The largest lakes of OIL are in the USA and Canada. Increasingly production of these lakes is dropping in cost. Opec can no longer control world markets. If they raise price they lose market share forever to the nations not members of OPEC. These nations have more oil by far than OPEC possesses.

World oil . Oil is a replenishing resource. The EARTH FARTS oil and gas. The supply is way over any demand. And Demand is failing as we move to clean energy and will continue to fall. Unlimited breeder reactor energy is almost on line. New endless micro wave cheap power from space beamed to earth is coming on line. Its endless too.

Oil is not scare.

Oil is not costly to bring to market.

The day of price manipulation by oil monopolies is over.

The day of a hidden tax for oil pricing by a small group ( the few against the many ) is coming to a close for oil and energy economics. Normalcy is returning.

Opec wants to secure a million barrel a day cut in supply from their all time high output.

Iran does not wish to cut back just coming on line again less than one year. Iran needs revenue to build and grow their economy.

Libya down to zero is now returning this month ONE MILLION BARRELS a month and will elevate that number.

Russia an Opec Member – and a PETRO one mineral nation economy has shrunk from 5 trillion in GNP to 1.3 Trillion in GNP and can no longer afford its economics with huge deficits looming. How would Russia cut back revenue now?

There are so many OPEC mavericks who just economically can not cut back in this market space.

Plus at any price raise to 5o dollar oil – the North America GIANT PRODUCTION comes back on line and takes millions of barrels away from OPEC.

Check mate.

So oil with a break down of failed OPEC now dying – is history is over now – creates a more market rate oil price of 30.00 dollars and revives economies world wide as the HIDDEN TAX of monopolies on oil disappears from the market as a manipulation.

The worlds largest lakes of oil and gas have been discovered as new supplies in the last five years outside OPEC and these new lakes come alive each year. Cost to get oil from under water with robotics and technology are falling. The lakes under 3/4’s of the earth – where most oil IS are so large there is no shortage. 100 year old wells are full again when they go back and check because the EARTH is MAKING new oil – the EARTH is an oil and gas factory there is NO SHORTAGE of this RENEWABLE RESOURCE. We are learning to burn oil clean and more effeciently getting so much more out of a barrel. OIL controlled by monopolies is GAME OVER economically folks. OPEC is deseprate and needs to adjust their own economic planning to foever new oil price to market considerations. Our proposal to SAUDI is on the Prince’s desk to DO JUST THAT. Fast too. But we may begin with Jordon who will adopt faster to economic realities.

Think about these factors as you read the press and spin from oil nations attempting to push water back up hill against the forces of economic gravity.

Make sense?

Berny Dohrmann – Telling the Truth faster just for our readers world wide – share this blog for me with your tribe