Financial Press around the world reads my blog. A growing investment banking, private equity, hedge fund, sovereign nation fund, and related BIG GUN managers use this blog for background noise to their overall staying on top of of the sub soil versus the sun and rain that is superficial to future trend lines.

As an investment banker economist, running the largest and highest ranked small business institution serving 140 countries in the world, precision is our work product on this blog. This weekend we nailed the election data history on how fall election markets impact elections.

Today Moody’s reversed this information, reporting it in financial press world wide. Said in the reverse the BIGGEST EFFECT ON THE MARKETS – according to MOODY’s front page financial news – will be from now to November – THE ELECTION.

The historic effect of year end ELECTIONS has been considered ranked and now from one of the larger credit rating agencies upon THE GLOBAL MARKETS in all asset classes – comes their report – the 2016 ELECTIONS remain the possible BLACK SWAN EVENT – ( super crash factor ) to the Market and UPON THE MARKET.

If you read my prior blog on the HILLARY FEAR FACTOR and then you read the MOODY REPORTS appearing everywhere in financial press TODAYs – before the ink appears on my global release this weekend – you SEE – clearly the influence of the BLOG on the MOODY report this Monday – or DO YOU BELIEVE “THAT” INSIDE our information age is coincidence?

The world IS tracking the blog you are reading – as an important weather roaster on future market data considerations and why. The Debt bomb has picked up more PRESS PRESENCE since we begin reporting DEBT was the SUPER BUBBLE and DEBT was instrument of financial mass destruction – we reported the ETF MARKET was the ATOMIC FINANCIAL BOMB OF GLOBAL ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION and to SHORT the ETF MARKET which will have its own movie – the SUPER SHORT as the sequel to the BIG SHORT. I’ve written about the fortunes that will be made in shorting the ETF market as an opinion position.

Finally Moody’s reported the growing SHORT MOUNT EVEREST forward into October is a ill boding for the ELECTION EFFECT you NOW MORE ABOUT than any investor CEO community on earth. In fact Moody’s failed to report the historical data depth we presented here for you to digest so you would have it all.

When the worlds leading credit agency says DUCK – use caution – the ELECTION CAN BE A SUPER CRASH a BLACK SWAN EVENT – when do you sell out?

We told you – at the market all time peak high – which is right now you sell out NOW. If you missed the last of the peak who cares you got 95% of your profits in your asset protection plan. For those who delay and pay – caught in MOODY’s predicted BLACK SWAN EVENT or our blog’s deeper FINANCIAL CONTAGION SUPER CRASH rebalance to DEBT BUBBLE collapsing the IMF and WORLD bank have been harping upon all year – while the Fed Fiddles with free money an insane failed policy while economically the world market space ( ROME ) burns to the ground – where is NERO as dead FED HEAD when you need him most? That was a joke.

Trump or Hillary will inherit a mess. Who will put the best TEAM together to remove waste reform system modeling – reform the old system into the new – and who will STEAL LESS? Vote for them folks – vote for them.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on Just for YOU

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