinese people do not know their leaders whip them into war frenzy over South China Sea and other issues to keep their attention off the failed economics which are not temporary. The Communist economic model has utterly failed and can not be repaired – which always takes place with Communist economics a failed model.

The Chinese people do not know the world court that China by treaty agreed to abide by its rulings – ruled this year against China – unanimously – stating China communist rulers arbitrary decision to throw out 500 years of maritime law and just rewrite the rules so that China could own exclusively thousands of miles of ocean away from its shores – was DENIED UNANIMOUSLY BY UNANIMOUS RULING OF LAW AGAINST CHINA COMMUNIST RULERS – which China rulers failed to report to its people and is failing to honor their treaty of law. Communist have no way to act outside a lie and in any form of integrity. They lie about other nations who ARE IN INTEGRITY and they lie to their people.

Their people fail to have open access to the world like every free people. Why? Why do Chinese in 2017 not have OPEN ACCESS to world information at a click like every other free country?

By controlling lies to their own people the 18% of party members can control the 82% who are not communists.

China is going to suffer such pain for their families and children and bring so much pain to the world. The world reacting to the CHINA DEBT BOMB EXPLODING will isolate China and stop all investment and trade to China. In 2016 trillions of dollars are leaving China. The decline of expansion resources is soaring.

Chinese do not know this.

Their stock market is phony. Their money is phony and worthless. Chinese currency is WORTHLESS. Built on lies. Economic lies.

The only thing keeping up the currency and stock markets are draconian laws or CURRENCY CONTROLS and massive communist manipulation of markets with trillions invested as their foreign reserve currency account has dropped in 24 months by over 50%. These are losses to the nation the people are never told about as their national wealth over 20 years goes up in economic communist flames in 24 months. NO CHINSE KNOWS THESE FACTS.

The Chinese are being raped to economic death by their communist leaders who lie to them.

The communist leaders are protecting their own wealth in a ruling class where in communism the few work against the many. It is the core nature of communism as a failed economic model to organize by – proven in all nations. Choosing communism when you have the facts is simply INSANE.

So harmful to the unborn generation.

So share with a Chinese they are about to go through a time worst than their revolution by the same liars who gave you the revolution.

Chinese Gross National Product has declined 80% in 12 years and is falling more rapdidly now than at any prior time. The Intenational Settlment between financail instittuions reported this weekend they are concerned things are MUCH WORSE in China than the communist leaders are reporting in their report to all nations.

We believe China is already in recession but lying to their people about the truth.

When China Super Crash hits 100’s of millions – thats right – 100’s of millions will be unemployed. China can not face that reality at the top as the failed policy of communist leadership would be exposed fully. But they have no way to stop it. The pain they have made by lying is so much worse than the pain of telling the truth. A fatal mistake for the communist leadership – lying to their people and keeping their people from the truth.

Only those who deny the truth will experience the full wrath of the next Chinese Revolution. We predict few communists if any will survive the coming Chinese revolution. The Chinese people when they know the TRUTH will set things right.

I trust the people.

With the TRUTH.

Share with A Chinese you know.

Berny Dohrmann – Standing up for a billion Chinese knowing the TRUTH