Janet Yellin ( and yes I read her entire speech ) never brought up the largest small business institution in the world lobbied her to raise interest rates in May June July and August to restore fiscal sanity from the insane free money policy.

Today the FED SPEAK was a non speech. The speech was FED SPEAK for:

  • We did it right in the past ( that is not honest or correct )
  • We are doing it right now ( that is such a lie )
  • And our future is to continue doing ( the failed policy ) I’m not defending

The Casino market went up on the side bets flowing from this market. Janet in Fed Speak Defined the:

  1. 14 Trillion dollar ( up from 1 trillion in 2007 ) Fed Balance sheet from buying shit distressed assets out of the banks who made bad bets – saving the banks that are the stock holders of the privately owned unregulated fed – is sold too quickly would hurt the market ( like Duh ) and if sold too slowly would hurt the FED ..as it is.
  2. That interest rates and their powers gave them limited range of options in a future recession. It was like a crises warning – policy makers ( congress ) must now take over monetary policy because the FED is handcuffed swimming in San Francisco Bay and the tide is ferocious and the financial water is cold and we are so tired. ( She didn’t say it quite like this ).
  3. The Elephant in the room. She never ( in her defense of herself and her failed policy for twenty years ) never mentioned DEFLATION. She never mentioned there is NO INFLATION and the 2% is a manipulated number – there is GLOBAL DEFLATION and after 100 trillion spend and lost world wide – by all nations – the world together with the central bank system CAN NOT START REAL GROWTH AND REAL INFLATION without which – debt blows up the entire system. Trust the economists who are telling you the MATH on this – its all correct.

So it was a predictable non speech. No interest rise. A speech TRUST THE FED HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THE FED because these little Ross Parrot Charts my staff created are the bible for distracting you from ZERO GROWTH – DEFLATION – and ECONOMIC STAGFLATION CHAIRMAN GREENSPAN JUST WARNED ABOUT and to which Janet Yellin the Joan of ARC DEFENDER OF THE FED – said NOTHING.

She said nothing about the:

  • Climbing fed balance sheet
  • The accommodation that never ends
  • The down bubble in growth
  • The Wealth Effect from FREE MONEY a manipulation creating casino capitalism
  • The inability to take the world off free money
  • The continued global asset class price falling
  • The unsustainable debt from Greece to China that will implode the system
  • The failed policy of the FED to restore growth

The Fed was created in 1910 before telephones were in your home.

The Fed was created transferring the constitution granted powers to print money from the people and the US TREASURY to a Non Government Private Contract company – that could use the name – the Federal Reserve Board – noting the 87 page act arranged and written in secret by bankers from New York State to Wells Fargo in California – created a private stock firm who had 100% control of the nation’s money supply – whose decisions could never be over ruled or challenged – who would regulate the banks that were shareholders and members of the Fed  that the ownership could never be revealed and would remain secret and that no agency of nation could audit or review the workings documents or books of the FED it existed outside and above the laws of the nation as a fully private non government organization – it reports to Congress who zero authority to tell the Fed anything – the Congress has one power – it can MERGE THE FED INTO THE US TREASURY WITH ALL ITS SYSTEMS AND MODELS and return full accountability and full transparency to the monetary policy of the nation in a global digital era – and stop paying interest for printing money – which is a LEGAL THEFT upon the American unborn generation.

If enough of you read this and jump on candidates for this one issue – they’ll probably kill me to stop the truth reaching you if it went viral. Although tens of thousands are reading my blog globally – its not millions yet – unless you make it all go viral. Then I’ll see how loud I can be as in the quiet niche – I’m just spitting in the wind while my readers get the TRUTH on FED SPEAK. Make sense? If you read the boring speech it would believe me. What JANET YELLIN DID NOT SAY was far more important than what she did say. Lets look at FED LIES:

  1. I will telegraph future fed policy including interest rate rises so the market is not blindsided globally.
  2. I will hold more open press conferences.
  3. Neither happens – it was a lie

So the failed Fed policy works like this:

  1. The Fed has acquired trillions in really horrible assets they now hold and wish to dump at discounts to other players to “work them out” at what could bankruptcies for them or if held for the FED if such assets were FAIR MARKET VALUED which they are not – because the bankers and Fed are exempt from accounting we use and they use accounting IF WE USED IT WE WOULD GO TO PRISON FOR FRAUD.
  2. The fed can’t stop adding to these assets to keep liquidity from its banker bad bets flowing of the banking system would seize up on credit flow and circulation. Circulation is the first mission.
  3. Free money has created a casino capitalism without regulation fed by shadow banking with zero oversight with money pools much bigger than the Fed. The Fed has 45 Billion in reserves total in 2006 which the crises in 2007 went through in 90 seconds – the Fed has around 45 billion to insure 30 Trillion in our savings. That kind of insurance is a fraud if any insurance firm in regulated space offered that policy but we buy an illussion and think our money is SAFE. See bank closings and US depression.
  4. The Fed can’t develop taking the baby off the free money bottle because the third world can’t pay its debt when the dollar goes up without global growth – and no one is investing in growth – they are all investing in SIDE BETS on instant profit making in the casino. Without REGULATION REFRAMES FROM A GLOBAL STRUCTURE the side bet market is not so much larger by many many many times the stake holder market the side bet has become the doggie and the tail is the real economy wagging in the wind by the doggie – just like the 1906 world depression – the FED was created to stop forever in 1910 which then led to a much worse global depression and World WAR II following WORLD WAR I from the first world depression in the 1900’s – always economic – always from policies permitting speculation in markets to be greater than stake holder trading. HOW HARD IS THIS PRINCIPLE OF REGULATION TO UNDERSTAND LAW MAKERS?
  5. The Fed has limited range to moderate the next recession – this sentence by Janet means – we’er fucked. In Fed Speak.

So the Fed Policy fails to moderate bubbles. The Fed policy fails to stop boom bust cycles. Ever more extreme. The Fed made the Great Recession worse and is laying the foundation for world war and the greatest depression of all time globally since the fall of Rome. The policy is predictable – self sustaining – as all institutional mature policy always is – and unable to see the box from outside the box. WE NEED NEW POLICY made possible by MERGING THE FED INTO THE TREASURY OF NATIONS – all central banks world wide need this line in the sand – failed policy stops now and new policy starts now. Its an act of legislature. It is time to return monetary policy to national government and remove policy making from private bankers – as they are too deep in conflicted SELF INTEREST to create appropriate monetary policy.

Should banks bet in the casino for super high risk and profits – with your grand mothers sacred deposits – off shore – at fifty to one dollar leverage and risk borrowing on margin? They are. They can.  Since 1999. It was a crime in 1999. In 2000 it was legal. Now criminal actions are ok ( for bankers ). Should we firewall banks to invest in local communities – to preclude large syndicate investing investment bankers own – and to make modest profits with lower risk taking with grand mothers sacred deposits as we did from 1932 to 1999? Now from 2000 to 2007 we ramped up with the criminals into CASINO CAPITALISM just like the 1920’s and we bankrupted the system in less than ten years all over again repeating precociously what brought on the depression. Very bright brains thought they could moderate risk with software this time – but the markets never change. Software or brain wet ware its the same risk taking and when liquidity evaporates form contagion and panic and liquidity stops in 90 seconds world wide. The market SUPER CRASHES in the hours that follow THAT.

Every time.

How stupid is it to allow GREED to create policy?

A policy of commission is as bad as failed policy of forward safe harbor.

A policy of reaction is so much worse than a policy of pro action.

The FED is a thirty year – digitally obsolete – failed – hacked – and totally irrelevant policy institution – failed in every policy that now HURTS the future of all nations more than it possibly contributes or helps. The FED CONSUMES FAR MORE THAN IT CONTRIBUTES which is competitive economics versus cooperative economics. Merging central banks and failed policy back into the US NATIONAL TREASURY resets policy making – and provides a FRESH START for nations.

Today’s NON SPEECH defines the confirmation of all that this blog has been suggesting since the Crash in 2008. Once again.

If you read the speech all the way through you will not need sleeping pills …your already brain fried.

Berny Dohrmann – keeping a light on just for you – what a disappointment and once again what a MISSED OPPORTUNITY – Yellin played it safe though – there is that. Kick the disaster down the road and let them know your hands are tied. Its congress’s fault. Historically that is the speech in its gist as the next crises looms. And THEY KNOW IT.


PS: The markets goes up on the NON SPEECH. Casino capitalism profit making. Folks I know it takes patience to remain out the FOOLS RALLY but when it snaps down you’ll be so glad you read this blog and had discipline not to get suckered in.




The book at Amazon REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION may be the most important publication in 100 years. Why? That book defines the insanity of attempting to cure fatal illness with the pollution and toxicity that gave you the illness in the first place. If you have fatal ECONOMIC CANCER ( competitive capitalism and competitive communism are failed financial system models ) if you keep SMOKING your cancer gets WORSE and WORSE. Is that not to those watching a form of INSANITY?

Leadership in our world today deals with symptom.


The solution is ECONOMIC UPGRADING a global economic revolution. It is not really hard.

So do you believe that after Greece that Rome and all nations to the present have been corrupted – bought and paid for by elite classes who run them?

If you believe YES do you believe all nations today are bought and paid for by elite classes that run them?

In the United States 400 plus years ago – a small group of thinkers – imagined a government in which a constitution for the first time would be written to preserve the sovereign rights of the individual against the rights of the central government.

Do you believe the constitution is not being followed and the US is now bought and paid for?

Lets look at a few examples as the original thinkers never envisioned the internet, mass communications and its mind washing manipulation capacity to the population or the ability of central government to dumb down mass education so the population were no longer informed – ( why did they take study of civics and rule of law I grew up with from k-12 to college – OUT OF PUBLIC EDUCATION ENTIRELY then? ).

  1. Do you understand the founders envisioned elections would seek the best candidate and the candidate was not seeking the office?
  2. Did you understand the founders precluded POLITICAL PARTIES from having the powers they have today and assured they would never be granted powers of nomination for candidates seeing the corruption and manipulation in the EU that had occurred over generations from such failed process?
  3. Do you understand only the US TREASURY is granted powers to print our money and that printing money by a third party private company, owned by secret stock holders and immune by law from disclosure of ownership – profits  – and whose vary own GREENSPAN on the film this blog presents to you below states recently – THAT NO POWER OF NATION CAN CHALLENGE THE DECISIONS OF THE “FED” as the law breaching the constitution presently stands from 1910?
  4. Did you know congress was precluded from taxing us with an income tax they way they are doing so today?
  5. Did you know the central government was precluded from intruding in the lives of sovereign citizens or states as is being done today?

To be enlightened no matter the intent of a masterful experiment THE US CONSTITUTION ( no longer followed ) – any document over 400 years requires a 100 year UPGRADING CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION TO ADVANCE AND MODERNIZE AND CHECK that the intent of the founders – to maximally protect sovereign citizens and states FROM THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT versus to empower and endless fund such a force against the powers of the people – requires a safe guarding that is missing by process. Amending the constitution in a DIGITAL AGE requires modernization with preclusion in a 911 event NO 12 crips and bloods as thugs members of an insane gang has the power or the influence to remove one freedom from a three old baby American little girl – THAT must be safe guarded to preclude fear back lash to sovereign rights.

However there is no process to MODERNIZE the US CONSTITUTION and that 100 year convention clause is the first and next amendment I would propose to the greatest document so far ever written for national guidance IF IT IS FAITHFULLY FOLLOWED.

So the cause of everything IS that our financial system is broken -globally and world wide – and utterly and entirely – both competitive:



To fix these well known entirely broken systems – only benefiting elites maximally and wasting billions of lives in the fullness of our human potential by a revised system – an upgraded modernized digitally self correcting real time system – with checks and balances against being bought and paid for – a system of wealth distribution that is fair  and in integrity for all people – is the solution of CAUSE versus SYMPTOM.

The idea of such an upgrade:

Replacing economic box top rules of COMPETITIVE ECONOMICS

With upgraded COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM produces solution are CAUSE versus symptom.

No leader is discussing such a fix. Why?

Because the elite who control the broken system incorrectly fear how the upgrade will effect them.

True they will have less influence but appropriate influence as larger employers investors and risk takers.

True they will be contributing to nations fairly on revised tax planning via value added versus income taxation upgrades.

The elite will remain elite and influential and powerful.

Mobility into the elite group will be far more open.

Wealth Distribution will be moral versus immoral.

Monopoly regulation would be moral versus immoral.

Too big to jail would disappear.

That perhaps is the prime reason the criminals at the top block social cause versus symptom repair.

I had a lesson decades ago from a New York Elite you all know world wide his family and his name. A new law was passed against his financial lobby work. There were over 100 staff attorney’s and lobby groups in the hotel room in the 1970s when I learned this lesson. This cigar smoking elite ( perhaps the most influential of our age ) approached the board up front and wrote these words:


Then he said – you all forfeit your enormous fee’s and bonus’s – IF – you fail to execute fully into the congressional final conference committee version of this new law:




The elite loop hole went in.

The new like like FRANK DODD does not apply to THEM via the exemption loop holes – and so the structured asset market that started by did not cause the 2008 crash is worse, larger and more filled with junk than ever. The regulation did nothing. The banks and investment banks just made the highest profits in history of records under the new rules supposed to yank appropriate reserves and risk cautions. In fact their balance sheets filled with ETF like structured sub prime – rated TRIPLE AAA by credit agencies ( paid by the brokers and bankers versus really independent ) are bombs waiting to go off on super risk banks record as no risk at all. The system of elites getting fantastically richer paying unfair no tax or low tax – is a burden on the entire world system – is unfair – does not work – and creates system abuse and destruction over time.

The global financial system requires a revolutionary upgrade to a new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. The outline for the upgrade to you – to world leaders you can influence – and to the law makers – is contained in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

If you wish to join the REVOLUTION buy the book. If you are moving forward after you read the book join CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL along with hundreds of thousands of business owners from all walks of life – committed – collectively involved and united in the revolution taking place.

There is safety in numbers.

A movement effects the few.

Revolutions effect all of us in the world today.

The most important revolution for humanity is the world peace revolution of reforming failed economic systems into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM where wealth sharing is fair in integrity and self correcting for generations.

Your system has been hijacked and you are being held down by financial terrorism that makes ISIS look insignificant be comparison for the horror the system of hoodwink lies and manipulation creates in casino capitalism the world is on the brink of SUPER CRASHING from into global depression and world war.

That scale of criminal economics needs to be addressed before it is too late by we the revolutionists who care about our unborn not coming into this abuse.

It is not hard.

It is not rocket science.

It is verifiable.

The truth is laid out in simple lay person language in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. If this speaks to you in any way – buy five copies on Amazon – leave comments for me – and distribute these copies to who you love and care for most. You build a revolution by recruiting membership one exposure to the truth – one illumination of the lies – at a time.

You become a LEADER OF THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as soon as you buy the book of the MANIFESTO of the most important economic reform revolution in human history.

But hey – I’m keeping a light on just for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Revolutionary Leader


PS: The anti revolution are CENTRAL BANKS who until they are merged back into their nation’s treasury departments lack any regulatory oversight and are the actual SOVEREIGN nation of the ELITES – you take them over through merger into the people’s treasury as a first step of the REVOLUTION.



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The Fed is pondering its own failed policy. CEO SPACE wrote to Janet Yellin asking for restoration of sane money policy with rate RISES in every Fed Meeting for five years early in 2016. They never replied to the largest small business lobby in the nation because they represent the elite money exclusively.

The problem they are pondering is that big business investment in plant growth and equipment is at a record low in recovery never seen before in history. Big business is now this year 1 trillion dollar behind investment required to assure growth and expansion in America ( alone ). Plant and equipment investment require 15% annual returns. Irrespective of those long term returns factories are not at full capacity demand is not sufficient or secure enough to warrant long term investment. As in Fed the word is “DUHHHHHH ” ? So they take YOUR FREE MONEY and invest it in stock buy backs and passive ETF speculations to make enormous profits adding zip to growth. So long term we are just fucked by the Fed failed policy. Today they are in DUHHH Mode – duh you think these 20 trillion we just blew is NOT WORKING ? Ah yeah team of the DUHHH we think your policy failed – all central banks failed – world wide. Merge you back into TREASURY because your a crime against the people.

Then there was good news.

Six months of durable good orders in America up bubble. That is despite all the mistakes from the Fed.

The Banks making up the central bank team ( the banks are shareholders in a private firm that can never be audited as to profits – taxes – or ownership in any way for now what 100 years ) ? – those Banks whining about regulatory cost whining about their profits – just earned 43.6 BILLION in 90 days in PROFITS. Banks have earned a record all TIME HIGH PROFIT IN HISTORY OF RECORD KEEPING IN 2016 – by failing to lend to business – keeping growth at zero – where they make enormous profits speculating. Let me tell you how dangerous and bad this is. As ETF profits are not real for bank balance sheets.

Maybank one of the largest banks in Asia – has just had a multi quarter profit decline that is enormous down bubble. These profits are due to bad loans in the oil patch though China plays a role. When the largest bank leading in Asia for the leading economy whose stock market is a stand alone in a BULL RUN UP IN PRICE – Indonesia – one can sense a SUPER CRASH is coming. The government has warned growth is going to be “suppressed” yet against growth declines the market is wildly rising due to speculators as the casino capital markets of the world now fall outside global regulatory supervision – trades are in the cloud – regulations are paper and local to blue sky of nations – regulatory agencies have lost control of the world digital market over 30 years – in 2016 they have utterly and completely lost control. The speculation that physical bucket shops created in the last great depression sank the real markets into world SUPER CRASH global depression and world war. The speculation today is click and digital with leverage and borrowing made possible because laws protecting us FROM ANOTHER DEPRESSION failed to merge the FED into US TREASURY and the FED argued for all those laws to be collapsed which they were in 1999. The result we now have speculation with free bank money, borrowing at fifty dollars to one dollar to buy ETF and related speculative instruments to manipulate prices in all stock bond and commodity markets or what economists refer to as the M1 or PRICE OF EVERYTHING. The market has never – not ever – on a global basis including all nations – had such distortion and loss of regulatory oversight to speculation – elites making fortunes from their fortunes.

The largest consolidation of wealth via merger – acquisition – and speculators wealth ballooning – is taking place – also unheard of globally over human history.

The result is predictable. Consider a pyramid. Healthy economies are regular pyramids where over 50% of all wealth is shared at the bottom of the base. Now turn the pyramid upside down where 99% of the wealth is owned by 1% of the elites where wealth is the top and the point is 99% of the population of all nations. Now note the point is resting on DEBT or quick sand. The pyramid build on investments into hard assets is now invested in speculation side bets in a casino capitalism as to which WAY a price may go in the future – versus – owning the assets of production. Capital distribution is now outside controls of nations and is flowing into rampant betting with fantastic leverage.

How do you fix a once in 2000 year technology event ( digital markets ) from a regulatory stand point. Our Book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION defines replacing communism and competitive capitalism as failed systemic models for organizing humans and economics into a final financial revolution we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as a regulatory rule set for the digital age. We have suggested the frame work for the largest regulatory RE-THINK in 100 years be defined on the Big island of Hawaii hosted by Congress person Jerry Chang of that island – where the G 100 plus all convene their economists into the first GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS. The ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION that develops adopts by nations to a level playing field of trade rules – trading rules – tax rules – and regulatory oversight applied globally. Non stake holder investment instruments are precluded as crimes. No hedging on THAT. The result is market manipulators go to jail. No hedging on that. In three years ( the life of that conference if not extended ) the world adapts a legal rule set to REGULATE THE DIGITAL AGE for 100’s of years.

Why do we not do THAT? Because we are moving through the five stages of communistic and competitive capitalism expressed since feudalism over 5000 years no variation to pattern in human experience:

  1. Wealth consolidates so MORE world wealth is owned by 1% than 99%.
  2. This becomes unstable and creates melt down 2008.
  3. This leads to distrust and world trade wars that accelerate due to speculators
  4. This leads to a contagion debt inspired SUPER CRASH world wide
  5. This leads to depression and world war where accounts are reset violently


The problems of the world are too complex for old left brain problem solving in competitive thought form.

The solutions of the world will only come from right brain inspiration and cooperative expression of organizational theory with its inherent integrities – and in which the female participation must be fully expressed and rising to achieve the desired solutions competition of the thinking species precludes – only blending via cooperation THOUGHT ITSELF can the solutions be accelerated into our futures.

Repeat the old way is expression competition a form of insanity.

Reform into the new way by expressing cooperation which is sanity versus insanity.

Will we wake up systemically to a better organizing principle for ourselves and our reality?

It does not seem like we will. Trade war is rising. Speculators are profiting from the trade wars made possible by lack of regulation. It is every nation for itself that leads to the five point history repeat of history as  set forth here ONLY IN THIS BLOG – never ever varies. You are become informed here of the news that underwrites THE news. Its always THE MONEY. Always.





All of it.

Meanwhile – Iran Red Guard have multiple vessel’s attack our DESTROYER in the all important Gulf of Suez separating Iran from Saudi Arabia with multiple nears misses. This time flares were fired. Next time it may be more than flares. It is heating up.

Syria uses GAS on its own peoples. This is a pattern since 2013. The WEST drew a red line. Then we did nothing. Then we never drew another red line. Russia protects the war crimes and is a conspirator to war crimes. Russia is behind Iran’s move in the Gulf – North Korea getting technology for a successful missile launch from a sub – so now than can atomic bomb any nation anywhere – and do you think their mentally ill leader will not do just that and soon with Russia and China directing the target and protecting the war criminal? The AXIS Of EVIL is alive and is well and is insane.

China at all levels is falling with the worst output and production and growth in 25 years – thats 25 YEARS folks and the graph is a half decade down – pure down – no break – no level – just down – pure total down – now as the SUN SETS ON CHINA not by their policy – as their policy is a disguise for the fact that a RUN ON THEIR NATION has taken place – the run is manufacturing moving forever to India – Indonesia – Viet Nam – Thailand – Taiwan – Bangladesh – Cambodia – South Korea – and these trillions of business are NEVER RETURNING TO COMMUNIST CHINA. A run on investment such that trillions have left China and their phony money – their funny money – their totally manipulated no value currency – is free falling – but even the trade war of permitting their currency to drop value like a kite without wind – has not brought the manufacturing back. Only rampant debt keeps China afloat. Unregulated lending now is in the trillions on P2P platforms – people loaning directly to people – such that DIGITAL CENSOR CHINA is now trying to regulate ( this week ) the P2P platforms. And THAT IS NOT WORKING. The run on China is endless and continuous because the BIG BOY money knows – the run up in China is long over and the run down is just starting – everyone wants out of China before the debt bomb goes off into SUPER CRASH which is a China for sure event. China knowing that SUPER CRASH IS COMING seeks to a) shed blame to the communist party and its insane failed economic policies b) focus blame on the West and c) move into WAR in the South China Sea hurting neighbors taking trillions of business from China ( its always the money ) and stopping focus on the Communist party and super focusing its billion people into protection of the home land – while the nation spends untold billions on DEFENSE to augment the only economic card left – either consumers spend and buy – or nations spend or buy – or both – when consumers stop and trillions in debt don’t get enough traction and your money buying power is plunging like a BOULDER not a rock – the nations spends on war to take assets from others and to ramp up home base jobs with the only option left. It is an old tired historic insane policy and we can do BETTER BUT WE HAVE TO COOPERATE WITH CHINA AND CHINA WITH ALL VERSUS COMPETE. Competition is an insane organizational theory and model. Competition is a failed model. Cooperation systems represent the FIX to it all. But leaders are insane and compete versus cooperate and we will be caught in war as a consequence. Mindless endless merry go round Humanity must wake up and repair.

Seen through new glasses it all is so clear really.

Russia is a gas station and no one is buying and the price at the pump has gone down 70% in 24 months. Russia is running OUT OF GAS financially. So WAR is the answer and China and Russia see with Iran and North Korea ( their puppet proxy state ) the way to keep their people in fear and nationalistic to their core insane policies. They are not FIXING THEIR ECONOMIES AND THIER FINANCIAL OPTIONS.

Russia has sufficient minerals to make Oil incidental as does Saudi Arabia. Via an integrated jobs plan of Entrepreneur development in nation ( massive entrepreneurs back bone development via enlightened legislation laws ) coupled to massive mineral development as their jobs program – and infrastructure upgrading on both – with state debt and forward investment financed by the integrated development plan via 200 year SUPER BOND classes for sovereign nations – war is not needed and Russia has a greatness former leadership could not even consider. CEO SPACE has written an economic proposal to Saudi Arabia Nigeria and we are about to send one to RUSSIA. When adopted ( or IF adopted ) the present strategy and its risk of economic ruin for generations – disappears and wild prosperity develops instantly. It is amazing what even the announcement to markets OF THE BETTER PLAN does for economics. It is always about new fresh economic intellectual property versus old obsolete IP. So carefully CEO SPACE is offering service to nations. Nigeria has 25 billion of rapidly dwindling US dollar foreign exchange. The KING OF NIGERIA possesses a master plan which requires an investment of 10 million dollars to grow one trillion dollars of foreign Nigerian reserves in 60 months or less. One nation at a time teams are propelling at the TIPPY TOP of economics the solutions to nations. One nation at a time.

The recent Jordon IMF loan extends a short term fix but not a long term solution to the King of Jordon. The Long Term fix is economics Jordon 101  – explosive entrepreneur renaissance in the Gulf – massive mineral development – resetting debt and infrastructure investments including the IMF loan to 200 Year Sovereign Nation SUPER BONDS which must begin in the planning soon. CEO SPACE will reach out to Jordon to secure the option and input for consideration of a better way.

Working with nations is the legacy work of our core team at the top from Washington to Wall Street to the leading geologists alive to economic planning nations can’t accommodate from convention. NEW IP is ahead of their waste of consulting monies flowing down the sewer for decades. Studying the history and trends our innovations work and every leader who receives the SOLUTION understands the future is at hand.

The Five Point drift to war – set forth here is the past.

The move to reset economic debt balances without war is the future.

So the USA and the US Dollar remain supported in value by:

  1. The best debt to earning and asset value ratio’s of any nation in the world.
  2. The highest food output with full food indepenancy and highest food exporter.
  3. Food wealth secures all wealth.
  4. The largest oil and energy wealth in the world – coal to gas – unmatched – while others deplete their mineral wealth from rare earths to oil – the USA just watches them deplete while we find more and more and more wealth not even considered against our model.
  5. The highest innovation productivity per capita in the world for 100 years.
  6. The largest fixed asset infrastructure mankind has ever created.
  7. The worlds controlling financial mechanism’s so vast and rich they are permitted to drag down a bit to assist the rest of the entire world our enemies included.

The dollar is the SAFE bet for the future ahead of any other commodity or side bet. You will not in the SUPER CRASH MARKET win if you fail to hold dollars. Hoarding up on dollars world wide today – is THE BALL GAME for the masses. How is your dollar “god forbid” account today? If the banks closed for a time do you have dollars in cash you can put your hands on? It will be our life saver. The only other currency I bet most on after US DOLLARS is DIAMONDS. But hey listen to your advisers. I’m sure they are right.

Meanwhile the Financial Titanic has some room to go on its sail to the Debt Ice Berg that will sink it entirely and so fast with all hands on deck.

So play while the party sails on.

I suggest get out of the market and get into diversified insurance investing to sleep like a baby for seven long years. Later you’ll remember this sentence and kick yourself with a size ten boot for failing to print it out in RED INK.

But hey my job is to keep a light on for you.

So if the darkness makes you afraid ( the future ) remember we the people of the world are immortal divine spirits designed to cooperate not compete with one another – as competition to a soul is INSANE – for we never die and we were never born and we are so short a time a spirit in a body bag having an experience God knows as human in this tiny unimportant suburb of a dimension known as the FOURTH in a way station known as the MILKY WAY an unimportant galaxy among tens of trillions of them – where even here in your own darkness YOU ARE THE LIGHT and in fact the darkness is always and in all ways afraid of YOU. For spirits who have knowledge create terror for the darkness that has none.

CEO SPACE teaches it takes years to make a profit and buy market share. Income in early development years will never be ENOUGH to off set market share growth costs. Uber has just lost 300% more last quarter than it lost the quarter before – and we are talking serious money annually in loss. Did you know without Amazon backing UBER they could not do what they are doing? Capital drives innovation for years of ramping up income until in the fifth to seventh year if your lucky like Google the growth cost is over come by the income rising. CAPITALISM is patient and not instant riches in speculations that offer nothing to the economy – no Uber -no Amazon – No Zaps – no Google. Until we return to a STAKE HOLDER INVESTMENT ECONOMY MADE MANDATE BY LEGAL REGULATORY REFORM OF DIGITAL CASINO CAPITALISM GLOBALLY the world is in for SUPER CRASH for no reasons but regulatory negligence on a scale repeated for all human history.

Speaking of negligence MUSK in the worst deal of any century with Tesla incest-you-actually buying SUN CITY – has now seeing Musk on management for both buying junk bonds from SUN CITY which is – well – bad form – and bad appearance – and we think a speculation that may go very sour in the coming three years.  But Musk has the wave right now so we’ll see who is right on that bet. We have thumbs down it for 1000 reasons most of them dealing with INTEGRITY and RISK. Casino capitalism is alive and well and without regulatory oversight common in other generations. Gone now.

The leadership of shame is competitive, without integrity, are all cowards, and are unworthy of the souls we call the unborn generation. The UNIVERSE always balances their accounts to start all over again. What a shame the easy way – cooperating – suggested here is not applied. CEO SPACE is a world revolution for cooperation. September 26th you should do something more significant with your life and profit from joining the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. It may be the highest choice of your adult life time. But hey –


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on for you





Economists know what I’m saying. It is hard to draft language for lay persons on the economics. The accumulated weight of 2.7 trillion in stake holder investing – is capital allocation. This capital allocation buys generally when unmanipulated from stock buy backs ( 2.9 trillion since 2010 ) and other speculations – into plant equipment and real economic growth. The mountain of structure passive asset investments, that contribute nothing to the economic growth of nations is reaching 440 trillion dominated by ETF and other structured assets. This is not capital allocation. This is capital consolidation out of the capital market space.

The result is liquidity sinks. Positions where liquidity balances freeze up. When there are more sells than buy bids. No reserves to execute. Liquidity sinks fry the system globally and create real quick without warning panics that lead to real contagion.

China’s growth has sunk to a level that the growth no longer will support the rising soaring debt. Even its plunging currency defacto devalued again and again in a trade war that has no end is not saving China.

Japan at zero growth can not support its rising debt.

The USA at zero growth can not support its rising debt.

The EU with marginal growth can not support its soaring debt.

The third world can not support its debt.

Russia a gas station that thinks it is still a real nation can not support its debt.

As the Debt Bomb explodes ETF’ s and the passive investment space will implode first. Short them first. Make trillions on their blame – they rain you gain.

The impact of capital imbalances and consolidation into non stake holder investing that is insane economics can not be stated clearly enough as SUPER RISK upon the entire system.

Meanwhile no one is doing anything because they are all making such foolish money in the wild manipulation and consolidation away from real economic growth investing. The liquidity drain this UNREGULATED INVESTMENT SINK is vortexing into the system is a tornado of liquidity unwinding just about to become reality. As the liquidity bomb is the expression of weapons of mass debt destruction – watch all this play out along the lines we have been reporting.

IT is sobering to watch it unfold.

Berny Dohrmann – The Cannery in the mine just for you….”ashes ashes all fall down dead”…financially. Ring around the Roses………2016


PS: The math suggests when growth declines and reaches y and debt soars to rise to reach  x – than z is financial crash of the worst kind…pending right now….as market liqudity is crushed out of the system to never return in the near term. The system freezes up.




It is my opinion, as an investment banker economist, leading the largest small business institution in 140 nations for 30 years that – until we merge Central Banks back into treasury of the their nations the financial system of the world has:

  1. Zero control by nations as central banks are immune from over sight and regulation.
  2. Central banks regulate their own members which means no government regulation as final court – no accountability – no audit – it is the wolves guarding the chickens.
  3. Central banks work for selfish profit motive versus public service accountable to the people and their agencies and elected officials.
  4. Once merged back into national treasury money policy and banks are fully regulated for the first time since 1910
  5. As JP MORGAN – Wells Fargo – the biggest US BANKS created the Federal Reserve Board as my blog below this one details in film – proof of the secrecy and legal theft of the CONSTITUTION which precludes any agency but the US TREASURY from printing or controlling the PEOPLES MONEY is proved to you in one short film. the most important of our age.

So today – front page in the Financial Times of London which also is owned by Murdock and Wall Street Journal – that  the leading banks are conspiring to execute bank to bank settlements – around nations and oversight – using a BITCOIN they make themselves to settle global transactions. This takes from the World Bank the IMF and the treaty nations – 100 of them and us – the POWER to control world reserve currency. In effect the world becomes hostage in some forward years to the NEW BANK CURRENCY – they CREATE FROM AIR – fully unregulated other than by them – and – they can peg and set all nations currency value as they see fit rising and lowering national wealth based on their profits in that nation. Bless the FTC for reporting this item so well.


Will bankers regulate nations.

Or will nations regulate bankers.

The key to their powers is keeping WE THE PEOPLE financially illiterate. To not teach teens as I just did what my blog below – which we hope you will share on twitter and walls and boards and write about this web site more urgently – because – your banks are conspiring without WE THE PEOPLE of the WORLD to remove all national controls over money supply and currency and money value.

They are creating the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT through the ONE WORLD CURRENCY they can alone override creation and management of – overriding money – for all of us – where politics can no longer impact their core banker club powers which become preeminent.

How does this get stopped?


We the people wake up and get financial education. My blog is the easy way for millions to do just that if you viral this blog site continuously and make it a world movement.

We vote for inspired leaders to MERGE CENTRAL BANKS into the government treasury. Treasury regulates the banks and stops their ARTIFICIAL CURRENCY model. Oversight. Real bank regulation. For the first time since 1910.

Since the Federal Reserve Board was formed we have the biggest depression of all time – world war – and never ending pain in dramatic bubbles they foster and create while making nations slave to debt – over money they print and charge all of US interest for in a digital world where such nonsense is insane economics.

Central Bank laws 100 years ago where legal theft then and today they are evil financial empire legal theft to the world itself.

Inspired informed leaders running on the biggest election issue of our age and time – MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY as an example to all nations – is the future of freedom and prosperity for all of us.

Think about it and read up.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping you literate on the big financial news of our age