The book at Amazon REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION may be the most important publication in 100 years. Why? That book defines the insanity of attempting to cure fatal illness with the pollution and toxicity that gave you the illness in the first place. If you have fatal ECONOMIC CANCER ( competitive capitalism and competitive communism are failed financial system models ) if you keep SMOKING your cancer gets WORSE and WORSE. Is that not to those watching a form of INSANITY?

Leadership in our world today deals with symptom.


The solution is ECONOMIC UPGRADING a global economic revolution. It is not really hard.

So do you believe that after Greece that Rome and all nations to the present have been corrupted – bought and paid for by elite classes who run them?

If you believe YES do you believe all nations today are bought and paid for by elite classes that run them?

In the United States 400 plus years ago – a small group of thinkers – imagined a government in which a constitution for the first time would be written to preserve the sovereign rights of the individual against the rights of the central government.

Do you believe the constitution is not being followed and the US is now bought and paid for?

Lets look at a few examples as the original thinkers never envisioned the internet, mass communications and its mind washing manipulation capacity to the population or the ability of central government to dumb down mass education so the population were no longer informed – ( why did they take study of civics and rule of law I grew up with from k-12 to college – OUT OF PUBLIC EDUCATION ENTIRELY then? ).

  1. Do you understand the founders envisioned elections would seek the best candidate and the candidate was not seeking the office?
  2. Did you understand the founders precluded POLITICAL PARTIES from having the powers they have today and assured they would never be granted powers of nomination for candidates seeing the corruption and manipulation in the EU that had occurred over generations from such failed process?
  3. Do you understand only the US TREASURY is granted powers to print our money and that printing money by a third party private company, owned by secret stock holders and immune by law from disclosure of ownership – profits  – and whose vary own GREENSPAN on the film this blog presents to you below states recently – THAT NO POWER OF NATION CAN CHALLENGE THE DECISIONS OF THE “FED” as the law breaching the constitution presently stands from 1910?
  4. Did you know congress was precluded from taxing us with an income tax they way they are doing so today?
  5. Did you know the central government was precluded from intruding in the lives of sovereign citizens or states as is being done today?

To be enlightened no matter the intent of a masterful experiment THE US CONSTITUTION ( no longer followed ) – any document over 400 years requires a 100 year UPGRADING CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION TO ADVANCE AND MODERNIZE AND CHECK that the intent of the founders – to maximally protect sovereign citizens and states FROM THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT versus to empower and endless fund such a force against the powers of the people – requires a safe guarding that is missing by process. Amending the constitution in a DIGITAL AGE requires modernization with preclusion in a 911 event NO 12 crips and bloods as thugs members of an insane gang has the power or the influence to remove one freedom from a three old baby American little girl – THAT must be safe guarded to preclude fear back lash to sovereign rights.

However there is no process to MODERNIZE the US CONSTITUTION and that 100 year convention clause is the first and next amendment I would propose to the greatest document so far ever written for national guidance IF IT IS FAITHFULLY FOLLOWED.

So the cause of everything IS that our financial system is broken -globally and world wide – and utterly and entirely – both competitive:



To fix these well known entirely broken systems – only benefiting elites maximally and wasting billions of lives in the fullness of our human potential by a revised system – an upgraded modernized digitally self correcting real time system – with checks and balances against being bought and paid for – a system of wealth distribution that is fair  and in integrity for all people – is the solution of CAUSE versus SYMPTOM.

The idea of such an upgrade:

Replacing economic box top rules of COMPETITIVE ECONOMICS

With upgraded COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM produces solution are CAUSE versus symptom.

No leader is discussing such a fix. Why?

Because the elite who control the broken system incorrectly fear how the upgrade will effect them.

True they will have less influence but appropriate influence as larger employers investors and risk takers.

True they will be contributing to nations fairly on revised tax planning via value added versus income taxation upgrades.

The elite will remain elite and influential and powerful.

Mobility into the elite group will be far more open.

Wealth Distribution will be moral versus immoral.

Monopoly regulation would be moral versus immoral.

Too big to jail would disappear.

That perhaps is the prime reason the criminals at the top block social cause versus symptom repair.

I had a lesson decades ago from a New York Elite you all know world wide his family and his name. A new law was passed against his financial lobby work. There were over 100 staff attorney’s and lobby groups in the hotel room in the 1970s when I learned this lesson. This cigar smoking elite ( perhaps the most influential of our age ) approached the board up front and wrote these words:


Then he said – you all forfeit your enormous fee’s and bonus’s – IF – you fail to execute fully into the congressional final conference committee version of this new law:




The elite loop hole went in.

The new like like FRANK DODD does not apply to THEM via the exemption loop holes – and so the structured asset market that started by did not cause the 2008 crash is worse, larger and more filled with junk than ever. The regulation did nothing. The banks and investment banks just made the highest profits in history of records under the new rules supposed to yank appropriate reserves and risk cautions. In fact their balance sheets filled with ETF like structured sub prime – rated TRIPLE AAA by credit agencies ( paid by the brokers and bankers versus really independent ) are bombs waiting to go off on super risk banks record as no risk at all. The system of elites getting fantastically richer paying unfair no tax or low tax – is a burden on the entire world system – is unfair – does not work – and creates system abuse and destruction over time.

The global financial system requires a revolutionary upgrade to a new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. The outline for the upgrade to you – to world leaders you can influence – and to the law makers – is contained in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

If you wish to join the REVOLUTION buy the book. If you are moving forward after you read the book join CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL along with hundreds of thousands of business owners from all walks of life – committed – collectively involved and united in the revolution taking place.

There is safety in numbers.

A movement effects the few.

Revolutions effect all of us in the world today.

The most important revolution for humanity is the world peace revolution of reforming failed economic systems into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM where wealth sharing is fair in integrity and self correcting for generations.

Your system has been hijacked and you are being held down by financial terrorism that makes ISIS look insignificant be comparison for the horror the system of hoodwink lies and manipulation creates in casino capitalism the world is on the brink of SUPER CRASHING from into global depression and world war.

That scale of criminal economics needs to be addressed before it is too late by we the revolutionists who care about our unborn not coming into this abuse.

It is not hard.

It is not rocket science.

It is verifiable.

The truth is laid out in simple lay person language in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. If this speaks to you in any way – buy five copies on Amazon – leave comments for me – and distribute these copies to who you love and care for most. You build a revolution by recruiting membership one exposure to the truth – one illumination of the lies – at a time.

You become a LEADER OF THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as soon as you buy the book of the MANIFESTO of the most important economic reform revolution in human history.

But hey – I’m keeping a light on just for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Revolutionary Leader


PS: The anti revolution are CENTRAL BANKS who until they are merged back into their nation’s treasury departments lack any regulatory oversight and are the actual SOVEREIGN nation of the ELITES – you take them over through merger into the people’s treasury as a first step of the REVOLUTION.