Jackson Hole is not a Hole in One. What will not be discussed or ever mentioned is the TRILLIONS of waste – of opportunities to restore American and global economics – squandered by FAILED CENTRAL BANK POLICY. The crises in real leadership will never allow leadership in mediocrity versus leadership in excellence – to take responsibility for errors and mistakes and then correct those mistakes and chart a new course. They will defend their errors as if they were miracles. This becomes the illness of our modern media driven society where policy without consequence is entertainment versus social benefit. The result is legal theft which is permitted to continue without firm accountability made impossible without leaders taking blame for failures. No new policy an develop while failed policy is protected nurtured and extended in time.

Jackson Hole is a meeting of the guilty to protect the innocent from truth.

Jackson Hole is a meeting of liars to play liars poker with the unborn generation of the entire world. A consolidation of wealth for the inside elite. A 2016 Strip Poker that is digital and strips all wealth into the hands of the elite one disaster at a time.

Now then …I have spoken on Public Stages as a major Key Note ( book me on line anytime for your events world wide )….and I am ranked by Forbes Magazine as a top ten – thats TOP 10 KEY NOTE SPEAKER OF 2016 GLOBALLY – the highest ranking and praise in our entire industry – thank YOU …Cheryl Snapp Connors for that inclusion in the top 10 list this year.

Never in 30 years of global lectures have I seen such an election. Such a mean spirited election. Such a personal election. Such a disrespectful election. I have concluded it is all spin. I am assured it is all entertainment.

I know both candidates well enough to suggest this personal view.

Two GREAT AMERICAN’s are running for the highest office in the world – the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES “OF” AMERICA. Both American’s have enormous IP capital to offer the country.

Neither are horrible people.

Neither are a threat to the future of the nation. Either are blessings to the future.

One has been in the White House for eight years as First Lady and with an Administration that left us in the black with a balanced budget and at peace.

The other is a leader who has been the White House with all Presidents since he was a boy and knows the system. He is perhaps the greatest team and consensus builder alive famous for building and assuring HIGH PERFORMANCE teams with unmatched result out puts. Quality is his answer play book.

Both have visions when T BAR COMPARED that are 80% he same and 20% different. The Different views are the least consequence and the same views and policy are solutions to what comes next for AMERICAN prosperity.

Both are wealthy famous and need nothing.

Both have a vision for the future of the nation.

The media rating poll driven ENTERTAINMENT FRENZY of middle school antics – your a liar – no your a liar – no your a bigger liar – no your the greater liar – endlessly reported is a dignity breach to the PROCESS of our election.

America is a nation where elections are not personal. Elections are based on issues and policies.

Debated with respect. In the one nation where it is permitted to have different policy and issue visions, with respect for your opponent. The decade trend to make an entertainment rating out of vilifying the opponent has made running for office an American SIT COM versus the holy process the founding fathers held as their sacred duty and a process of honor.

Can we raise this bar?

Is there a crises in leadership expressed if we continue down this path?

What if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met privately and set up a new set of BOX TOP RULES for how they would operate their campaigns from this moment forward. Their public press release defined:

  1. We are raising the bar for all elections from this point in time forward in our digital media age.
  2. We are defining a STANDARD OF LEADERSHIP that may not be breached when running for this high office.
  3. Candidates will debate their issues without reference to the other directly or indirectly.
  4. Any reference one to the other will be via political pak or public release in press or advertising respectful of the OTHER GREAT AMERICAN’s running.
  5. Voters are asked to not vote for those who violate the new higher standards we will set example for when running for high national or state office.

How much value would such a new definition for protocol be for the American unborn generation. How far would such a meeting go to resolve the current crises of leadership.

Are we in the SUPER BOWL for the world showing an example of HOPE AND PROMISE ….TO …the entire world……or are we locked and trapped ….

In a downward middle school spiral as if we were still gossiping by the middle school lockers in our social immaturity at that time of life?

The entire process – media – pundits – adververts – press – paks – all of you and especially that candidates given AMERICA should be the most infectious envied desired THOUGHT FORM on earth….. I have this to say to you all….

SHAME ON YOU….pure and simple.

But hey…thats me.

I respect the great leaders running for office and America ( in my opinion ) will be rising and growing into greatness regardless of who wins – because both talents will work for the future of this country….and nothing less.

As the bulk of core policy is the same…..the results will be better as WE WIN once we elect who HAS WON.

In the end it is up to us to unspin the spin and to follow the TRUTH.

The truth should be easier to follow don’t YOU think?

I’m so sorry for the polarize divisive emotional extremes at this critical time in the world that divide an America that so badly requires UNITING to solve the problems here and globally together. In the end OUR PEOPLE are so much greater than our present process is demonstrating.

I hope the world can see  past the media entertainment circus. We all deserve a Presidential Model of running that rises far above a SIT COM in Hollywood.

Berny Dohrmann – Telling the Truth faster as I see it…..hoping to offend no one as I think out loud to myself

PS: On news globally of manufacuturing pulling back and trouble from Asia to EU NASDEX set an all time record – as we predicted in this fools rally – as your about to see. Remember OCTOBER and what we wrote to you to watch….