What is laughable is how the public never not ever gets financial spin. One example. The candidates in the USA during the primaries – and it was all of them – 100% of them – stated the FED was creating a SUPER BUBBLE IN “ALL” MARKET CLASSES OF SECURITIES – Bonds – stocks – structured assets – ETF’s especially.

So Janet Yellin now making policy based on the MARKET REACTION versus forward financial leadership and :”independant” policy creation – spins out all former living FED CHAIRMAN on a panel. They say to the press there is no bubble. When asked for data to support there is NO BUBBLE they say – because we are fed experts and WE SAY SO – no data was presented. The Public bought it. Why? Because they are kept FINANCIALLY ILLITERATE and can not read their own financial data accurately. Thats why. Dumbing down public education to keep the population financially illiterate permit LEGAL THEFT of national wealth.

Blind trust of education skewed for the few against the many undermines democracy which rquires WE THE PEOPLE “know” and act. ¬†WE have to hold THEM accountable. If we do not…then this mess in the end is on US. WE allowed the crminal class to rise into power over us – we did it – by omission – our worse sin to the unborn.

So now the largest economy in Europe Germany. They are fighting an invasion by Russia of 3 million Muslim Immigrants. Forgetting they like the USA is now having stabbings bombings rapes and violence ONCE PER DAY since the invasion one year ago. ONCE PER DAY. The strain on budgets includes housing a city, health care for a city, education for a city, sanitation water and power for a city, language, and services to many to name all at the cost of German Tax payers. The highest percentage of incurable VD and TB is reported per 100 in this invasion bio weapon from Putin both in Bonn and in Minn USA. The TB incurable strain infections are five times normal population and were injected as a bio weapon against the west. The population is sailing along as this begins to transmit with its amazing infection rate – and health care will be buried in five years in additional cost.

Within this VW is not the only criminal never going to JAIL in Germany. The largest bank in stature the historic DUETSCH BANK has used fraud and secret manipulations to help create the SUPER BUBBLE OF SUB PRIME making a trillion dollars off that in profit. The USA is attempting to collect 14 billion in restitution to victims for the crimes with Deutsch Bank getting a get of jail free card while they fight it all in court. So far no bank has gone to court they all settle because the evidence of the CRIMINAL ACTIVITY no one goes to jail for…is over whelming.

Within all this Deutsch bank is having a run on the bank. Customers are fleeing and billions are leaving the bank.

What happens when this run on the bank begins?

Well the Top Guy comes out in public – rare always – and says – HEY THE BANKS FINE WE ARE FINE WHAT’S UP DOC LIKE BUGS BUNNY IN A CARTOON. Only this sound byte created a massive run and a 7% drop in DUETSCH BANK share value ( billions lopped off ) in ONE DAY. Why?

We speak finanalese now pal. We KNOW when you come out and pound your chest its all alright its all ok – its so serious and your lying – that only outside new audits could tell us what the criminals are hiding and how bad it really is. Now if the largest bank in Germany is having a full run out of its stock, its liquidity and its deposit base, with smart players ( EU primarily but US Private equity and hedge funds and institutions and sovereign nation funds ) running OUT of the BANK faster and faster – in a digital age – a NEW DIGITAL AGE like nothing have ever known before – how do they manage it.

Answer – they don’t. They massively downsize and lay off. To the management of the bank I have one blog tip – downsizing massively – is an item where yesterday is already too late. You will not restore confidence or balance sheets for a generation. Why. Crimes. Criminals are being punished by US by all of US where nations fail us WE THE PEOPLE are punishing the criminal class. In communist nations in capitalist nation. THE PEOPLE ARE IN CONTROL ULTIMATELY. Temporary leaders of institutions forget they are custodians not oligarch’s.

The people have long memories for crimes and now WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD are holding criminals accountable.


  1. Wells Fargo Bank
  2. Deutsch Bank
  3. VW
  4. Samsung
  5. China

You protect the world and yourself as you join the world boycott of WE THE PEOPLE HOLDING CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE. It is not personal. It is a global movement of the masses of all belief’s. WE ARE COMING TOGETHER such that nothing can oppose US all.

So banks all over Europe are in panic now. The market is starting its shake down at the top – banking .


Instantly the counter party institutions holding billions in Deutsch Bank in a global WORLD WAR III trade war – all digital so far – pushed their digital buttons and began to in this war of EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELVES ( OR WOMAN ) – Departed by the billions in ONE DIGITAL DAY and Deutsch Bank truly does not KNOW what has hit them nor do they have tools and tactics to resolve the crises.

My suggestion – the Board sack top management and install a new integrity management to replace criminal policies and note they as a board are all resigning over thirty six months as new integrity board management can be located. THIS WOULD take responsibility and move to stop the massive RUN ON THE BANK. However none of the criminals will accept responsibility and run naked exposed to prison in the future. THEY WILL do the blame game until they are fired by shareholders and depositors.

The era of “GETTING AWAY WITH CRIMES” at the top of industry. WE THE PEOPLE are making a list and keeping the list nice and Santa this year is putting in the stocking of the largest firms of criminals the present of:



This MOVEMENT is irreversible reacting-to failure of nations to enforce their criminal laws. NO LONGER can criminals pay a fine, leaving the trail of loss and blood bath to masses of little people – go home to their homes by the sea and have a warm meal fooling some of the people all of the time. As President George Bush once said – fool me once and you fool me – fool me twice and you fooled me twice but fool me three times and I am an idiot and a fool.

We the People of the global village in digital space ( blog space ) have a new rule – THREE STRIKES AND”YOUR OUT” and increasingly ONE STRIKE on integrity and YOUR OUT for LIFE.

Trash your brand on integrity and we STOP BUYING and its quick folks. You can’t blow up planes with Samsung explosive batteries and burn and kill our children for profits and then cover it all up. WE STOP BUYING ALL SAMSUNG – stop shipping with them – stop trading with them – they are led by organized industrial digital criminals. DEAL WITH INTEGRITY its available and BOYCOTT its lack.

Thats the blog message for DUETSCH BANK today and to the German People. Know a German ? My family IS German ( proudly ) and I am a German BARON. To my tribe  boycott DUETSCH bank for one simple reason Рliars and criminals deserve your massive boycott. Suffer the innocence if the bank goes down you loose so be early.

Berny Dohrmann – leading the BOYCOTT MOVEMENT right here world wide on this Blog and given the growing financial traders reading this blog – it is working .


TO: Legislative leaders watching the trend they can no longer control VOTE emergency legislation to merge Central banks vacating their charter and all processes into your goverment TREASURY for legilsaltive over sight in a digital world. They are anqique’s failed models and require the merger to restore fiscal foundation to nations.