It is my opinion, as an investment banker economist, leading the largest small business institution in 140 nations for 30 years that – until we merge Central Banks back into treasury of the their nations the financial system of the world has:

  1. Zero control by nations as central banks are immune from over sight and regulation.
  2. Central banks regulate their own members which means no government regulation as final court – no accountability – no audit – it is the wolves guarding the chickens.
  3. Central banks work for selfish profit motive versus public service accountable to the people and their agencies and elected officials.
  4. Once merged back into national treasury money policy and banks are fully regulated for the first time since 1910
  5. As JP MORGAN – Wells Fargo – the biggest US BANKS created the Federal Reserve Board as my blog below this one details in film – proof of the secrecy and legal theft of the CONSTITUTION which precludes any agency but the US TREASURY from printing or controlling the PEOPLES MONEY is proved to you in one short film. the most important of our age.

So today – front page in the Financial Times of London which also is owned by Murdock and Wall Street Journal – that ┬áthe leading banks are conspiring to execute bank to bank settlements – around nations and oversight – using a BITCOIN they make themselves to settle global transactions. This takes from the World Bank the IMF and the treaty nations – 100 of them and us – the POWER to control world reserve currency. In effect the world becomes hostage in some forward years to the NEW BANK CURRENCY – they CREATE FROM AIR – fully unregulated other than by them – and – they can peg and set all nations currency value as they see fit rising and lowering national wealth based on their profits in that nation. Bless the FTC for reporting this item so well.


Will bankers regulate nations.

Or will nations regulate bankers.

The key to their powers is keeping WE THE PEOPLE financially illiterate. To not teach teens as I just did what my blog below – which we hope you will share on twitter and walls and boards and write about this web site more urgently – because – your banks are conspiring without WE THE PEOPLE of the WORLD to remove all national controls over money supply and currency and money value.

They are creating the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT through the ONE WORLD CURRENCY they can alone override creation and management of – overriding money – for all of us – where politics can no longer impact their core banker club powers which become preeminent.

How does this get stopped?


We the people wake up and get financial education. My blog is the easy way for millions to do just that if you viral this blog site continuously and make it a world movement.

We vote for inspired leaders to MERGE CENTRAL BANKS into the government treasury. Treasury regulates the banks and stops their ARTIFICIAL CURRENCY model. Oversight. Real bank regulation. For the first time since 1910.

Since the Federal Reserve Board was formed we have the biggest depression of all time – world war – and never ending pain in dramatic bubbles they foster and create while making nations slave to debt – over money they print and charge all of US interest for in a digital world where such nonsense is insane economics.

Central Bank laws 100 years ago where legal theft then and today they are evil financial empire legal theft to the world itself.

Inspired informed leaders running on the biggest election issue of our age and time – MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY as an example to all nations – is the future of freedom and prosperity for all of us.

Think about it and read up.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping you literate on the big financial news of our age