Twenty elections record that the MARKET FACTOR elects or rejects Presidents. If the markets decline in September and October which is 75% of the recorded market factor election trend lines – incumbent parties loose and the other party wins. If the markets boom to the election the incumbent wins.

If the TRUMP voters and donors and business owners simply dump their stock – taking profits at an all time high – if world wide TRUMP supporters Dump their stuck and the markets decline in September and in October the MARKET FACTOR influences HILLARY’s run.

Hillary knows this but what can she DO about it.

When the market is at all an time HIGH – why not sell to support your candidate and buy in after he swears in in January raising the market – making profits both sides of the election? It is profitable to elect your candidate.

If the NASDAQ has its first winning streak since 2010 whey NOT sell at the PEAK and buy into the NEW YEAR valley – sell HIGH buy LOW is the mantra. Why not elect your President in the process.

This MARKET FACTOR is historic but for the first time with digital trading and vast sums at Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Sovereign NATION FUNDS at a click disposal will the MONEY manipulate the election?

We have predicted the triple witching hour of October – the financial decline in profits – the debt bomb going off – THAT – October the home of the biggest Super Crashes in history is a time to watch. That is without a September 11th event or some other aspect to the market.

WWPD. What would PUTIN do? That is another factor. Will Putin and his sovereign nation buddies profit out of the market and fire a digital short weapon at the markets to double up on profit taking for his circle – while assuring Hillary is not elected President as he feels – he can’t deal with her as well as he could a leader he knows better and personally in Trump. He feels he and Trump can resolve ISIS and world issues more cooperatively and Hillary is all competition in process with Russia. Right or wrong he holds that view – will he act to influence the election? He already hacked the DNC. Why not make a trillion dollars electing TRUMP and joining he sell off?

But wait – he who sells off first to elect TRUMP wins most ….so the trigger to sell is a million fingers on the sell button just waiting for the first signal. The BIG BOYS AND GIRLS on vacation but coming back home after Labor Day – are going to be talking about what I’m blogging about.

It is not in my opinion – historic – pattern – or opportunity – because its clear it is all of those items and more. It is also about profit. Profit to have your candidate win. Profit to accelerate that win early. So the question is not IF that SELL off is likely given these forces but WHEN.

Hillary’s tribe can’t offset the SELL OFF without fantastic unimaginable losses given the margin leverage. So Hillary’s supporters must SELL INTO THE FIRE STORM to protect their own positions – accelerating the benefit to President Trump.

So the one single issue of this blog today – before the big guns come back to the trigger point and their computers all united in strategy – WHAT IS THE GO DATE THEY ALL AGREED TO AND WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT?

If the market declines for months Trump may benefit enough by historic pattern to win. He is only 5% apart at this point which given error factors and 1500 in a poll only is NECK AND NECK and Hillary KNOWS “THAT”. But what can she do on the MARKET FACTOR.

Hillary FEARS the MARKET FACTOR because she and Bill well knows its history and power – and they can not influence or control the outcome of it. IT says to millions of voters as if screaming:

  1. Obama did not fix the economy
  2. The economy IS broken
  3. A new team must fix the broken economy

That is the historic message the voters hear – right or wrong. Only in DIGITAL SPACE unregulated – with unlimited money available to SUPER PAKs who can and might SHORT the markets – massively – they win profits and put that back into saturation advertising – and spin – while Hillary money dries up due to market loses. Right when Hillary needs the money most.

Everyone at the top knows all this. Did you?

Imagine the planning going on.

Imagine how HILLARY FEARS the MARKET FACTOR. Hillary knows the election and markets can be manipulated for TRUMP even without Trump planning or influencing it – its beyond TRUMP. Though he can also pour gasoline on this market factor because Trump is financial literate and he is not an idiot. Who would not use this market factor to win?

IF you study elections having advised candidates since Kennedy – you take these data issues as an investment banker and election data expert into great account. As an economist the profit motive for TRUMPS side knowing this equation – with so much profits to be made selling at peak high’s into over priced markets and sagging earnings the adjustment NOW helps TRUMP NOW and LATER.

Digitally you can coordinate organize and secure massive manipulation in this SUPER BOWL play into the White House. To miss the option or opportunity seems a little naive when I look at the MARKET FACTORS.

I can see why HILLARY is privately in tears over this. All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men can’t put this political manipulation back together again. Worse the voters will never believe it IS a market manipulation to elect TRUMP they just will not and they will not care – they will want prosperity at all costs.

Knowing this as a blog reader. Why don’t you sell out Monday. All time high. First. Be first to the bank and thank me later.

If I’m wrong – you missed a little peak and made a ton – holding in cash for a bit till stocks and bonds sort themselves out.

If I’m write you’ll comment on this blog how your nest egg was protected as a global Blog Reader. You might wish to WILDLY share this link and new readers might wish to subscribe to stay up on these predictions – knowing how right we have been since 1988. We present one of the longest most accurate track records in the global information market space.

FOR CEO SPACE MEMBERS knowing this factor on elections why take the risk? Why not go all cash to January selling at PEAK Monday from IRA’s and Portfolio’s stocks and bonds – peak out – hold cash – and be ahead. If you WAIT till the big guns sell politically – you will be too late and following it you will have lost your PEAK PROFITS you have on MONDAY – which is WHY my timing is to give you all this early. CNBNC just did an article on this factor far from front page but confirming my data where I’ adding in more of the HILLARY FEAR FACTOR like the TELEVISION SHOW. Its nail biting time for Hillary’s team because THEY HAVE NO AMMO for this historic event.

Again the issue is digital trading without regulatory oversight. The laws are local the super trades are in the cloud masked by shadow banking – dark pools – private equity off short – global money pools – sovereign nation funds – and nations – with their agenda’s. Hillary’s tribe will want to protect profits in the sell off – they will not hold through – they will join the TRUMP avalanche of sell off. In Digital election age matured in 2016 the MARKET FACTOR UPON ELECTION can be fully executed at a click strategy. You can put/call positions to earn all the way down and all the way back up and the deeper the cycle the more profit you earn and you elect your candidate. WHO WOULD FAIL TO EXECUTE collectively knowing THAT.

As it starts from the insider collective every stake holder rushes into the play computer by computer. World Wide. Now think what if the FED wants TRUMP and triggers a rate hike. It will tell you who they are voting for as the elevate the dollar and sink the markets. If they don’t and they want Hillary they will rate hike after the election. Itself political policy not economic policy. DO YOU THINK THIS IS NOT A CORNERSTONE FACULTY INSIDE THE MINUTES YOU NEVER WRITE DOWN? Really?

So you shall know THEM by their WORKS as it says in all the sacred literature.

I have from 1988 attempted to give you a new set of glasses to read news financially as it is all economic. Politics follow economics – the money. As you wear these new glasses you are so better informed and the TRUTH will SET YOU FREE.

Given the growing readership by SUPER MONEY – hedge funds – and super money pools to the blog – consider if they SUPER SHORT ETF’s now in August how much in fortunes they make in September and October. Perhaps I am alone in seeing these profits from insane market valuation today and leverage that is silly.

The final question – what is a DIRT-NAP? A dirt nap is Lehman. When bids evaporate and no one is buying and everyone is selling and their is zero liquidity across your game board. Then that market takes a DIRT-NAP. Lehman took a DIRT-NAP as did Structured Assets globally.

Could a DIRT NAP materialize which would be a SUPER CRASH.

My readers all year will recall my countless caution to watch SEPTEMBER OCTOBER noting if we got through THAT ( I don’t see how with the election factor looming and my tribe cutting countless on the yatch plans and deals for the coming weeks of play ), this factor mutes. But Hillary has no influence on that muting. Hence the election FEAR FACTOR. She is tied with Trump when she should be 22 points in the lead to win and SHE and her team well know that. And TRUMP is rising again and fast.

What a crazy insane world we inherit till the system is re-regulated and upgraded which our blog has been calling for – for years now to law makers.

So can you make trillions electing TRUMP?


Will you?

What do YOU think or suspect?

Historically what you KNOW before digital manipulation at a level the world has never seen or known before existed remains:

..if markets dive in September October the¬†incumbent¬†party always loses and the new team wins…..

Now consider you know what SUPER MONEY that wants TRUMP to win knows. WWPD – what WILL Putin DO? And everyone else?

First out wins most.

Consider the history and bone up yourself on line to see the data.

Hillary is noodling this factor as her team attempts to rewrite history for the very first time breaking the model – but can it be done. Can it really be done?

BERNY DOHRMANN – giving you the truth faster always