Harvard’s leading economist has reported this weekend, THAT, the largest danger to the world economic system and order as we know it is CHINESE DEBT BOMB. Noting China is borrowing for every dollar it earns, 30 dollars, and WE SUGGEST IT IS MUCH MUCH HIGHER THAN reported numbers. Harvard reported that the model of propelling the economic growth with massive debt over income is not sustainable in its second decade.

Harvard further reported that the HARD LANDING for the world’s second largest economy, could be VERY VERY HARD. What this means is a potential, as we reported here time and time again, for a run away SUPER CRASH in which defaults on debt create PANIC and CONTAGION in the ASIA financial system. This CONTAGION the one item nations have no powers to off set would:


  1. Be quick and without warning. One would wonder HOW in 72 hours.
  2. Would spread like a wild fire to the EU and North America due to counter party agreements in financial systems.
  3. Trillions would be lost in a week.
  4. Chinese bank and financial system failures, stock market closes, and massive lay off’s would create a REVOLUTION of social pain in CHINA a China SPRING.
  5. The SUPER CRASH in CHINA would create a SUPER CRASH for the world with likely financial institutional and bank failures like a fire no one can put out.

One would ask how this could happen. It is happening because CENTRAL BANKS are permitting FREE MONEY to fuel economies – as a last desperate and utterly failed economic policy model. This failed decade of POLICY has created a speculative economy for the world built on CENTRAL BANK FREE MONEY for insider banks who own the stock of the CENTRAL BANKS and influence their votes.

These BANKS are then able to use the FREE MONEY to manipulate prices by taking the FREE MONEY and leveraging in shadow banking into the ETF MARKET to effect massive stock buy backs ( Microsoft just announced a 40 BILLION DOLLAR STOCK BUY BACK to manipulate and engineer its own market prices ) which would not occur without free money. It is not MORE PROFITABLE to speculate in stock buy back stock price manipulation and fixing than to invest in innovation, new plans, equipment and a REAL ECONOMY.

We call this reality CASINO CAPITALISM.

The SUPER CRASH will happen ( for sure ) as a response to abuse of the system by failed policy over decades of time creating the worlds largest credit bubble, stock bubble and bond bubble, all super bubbles the world has never seen before. The first problem is that CENTRAL BANKS are failed policy making institutions and need to be merged back into their national treasuries for oversight and fiscal control by legislative action – quick decisive emergency legislative action.

The second problem is the crises of leadership – the leadership of shame – largely bought and paid for – has not at legislative level – done anything to fix the abuse of 2008. To the laws are filled with loop hole exemptions in which the abuse that created the last crash are far worse today than in 2008. This means the vulnerability of the world financial system is much worse today than it was in 2008. Law makers are doing NOTHING to REGULATE the financial system – too big to jail. When thousands of supervisors know that 10,000 employees at the bank are illegally stealing money from clients, committing bank fraud, NO ONE GOES TO JAIL. The Boss doesn’t go to jail. NO ONE GOES TO PRISON. You pay off the regulators with cash and it all goes away for Samsung, for VW, for Wells Fargo bank. The criminal class should go to jail with laws that regulate financial breach of law. Without appropriate laws fully enforced the financial system is IN CONTROL versus law makers are NOT.

The third problem is the last crash was caused by Russia firing a DIGITAL WEAPON from Iran and North Korea where they made trillions and almost sunk the system while they made those profits. They have fired this weapon at China and at Japan to show their increasing ability to manipulate financial markets at will. When they fire the more advanced form of this weapon, as WORLD WAR III has started in 2008 as this blog reported and WORLD WAR III is all cyber warfare today – WE meaning all of US who are not the AXIS OF EVIL – have failed to defend ourselves from these digital weapons. THE NEXT FIRING could destroy the existing financial order as we all know it. To get your arms around THAT read Kevin Freeman a key contract adviser to the US Department of Defense’s book – GAME PLAN. It will make all the hair on your next stand up.

SUPER CRASH is coming. You will need to be prepared. The best defense follows these precepts: first own your own business otherwise you’ll be fired. Second advance your core entrepreneur skill acquisition constantly. Third enlarge your social capital with community building. You will pass through SUPER CRASH like a laser through steal as if it was warm butter.

Kevin tells you what to do in GAME PLAN with your assets and Kevin is a licensed fund manager with huge expertise in this area.

So folks. FREE money and central banks are killing the system. The peg that will wobble to bring the system down is the phony baloney economy of CHINA about to implode an SUPER CRASH on Debt 300 times the GNP. Can you borrow 300 dollars when you earn one a year and how long can you do that again? You realize that will be better off if you prepare than just do nothing right?

So now HARVARD has come out in press this weekend and confirmed the premise of my blog on this point. As leading economics that can not be ignored.

But as always you heard it way before Harvard confirmed our blog – you heard it first – here and you always will hear it first hear which is why so many new subscribers are joining every single day. Welcome home.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on For Harvard – until they catch up


PS: I’m the only speaker I think who has turned down speaking engagements four times at Harvard. I’ll make one I promise though….they keep asking.