The USA has withstood modern day financial war fare since the 1970’s oil Embargo attack on the USA by the Gulf. When oil supply then almost 70% of all fuel was imported, and the fuel supply stopped entirely, turned of as an act of war against the USA and its allies – the USA got through the attack and won that first event.

In 2008 the first DIGITAL financial weapon was fired by PUTIN via the AXIS of EVIL against the West. Our DIGITAL PEARL HARBOR. We were unprepared. We came close to losing our financial institutions, the very game plan of the attack. But we got through it. However the attack reset the world order financially. Read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON and its all explained for the reader.

Central banks having no experience how to DEAL with this WARFARE used FREE MONEY to jump start and hyper grow economics. Ten years into this low interest to zero interest game it is clear this POLICY is an utter failure and has made us weaker versus stronger. We still have not come to grips with how to deal with ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE. We are learning though and watch out when we master it.

This is real war. In real war you always soften up your enemy before you enter your shooting war to take on territory. In the case of the USA the game plan may not be take over the USA but to accomplish two other important goals. Sufficiently weaken the USA so as to achieve your agenda. A focus the USA internally versus externally and B keep them from doing anything when you take over other nations and steal their wealth which Putin has begun doing in the UKRAINE. We did nothing.

The USA leadership has two major issues facing its decision stream. They have gone too long down a road of failed fiscal policy. If they don’t act soon to bulk head up America fiscal issues ( and they have no clue how to do this ) the USA is going to suffer a SUPER CRASH brought on by a contagion event like Duetsch Bank. In a Duetsch Bank situation the DIGITAL WEAPON is being fired again as there is no market dynamic that would create this fast a fun on the bank – that large. The run which is taking place globally as I reported is now irreversible and German leaders have no real options to fix this really. Duetsch bank is the tip of the ice burg. You will see this weapon fired at WELLS FARGO BANK also in a full run on the bank and Bank of Scotland. It worse than another Bear Sterns or Lehman.

I’ve told my tribe to make a FORTUNE well more than a Fortune shorting ETF’s in the market of digital war fare. They are doing just that.

The USA has limited options. Why? The USA is in debt 20 trillion dollars and 100 trillion when you factor in unfunded pension, health care, social security, and off balance sheet debt’s fully amortized. The interest on the 20 trillion even at today’s temporary lower interest rates, is 450 Billion Dollars a year. We don’t have the money to pay that interest so we borrow that money. When the debt comes due, we issue a new note and roll that debt off to the future. We never pay it. We never pay it down. The interest keeps growing.

President Obama added more to the USA national debt than four hundred years of prior Presidents combined today. I feel this is the OBAMA LEGACY. A failed policy to fix the financial crises that in the end makes it so much worse for the USA and the entire world.

China part of the Putin AXIS OF EVIL, is seeking to profit from the USA vulnerability before law makers here wake up and fix it all. If they ever do considering they do not know how do that fix.

So this year they elect to go COLD TURKEY as our largest debt buyer and just stop buying. While they stop buying their digital warfare strategy is to become the leading SUPER POWER by diminishing the USA in one fell hit. How?

First they will stop buying USA debt – in 2016. They are doing that right now. Second they will sell their dollars from their 2.6 trillion dollar holdings of reserve currency. Third they will let our debt come due, not buy flip over bonds, and demand full payment. Fourth they will invest in other currency’s that lead trade with China jacking up their currency and lowering ours IF those nations stop buying USA Debt and sell US dollars and demand full payment of our bonds at maturity.

This places the US in a vulnerable position of the economy was booming versus manipulated by speculators. First, the USA would not be able to finance the roll over of its debt. Second the US would not be able to pay the creditors seeking repayment of their bonds and would be forced to default. Third the dollar would crash like DUETSCH bank and China would create a new world reserve currency where the US had to pay premium prices in dollar terms for EVERYTHING. The economy in the USA would sink for a century as the USA was now a nation that no longer made things people wanted or needed and the world trade outside tourism and buying everything American with their better currency, against a failed dollar, would stop for America.

This is financial war fare.

Now the USA is not asleep at the wheel. And there is much we can do. The first thing we can do in any warfare attack is GO TO WAR and destroy those attacking us. This does two things. First we can wipe our debt to China off which re-invents America financially. War is a great financial game changer. If you win. Second America can rebuild China as we did in Japan where such warfare is impossible in the future creating a miracle for Chinese people after the war. As one solution. But there are many others.

America could have a meeting of the companies that control the Chinese economic. They could disburse their buying as a war plan away from China in sixty months creating a crash in China like China has never considered. The resulting China revolution would focus their attention in the utter failure of their communist society internally versus externally as they could not longer afford war. Survival would be their focus.

America could attack China with its own digital weapon and the Crash that is coming in China anyway due to debt, massive debt, will destroy China in the first volley of a digital market attack and we make so much money by being first. They ARE attacking us financially why not attack back?

We could meet and arrange a secret deal against PUTIN with CHINA and keep both our nations on a united course into a financial future we agree upon which preserves China dollar investing. But we must reframe our own financial house to do that. There are many other solutions our leadership has no clue about. Outside of crises.

The USA has 450 billion dollars in interest we must pay annually on our national debt and we lack the money to pay that sum out.


  1. Use TIME as a weapon to create an example for sovereign nations to refinance their debt today.
  2. Within spending agreements that nations must not spend more than they make. Government must reform to this model by law. To proceed.
  3. With this legal fiscal frame work the USA merges the FED a failed private stock firm and not a government agency, into the USA TREASURY by emergency legislation.
  4. Future printing of money is free and no interest is charged to issue USA currency.
  5. A 200 year SUPER BOND is issued inserting TIME to pay off the USA DEBT with a sliding scale of 1% interest for one year – 2% of two years – 3 % for three years and a rate define by law that has inflation ceilings – market rate indexing – and is fair over time with principle repaid in 200 years including all entitlements and infrastructure improvements. A 150 Trillion Dollar bond series, offered over 36 months in 5 Trillion Dollar to market installments – the ultimate institutional safe parking space.

Speculation including Short selling, structure assets and the like would be criminal acts. Banks would be restricted to investment in local economics – and it would be criminal to make speculation investments or investment banking investments for banks – tougher than Glass Seigal laws. Banks would be able to hold SUPER BONDS guaranteed by the US Government with its full faith and credit – now in the black with the largest 30 year jobs program in infrastructure upgrading the world has ever known.

This solution the law makers do not know, would fix the America fiscal crack, balance the budget, place the USA in the black each year, make the dollar by far the strongest currency on earth for 300 years, would restore America innovation manufacturing and leadership economically, and we win the war within a single emergency legislation by the USA Congress. There is no pain in this strategy only gain. Other nations allied with the USA copy the model of our example and restore their own fiscal house.

Investment bankers heal the world making profits as the central bankers of the new global currency – SUPER BONDS – available only to sovereign nations with balance budget laws that may not be moderated without criminal penalties to leadership.

The congressional leadership are attorney’s not economists. University trained economists are status quo defenders and lack innovation economically. We exit in new economics. The world of DIGITAL ECONOMICS and BIT COINS. A world that economic theory instructed at the University level is 300 years behind. It is like a new monopoly game has arisen over the past 30 years and the economists of the world, who are not investment bankers, and the investment bankers who are not economists, lack the NEW BOX TOP RULES for how the NEW ECONOMIC GAME is being played. The Rule book is being written by new brains who have no economic training at all. The new economy requires accommodation to the axiom that is unforgiving for error.

As a economist investment banker computer software AIA award winner the ability to read the NEW BOX TOP RULES as they were coming on line is a unique skill I possess having grown up in SILCON Valley, having run a global public investment banking firm, and having worked with leading economists from Galbrieth advising Presidents to the late Friedman ( I still want to exhume him and drive a stake through his Nobel heart for being wrong ). Lot of pain there – READ NAIOMI KLIEN’S “SHOCK DOCTRINE” to see how right my tribe is on this point.

So in the NEW ECONOMY we need new rules. Congress needs a new play book. If they want to preserve the status quo they WILL politically create a SUPER CRASH looming now – be stunned by that SUPER CRASH – and then they will be forced into WORLD WAR or a fix to the crises looming – they alone could have PREVENTED.

So it is frustrating to watch the missed opportunities from well intended leaders trying the best they know how…but they just do not understand the box top rules have changed – the new economy is running things – and they do not understand the new DIGITAL ECONOMIC ALPHABET – the law makers are digital economic illiterates. World wide.

We are working with early adopting nations to explain the NEW BOX TOP RULES and make them prosperous – as if it was a miracle. In Digital Economics things can happen very fast. If we rewrote laws to accommodate the new digital economic landscape things happen even faster and are more stable.

We write law makers. Change is slow and painful. It takes lifetimes to effect this level of change. Luckily I’m old ( so I’m respected ) and successful ( so I’m respected ) and I”m youthful in my old age ( so I”m confusing them ) and in the end, I just am still HERE and the message is consistent and unchanged as you all know. My teams and I are trying to make these changes because it is the SOLUTION THAT IS BEST FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD.

The future belongs to the MANY limiting the powers and wealth of the FEW versus systems ( the old economic rules ) that perpetuate the wealth of the FEW against the many – an age that is dying in DIGITAL ECONOMICS.

Perhaps Congress will invite us to come up and speak. That would be welcome. They can learn they really can.


PS: Worse than Lehman the DOMINO of the leading German bank moving into bankruptcy dropping 7% in value yesterday and again today is creating a SUPER CRASH for October exactly like our blog told you – this will impact China debt like a TSUNAMI and trade. DIGITAL WARFARE IS FULLY ON AS THE WEAPONS ARE BEING FIRED NATION BY NATION IN THE VOLLEY NOW ….trust me this is financial warfare versus normal orderly markets of the past in DIGITAL WAREFARE you go to level 14 – really fast folks.



More and more leading traders and sovereign nation funds read this blog as do their law firms and anneals. Hedge fund and private equity leadership tuning in. For background noise they can get hard data to bet against.

If OPEC had credibility ( they have zero ) their “cosmetic” no substance announcement they had the first price and output agreement of its membership in over a decade would have moved markets up. Markets crashed. OPEC has lost the confidence of its own members and the entire world…never to return again. The leadership in despearation trashed their brand completely this week by lying. You can’t lie anymore folks you just can not.

Saying we had a locked and loaded output agreement with our membership  was a LIE – a cheat sheet – and oil is going down to 30.00 dollars on supply demand as a result of this lie and those betting long are going to enjoy a blood bath of loss – the over supply is worse and worse and worse. Supply and demand ( demand is falling like a stone as growth is falling like a rock ) world wide – demand is peaked and will stay at peak no matter what OPEC does or does not do – they no longer control that supply demand equation – it has left their building forever.

Meanwhile Apple was impacted by Barkley’s stupid move on rating –  which will backfire as IPHONE and IWATCH holiday sales kick in and all time records are created to Apple land – due to the enormity of the back log of users who have not upgraded since iPhone IV. They will upgrade this Holiday season by hundreds of millions. This is an Apple moment and I’d buy on every dip if I where you the market is insane today. Barkley did you short the stock on your call and make illegal profits because your run by criminals too?

You’ll see how right I am with a waste land of over priced stocks and only a handful underpriced value based stocks. Pick wisely.

Duetsch bank sunk another 7% breaking its prior all time low which it has breached every single day this week. The RUN on the BANK the first since 1927 includes:

  • Depositors
  • Institutions
  • Money managers
  • Loans – being refinanced moving off their books
  • Retail customers
  • Corporations
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Nations

All at once – in a TSUNAMI perfect storm RUN ON THE BANK. This run dynamic is taking place at Wells Fargo and Bank of Scotland. With Duetsch Bank – I’d run to get out – runnnnn.

Will Duetsch bank file for bankruptcy? Will Germany bail out the bank which will not bail out the PROBLEM under the failure of their bank.

Criminal management breaking laws to make profits is the problem of bank confidence. Criminal reporting where banks are bankrupt but lying about it. The public is aware of the issues and is voting with their wallet. Today the runs are digital and on line. They happen at the speed of CLICK without long lines and signals the press can see. The depth of the DIGITAL RUN is going to reach the public soon and when it does CONTAGION and real PANIC will follow.

This is just the start as Pakistan and India face off in a real war now.

The world instability is a wheel wobble that is shaking the spokes off the wheel. Can you feel the shimmy while you watch media with a TV warm meal and consider whats next?

The shimmy folks is shacking me off my chair.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment Banker Economists – 200 melt down in stocks today.


PS: I told you October could be the month of SUPER CRASH which will effect the American election more than any other factor. Oh yeah and no one cares what Janet Yellin says in her speeches anymore – no one trusts her. She’s done. She trashed the FED now and forever more as a brand in the market. Just her. Worst FED CHAIRMAN in 100 years as I’ve written before.



The USA requires 5.5% annual growth year after year to afford our debt today. At zero growth year after year – where we are in a DEFLATION SPIRAL – an economic DEATH SPIRAL into global depression – the USA let alone other nations like China can not afford their debt ( China needs 15% annual growth not 5 % ).

66% of USA city housing market mean prices are above the wage owners ability to support them. FREE MONEY from FAILED CENTRAL bank policy – which never reverses or admits a decade of utter policy failure – has created a bubble in housing. Prices rise due to free money low mortgage, sellers raise prices inspired by low mortgage cost ( artificial in the market due to FED a private bank owned stock firm under contract with the USA by congressional contract in 1910 ) – and the bubble is going to crash. Just like TRUMP stated it would when interest rates rise.

House price must fall to average mean A. No way around that. In the SUPER CRASH that is coming those who owe 300,000 on a 110,000 home will walk away the bank will have no new buyers and will go bankrupt. Watch. Their investment portfolio in risk-less ETF will become a margin call on their leveraged investing.afforability

The banks will fail. There will be runs on the banks.


Because FED free money policy is a failed policy – they have allowed ZERO GROWTH too long while swelling USA debt way too long – making all the profits on the crises for themselves – conflicted hopeless as a policy making failed institution – the FED IS DEAD and needs to be MERGED INTO THE US TREASURY.

The US TREASURY will restore market confidence but it will take time. This example needs to occur in every nation upon the earth. CENTRAL BANKS go bye bye and are merged into their TREASURIES. Keep all their procedures but POLICY is made by the grown ups in the future.

So housing POLICY is an utter failure derailed by FED FAILED POLICY. The leadership of the FED who created all bubbles from dot.bomb forward – need to go to prison following serious congressional special prosecutor investigation work. Congress needs to get serious and:


  1. Pass emergency legislation to merge the FED back into the US TREASURY.
  2. Stop paying INTEREST to print money.
  3. Pay off FED DEBT all at once with a SUPER BOND as a new class of bond to the bond market.
  4. Policy moving forward is made by the US TREASURY using Fed procedures moderated by Treasury and upgraded.
  5. The FED is final audited independently audited and results dictate the terms of CRIMINAL CHARGES and treason.

Congress failing to act on the FED is the largest negligence of of our legislative branch in 100 years.

So growth assures the USA will default on its debt. As will other nations.

The world financial system can not survive these forward events.

When only 36% of the home buyers can afford homes in cities everywhere in America the market is a bubble, the market can’t sustain, and a SUPER CRASH in the market is coming. This is economics based on math out just today confirming – wage gains reversed this summer and the USA is sinking as Donald Trump suggests.

Think about it. Duetsch bank President comes out and says our BANK is wrong and our bank is FINE.

Our blog reports that day – Duetsch bank is worse than you imagine and the bank is not going to make it. The next 72 hours Duetsch bank has a run on the bank an investment, the first bank run since 1927 and the run is still going on world wide – as is the run on Wells Fargo and Bank of Scotland – and Duetsch bank stock closed at its lowest level in history 72 hours after the CEO lied to everyone.

As these giant banks fail and Duetsch bank faces a bankruptcy potential how do you feel that will domino into the market like Lehman? Are you all sitting at year in singing the song – row row row your boat merrily down the economic stream ? Or ring around the rosy ashes full of posey all fall down ( and the real song ends with the words all fall down DEAD ). As the song was for the black death in the middle ages and the rosy where soars covering the bodies of the dead – and the roses where to get rid of the smell – it is not a pretty children’s song. What are you singing as the black economic death sweeps over the landscape.



Its the FED that killed our system.

Its central banks.

The public is SO IGNORANT of these private non government stock firms, cheating and stealing from us all, they don’t understand the GREED going on inside the rule book. You have to change the rules.

You have to MERGE CENTRAL BANKS into treasury.

You do so after SUPER CRASH and the blood bath of depression globally wiping out a generation of any promise and hope – OR – you do it before and perhaps prevent the SUPER CRASH while there is still time.

Today the system is bankrupt. This means:

  1. Nations can’t pay off their debt.
  2. Debt is fueling growth versus economics.
  3. Banks are bankrupt due to bad investing.
  4. Institutions pensions and more are bankrupt.
  5. There is no resolving the trillions in bad debt under the central bank free money machine

Central banks are the PROBLEM.

Central banks ARE “THE” PROBLEM.


Common damn sense while the insanity of “free” money continues. World wide.

Berny Dohrmann – Lighting up your Factoids

PS: The next crash in real estate will be deeper – longer – making the sub prime crash of 2008 seem like a picnic because law makers lied to us and fixed nothing. Bubble as usual and everyone who say’s Trump is wrong on the bubble – will come to see how wrong they all were – as they lied to the people of the world. LIARS are profiting from their lies folks inside the GREED MACHINE.



Yes India and Pakistan have both attacked acrossed each other’s borders – creating serious escalations over years of time. However this was all done privately and without public notice.

Thursday what is different.

India attacked ( terror ) or Pakistan sovereign fighters on their territory over the INDIAN Boarder. Pakistan will take this as an act of war. The escalation from Modi making this public and not private we will have to wait and see about.

We anticipate the ratchet up of actual clashes between the militaries of both nations has reached a point where all out WAR is not to be ruled out. If all out war happens with two nations that hate each other this much – that are as divided and unstable as Pakistan – escalation to use Nuclear Weapons could be fast – without warning – and will change everything in a heart beat.

Everything in financial markets.

Everything in Global politics and policies.

Everything in the US Presidential election.


Experts say such escalation is very unlikely?

Syria was very unlikely and now look at Syria.

Pakistan and India have long been our # 1 economic bet on WORLD WAR III initiation. Then treaties come into play who protects who and the entire world can be sucked in rapidly.

Faster than a sound byte.

More dangerous than a speed bullet train.

And there IS NO SUPER MAN to save us.

I ask my readers to track this closely.

Berny Dohrmann – Turning the Truth UP and telling the truth faster




Opec in a loose meeting to get consensus for an oil cut back, surveyed members at a recent meeting. The formal OPEC meeting is not until November. It became clear that APPEARANCE was as important as REALITY = for oil threatened to plunge to 30.00 dollars. To avoid such a fall yet another new low, the OPEC players issued a loose agreement that – we will cut back about one million barrels a day in production. Our of 33 being produced and 57 being produced including NON OPEC members.

Now they have not agreed on which nations will cut back what to reach that million. Or if they will ever do it. They have till November to see who agrees to limit their own income and loose customers perhaps forever by saying no.

No one believes OPEC will secure an agreement.

OPEC is so desperate to jack the price of oil up artificially – versus supply and demand – that – they indicates IRAN can pump whatever it wants and would be least effected if effected at all. IRAN wants to raise its three million barrels a day to over 4 million and they are doing just that – and nothing is stopping them starved for years from the market place by sanctions – the OPEC announcement that they had an agreement – is an …SKOKIE DOOH type of moment. AHHH I DON’T THINK SO.

So the price of speculator bought oil shoots up a few bucks – but only that. As the market digest who this was APPEARANCE without any substance, the price is going to fall back down.

More oil than the cut back is coming on line from LYBIA. Other nations from Nigeria to Venuezla are advancing their returns to barrels to the market – collectively way beyond the cut suggested – so it has no value to the lake of over supply.

Oil is plentiful.

Oil is replenishing.

Oil is renewing itself in old wells.

The Earth Farts oil and gas. It is make more all the time.

Oil is not scare.

Oil is not expensive.

Only with ARTIFICIAL MONOPOLY CONTROLS can a hidden tax on all people be created by the FEW against the MANY.

The day of artificial and manipulated tex on energy is over.

The production has in weight and % shifted from the small club of producers who once controlled product sufficiently for a short period of years to rewrite the laws of SUPPLY AND DEMAND – so that the market is returning now to SUPPLY AND DEMAND outside monopoly control.

This adjustment period will be painful for OPEC but the time for IT to control in any way the market space – has passed. My readers will come to see the ripe tide of this market issue will become more and more clear and this blog will become prophetic to those who invest in this sector.


Berny Dohrmann – working to Help Opec Nations transition