First when I write about Trump or Hillary I’m not FOR or Against one or the other. I”m writing about data and details that my readers may not have access to. So you have a more full picture. It is my opinion more super money – two billion dollars – has been war waged against Trump because TRUMP is not playing ball with the SUPER MONEY and represents CHANGE – real core change – THEY DO NOT WISH FOR AND WILL NOT STAND FOR. Hence the two billion not to elect a President this cycle but to SPIN endless NEWS STORIES to derail one man’s run into the WHITE HOUSE – never in history has the union of all sides united into one singular purpose and what is amazing – is Trump is only around 5% behind Hillary – even with the Clinton Machine and money behind her – and his learning on the job through mistakes – only 5% – really – thats neck in neck. Two billion dollars later. So the voters for Trump must see behind the TWO BILLION OF SPIN and step over that trash and get deeper data.

When I read articles about Trump or Hillary I always research who wrote it – what is their real bias and have their joined the MONEY SUPER ELITE that control and pay salaries for all who write – amping a spin to the SUPER MONEY position – because in MY WORLD it is always….FOLLOW THE MONEY TO GET TO THE TRUTH.



The United States Army is one branch of the US Military albeit it’s largest.It has come to Trump LIGHT that in one quarter in 2015 – the US ARMY according to obscure reports by the Defense Departments Inspector General – alone – made WRONGLY ADJUSTMENTS ( we would go to prison for doing ) to the balance sheets reported to Congress as accurate by more than – 6.5 TRILLION DOLLARS. Now this nonsense is one branch in ONE SINGLE QUARTER. Can you imagine How Donald Trump see’s such hoodwinking?

The Inspector Generals reported that the FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE UNITED STATES ARMY WERE SUBSTANTIALLY MISSTATED  WHICH BECOME THE BASIS FOR NEXT YEARS FUNDING. Hillary Donald feels will continue business AS USUAL. Donald Trump see’s this as a system flaw, PURE FRAUD , and he plans to CHANGE THE SYSTEM. Those committing a ONE QUARTER FRAUD of 6.5 TRILLION DOLLARS do not wish to see this FRAUD become PUBLIC. 

Did YOU SEE any FRONT PAGE news on this item – did you see it dominate the election news – did you see THE BIGGEST FRAUD OF ALL TIME come to the fore when our entire nation is at a war with TERROR and the leadership lacks the integrity to account to PUBLIC OVERSIGHT with pride accurately every public institution is required to execute or go to PRISON? Is anyone in the US ARMY GOING TO JAIL? Is the MEDIA EVER GONIG TO REPORT AND PROTECT THE US TAX PAYER? Why is this not as the LARGEST PUBLIC FRAUD toppling heads at the Pentagon – White House and why is CONGRESS NOT demanding a SPECIAL CONGRESSIONAL PROSECUTOR slam this item all the way home? Nope. If my BLOG didn’t bring this weekend news to you would you EVER KNOW IT.

Donald Trump knows it and the military does not WANT President TRUMP to FIX IT. This of course divides voter views from Hillary to Trump when it is understand. I’ve said elect the candidate that WILL STEAL LESS. This view includes data like this so you can best decide. The real WHY things are taking place – follow the MONEY the real MONEY. Make more sense now.

The report concluded the Army lost or didn’t keep critical records and required data and much of the data it did present was fully inaccurate ( which is criminal not civil FRAUD ) . A reuters report earlier on the DOD fraud in reporting stated that as result of calculated MISREPORTING by the DOD there was for the largest line item Congress approves for the largest nation and the largest military NOW WAY FOR THE TAX PAYERS TO KNOW OR ACCOUNT FOR “HOW” THEIR MONEY IS BEING SPENT. Congress has LOST CONTROL OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY and if THAT is not changed we have lost control of our NATION. Think about THAT item and how important THAT item is in a free society democracy in which checks and balance create systems that replace trust. We required NEW SYSTEMS to restore TRUST to the UNITED STATE MILITARY. Donald Trump see’s this huge issue – as one anchor platform he holds on to – to make AMERICA GREAT again in his slogans.

Congress set a deadline of September 30th for the US ARMY to meet an audit of its books. Nothing is moving forward on that and the Military is already making huge noise they will NEVER meet THAT deadline. The COVER UP is just beginning. The NEW PRESIDENT will either sweep it under the rug – or pull out the rug – one or the other. Vote for who will STEAL LESS is my slogan.

Adjustments to one account – require adjustments to countless sub accounts – so the FRAUD dominoes into the TRILLIONS as it flows down the line the Inspector General reports. The Defense Department spin – the report is more accurate than not accurate. The retort – the discovery of the 6.5 TRILLION is the tip of the ice berg – accumulating for decades – and the true number of the CRIMINAL FRAUD is so much greater than we suspect. Criminals running the largest military in the world without honor to get new funding dishonestly.

Folks – CHANGE is a once in a generation opportunity.

Think about CHANGE real core change and sometimes those lambasting the CHANGER should be – framed as – consider the source before you by in to the negative spin hype on either candidate. WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THIS ISSUE is a matter of bankrupting America or RE-INVENTING AMERICA in my opinion – that is HOW important candidate regard to the issue no one is even discussing IS.

Media is reporting high school hop scotch bull shit and is out to lunch on PUBLIC FRAUD in ONE QUARTER of 6.5 TRILLION times that by four quarters times that by years – that is the biggest RED INK in our nation – that FRAUD would over fund social security and rebuilding AMERICA versus a sink hole of pure theft and criminal waste of tax holder money. CAN WE REFORM THE SYSTEM and DO BETTER. You bet we can. But you have to THNK It all through from the money not the press on hop scotch issues – my GOD.

Fraud looks like missed counts were unmatched in two computers and rather than fixing the disparity the authorities INSERTED FALSE INFORMATION to make the two balance – as a FRAUD – and the Inspector GENERAL said this was the normal pattern – they said there were FAR TOO MANY examples of this pattern – and yet NO ONE GOES TO JAIL or LOSES THEIR JOB – which in any place else would occur. WHAT IS WRONG with this SYSTEM? Tax payer LIVES matter folks.


The DFAS is “studying the report” and has no comment at this time.

How often have you heard this out of integrity – out of accountability – political spin and bullshit from leaders who are in crises and lack INTEGRITY.

My entire blog reporting on the CRISES OF LEADERSHIP is the FIRST CRISES is made clear with the Congress biggest spending sink hole – into outright Fraud they continue and perpetuate. VOTE TO CONGRESS AND LEADERS who promise they will FIX THIS SYSTEM FIRST.

How much money at 6.5 trillion per quarter would we have for education of our children when you think through the WASTE. WE have enough money folks to balance our national budget and move into great prosperity if we can stop the CROOKS and the broken system waste.

Change – real change.

Think about THAT as your opportunity.

That is why the US MILITARY IS AGAINST TRUMP not because as commander and chief they can not support him – because he will change the system of criminals.

It is worth  a note to the  polls as a line item.