Sell high to all cash and buy low after SUPER CRASH. Remember I told you.

The market was insane in following oil as a whole.

The market was manipulated with stock buy backs from free money creating a phony global wealth effect a casino valuation.

The market is insane for focus on the failed fed policy. The new financial crack cocaine addiction is FREE MONEY you can use to borrow at low rates to speculate in the casino capital markets to chase yields on wild ass side bet speculations. Your software guys tell you it is ALL risk-less RISK. When ETF’s crash and everything – and I mean everything else goes into SUPER CRASH – the FREE MONEY ADDICTION will be seen as INSANE because it is. It is failed utter disastrous policy for which no criminal ever cheated the world more than your central bankers. Who never have to pay the price for the financial crimes.

So forget the sand you throw toward the peak of ALL TIME HIGH. Forget the addiction to profit to the last inch of the ALL TIME HIGH HIGHER HIGHEST AND SUPER CRASH.

Sell out NOW. Take your profits at more than 95%.

The insane oh market will auto pilot to new highs through mid September. As the BIG BRAINS return from fantastic summer retreats and vacations they will map out their game plan to protect assets and peak out profits for year end balance sheets.

The election HISTORIC data – the desire by a trillion dollars to profit and earn billions at peak and ELECT TRUMP – will have it’s own game plan and everyone will follow this market manipulation. As the SUPER CRASH takes hold in October the contagion from MARGIN CALLS will impact ETF’s first and loan debt securities next – defaults will rise in unexpected speeds and contagion as the unintended consequence of the SUPER BUBBLE unraveling commences.

You will be sitting pretty. The AUTO PILOT to mid September cycles and upward search for a new insane peak has no power over you. You woke up from the hypnotic trance of the financial crack cocaine. Free money.

You joined the majority of the market where 85% of market buy in – is in all cash sitting and watching since 2008. Without FREE MONEY leveraged 50 to 1 this phony casino market illussion of wealth could not exist. Sovereign nation funds who fail to read this blog are in for a zero sum game with enormous principle wipe out – ICE LAND AND NORWAY VERSION II to SUB PRIME lies and deceits.

This blog suggests you determine the facts that mean anything to you and act accordingly. Sell into GREED ( now ) and buy into FEAR ( later ).

Hold cash and be in SAFE HARBOR with CEO SPACE till next June. Patience is an asset preserver.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for CEO business owners world wide – retirement planning included – money managers take note a fire storm is coming.