As my readers know I have invested decades as Chairman of public global investment institutions, as an investment bankers from Wall-street and San Francisco and Globally, working with the major underwriters since the 1960s – and running CEO SPACE the largest oldest highest ranked world wide small business acceleration program for 30 years. We have assisted more brands and small business to accelerate than any institution with our experience and expertise in economics.

I have made just under 100 financial predictions since the 1980’s and we have predicted the 9/11 event ( not the method but the risk ), the digital attack of 2008 and the crash – to current volatility markets in CASINO CAPITALISM globally – along with the disbursement of terror world wide – digital warfare taking place now – trade wars taking place now – the debt super bubble rising now – and the SUPER CRASH to appear soon enough 2018 at the latest with OCTOBER and Spring 2017 being epic risk moments to the market overall as the bubbles may burst at any time.

We have pointed out that in August you have to consider some data. First, the participation index of the number of individual trading accounts creating the world market space is at a 100 year low point. Said another way after 2008 the massive base of investors left the market in ruin, and have not returned at all. 34 million in America are unemployed now – high paying jobs – and they are not counted any longer in the long term unemployment math models the liars are using. This is a world wide data manipulation problem. Until nations tell the truth faster the future is at risk for nations themselves. The model of manipulation and lying can not stand long term economically. Truth is required for markets to be REAL So data point # 1 – the base that creates the global market is now an upside down pyramid. The base is a small number of elites globally, using unheard of leverage drawing down free money from financial institutions they own or control or influence, and betting by borrowing up to 50 dollars to every dollar down to manipulate prices on EVERYTHING – using structured assets that did not exist in 2008. The largest example is the soaring asset class of ETF investing. The base of the pyramid is not investing at all – its high in the air in cash. You can see how this will w and topple. Without the massive base there is no REAL MARKET.

The participation index is the truth. The market is a casino – fully skewed – and is not a real market at all. Its side bets like in 1929 and 1906 – both led to depressions. Only in those years you could not leverage at today’s level of debt and margin. Also in those days you had to come into what where known as PARLORS or BUCKET SHOPS and place paper side bets. Today shadow banking – unregulated money pools – hedge funds – private equities – investment banks – commercial banks, governments, sovereign wealth funds, and George Soro speculators – can themselves manipulate gold up – and then cash out before it crashes down – as old George so wisely ( for himself as a market engineer manipulator ) did – they do it from currency to oil to sugar to sugar beats.

The big guns are on vacation in August. The bears return in September. The big money comes back to the tiller or global trading next month. They will begin to moderate risk. So the elite are trading and the masses are in cash on the side lines. they are not suckered IN to buy at the all time HIGH when bonds and stocks are specualtive SO OVER PRICED – so OVER VALUED. The notion you are missing insane multiples to more insane multiples has any long term upside is silly. Buy into fear at market crash lows. Sell into Greed at market all time highs – like SELL NOW. Forget you sold at base camp and didn’t make the peak before you crashed to the floor on the valley floor. TAKE PROFITS into the GREED never buy into the greed.

The elites are manipualting the market into SUPER BUBBLES. Donald Trump who is not uninformed – worth billions upon billions for some reason – suggests its ALL A BUBBLE. Berny Sanders his major rival agreed and stated its ALL AN ENORMOUS BUBBLE. Greenspan recently sugggested caution. As he did prior to the last crash. The elites are about to run out of bandwidth to manipulate. They believe they have controls up and down in ranges. This is fools logic. The Market is like we have never known or seen – due to manipulation – leverage – lack of regulation – lack of participation at base – and a house built on quick sand versus any real sound financial platform. When the SUPER BUBBLE crashes it will effect nations and the system at core. TOO BIG TO JAIL will be the next rally cry. The bought off crises in leadership allows crooks who made trillions to buy off their crimes in settlements with nations in FINES for CRIMES – where the new slogan to the elites – is….

IF YOU DO THE CRIME BE ABLE TO PAY THE FINE….there is no jail time. Which is the mark of a corrupt global system where a father stealing a pizza in California can go to jail for life trying to feed a family of four – while an eltie stealing untold billons pays a 100 millon dollar fine and has a warm meal in the HAMPTONS or LONDON. What is wrong with such a system? You tell me when you have had enough? When you understand the system is broken and needs revolutionary modernization. How smart is this conclusion and mind set? There is a crises of leadership all bought and paid for. It as a system must be revolutionized to work for all of us don’t you think? We can do it. But leadership IS required.

Only a few appreciate the economic core issues. Most just do not understand the economics today. We have been educated to be FINANCIALLY ILLITERATE such that a handful of elites own and run the wealth of the world. This is socially WRONG and economicsally insane. It can not continue – it never does and it is always the downfall of nations and world economics. So why do we repeat pattern? It is so insane. Driven by mindless greed. So selfish and so one sided. So unfair to all the rest of US.

There IS a CLUB of world owners. You and I are NOT in the club. You work for the owners. You are all of your wage slaves in the final review. Hostage to their financial game playing over which you do not KNOW the box top rules they play by. You are excluded.

There is no real cost or market for anything. It is all casino manipulated by unregulated GREED made possible over twenty years as digital world wide trading replaced local laws abilities to keep a lid on this form of speculation. THIS IS SPECULATION LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER KNOWN.

The first serving or menu item was the dot.bomb speculation in the 1990’s. This resulted in a SUPER CRASH of that market sector. The SUPER MONEY SPECULATORS then created structured off shore money pools – now individually selling at over 1 trillion per individual pool – in real estate. The smarty pants from Yale Harvard and Cambridge decided REAL ESTATE COULD NEVER GO DOWN LONG TERM. They were wrong and when Russia fired a digital weaponized attack on markets the markets vulnerable to the wrong minded data – SUPER CRASHED wiping trillions of wealth out.

In January Russia fired its weapon at China for joining sanctions against Russia for the Ukraine – and the world lost more than in 2008. Russia making more by many times than all the sanctions combined as did Iran and North Korea as partners ( the Russia Weapon is always fired without finger prints from North Korea ) which all our THREE LETTER agencies know so well. The markets are increasingly vulnerable to such digital attacks.

The laws regulating markets where largely passed and thought through when telephones where in a fraction of homes. There was no television. There was no internet. Trading was oral outcry and paper tracked. Since 1980’s the internet and digital globalization created a market space that regulations of a century ago failed to accommodate. The LOOP hole IS today – the trades are in the cloud which is the wild wild west with zero regulatory oversight – initiated and controlled by fantastically wealthy global elites – sustaining their wealth and making unimaginable profits that stretch the elastic fabric of a world financial economic system, that has foundations and logic and protection from abuse.

For two decades the markets have been SO WIDELY Abused that they entire system is in utter jeopardy. Just as it was from more modest speculation, distorting and SIDE BETS versus real stake holder betting on actual economic fundamental growth.

Said another way – investment in speculation is a side bet on which way a price and future market will unfold.

Stake holder trading is long term “wise” investing in economic fundamentals such as plant equipment and infrastructure that returns growth over time really versus short term instant profits from side bet manipulation.

The cause of all depressions is a market distortion when regulatory oversight fails such that side bet manipulations exceed stake holder investment.

Never in the history of mankind has the ratio of the bubble of speculative investing risen over stake holder investing as dramatically as 2016. For example the world stake holder market is estimated to be annualized at 2.8 trillion dollars up from 2.4 trillion dollars in 2008.

The side Bet Market has risen from 90 Trillion dollars in 2008 to over 400 Trillion dollars in 2016. This rising ratio IMBALANCE creates a super bubble that when it collapses ( first with defaults in the bond markets ) and via massive contagion globally sinking all markets collectively into real depression world wide – all at once – without warning – as a financial hurricane that hits all of us with no where on earth not effected by the massive financial winds.

Paul Singer warned in a letter to the leading money managers of the world that the issues reported on this blog – reflect a world debt or bond market that is in SUPER BUBBLE – that is created by failed policy of central banks – and when the correction occurs it will be without warning, sudden, and devastating. Paul who heads a fund of 28 billion – suggests the bond ( debt world markets ) are in a SUPER BUBBLE beyond anything the world has ever know or experienced. He suggests the stampede into negative interest bonds is INSANE and more than peculiar ( his words ). A financial speak for CRAZY.

Mr. Singer continues to ring the warning bell for an utter devastating global WASH OUT – or rebalancing of debt accounts.

We have reported that specific growth numbers are require to sustain debt. You can not have a spiral into deflation, in China, a run on the bank of collapsing markets ( 10% export down turn in July in Singapore ) with the down bubble picking up velocity – growth is crossing over to become insufficient to sustain the 165% ( and its worse than what is reported by communists ) of GNP debt – the Debt Bubble is rising at such a level world wide that the lack of GROWTH year after year – will create a DAY OF ACCOUNTABILITY – defaults triggering contagion – a world measles that will effect every single value.

Singer believes inflation will inevitably rise from failed central bank two decade policy – suddenly without an ability to cap inflation. Currency wars will intensify as the Super Crash hits. The cooperation required to fix the system is lacking and the competition ( every nation is on their own ) is making the problem worse – much worse.

While you are playing musical chairs – the rise up in 2027 – the rise up in 1905 – to the SUPER CRASH and world wide depressions that followed – is historic. There is always a FOOLS rally that sucks int he final resources before the greedy profit seekers are simply wiped out. Wealth is reset and adjusted. Globally. Banks fail. It is a consequence of Debt Super Bubbles and panic. Historic. Never fails.

The difference is leverage and digital trading and digital structured assets adding no value to the economics of the world. These kind of SIDE BETS were a felony in 1999. The laws were changed globally to make that crime – legal. The result is a return to the system abuse that created all depressions – the largest ramp up of side bets and speculation the world and its people has ever known.

Why are the people of the world not engaged in a more shared prosperity?

The reason is – laws. A failure of global laws.

Competitive capitalism as an economic system is a failed system for sharing prosperity efficiently. Yet it is far better and more effective than Communism and socialism the most failed economic system. What is needed is a global all country buy in – to a revolutionary new digital financial model we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Speculation would be a felony. Stake holder investing would be the only investment. Leverage would be regulated uniformly world wide. Tax policy would be Global and without loop hole – based on value added taxes and GNP purchasing versus unfair tax policies – presenting full partnership opportunities for developing nations.

Corruption would be harshly dealt with. Moral capitalistic must be regulated. Regulations would established by a three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to design the laws for COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM globally, including all nations in a location like the Big Island of Hawaii – a spiritual non political space for economists of nations to THINK IT ALL THROUGH over years of sufficient time to make the first draft. The CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION would reconvene every ten years to correct abuse – remove barriers to entry at the Entrepreneur level – and sustain economics and balances globally. This self correcting process would provide the answer the crises of vision and leadership the world faces today. What is required is global trust, global cooperation and global excitement for a solution.

SUPER BONDS available only to nations, would refinance nation debt, in 200 year bonds paying off SUPER BONDS on the rising economies of 200 years forward in time paying off todays full dollar debts with a penny equivalent in 200 years. This model replaces the failed central bank system, where banks are regulated by TREASURIES with central bank governance merged into national treasuries. No interest would be charged to nation’s printing money – controlled by the new CONSTITUTION on ratio’s to assets – GNP and sobering opportunity indexes. Fully transparent global digital self correcting system all nations in full partnership approaches.

The rising tides of all nations lifts all economic wealth to full partnership far more broadly than the failed analog systems of the past have been able to foster. This manifesto defined in the publication REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION appear on Amazon – buy a copy and get smart on the solution. Become active in THE REVOLUTION OF OUR AGE.

The crises is first a crises of leadership. Without resolving this first crises the economic crises can not be cured.

Those at the head of the MONEY PILE fail to appreciate their own value and protections inside the MODERNIZED COOPERATIVE CAPITALISTIC SYSTEM. Their buy in to keep the present insane system in tact moved the entire world toward utter failure economically, world depression as history shows us, and world war. Versus solutions to new industries – floating cities that are green and self sustaining – space industry and tourism and modernizing enviro friendly industrial development.

The elites are short sighted and relatively blind. They can’t see what they can not see. Their adviser data is incomplete, faulty, and fatal when used to guide into reality the future. Any system where 1% own more wealth than 99% is not stable and is a risk to the world. Such a system is insane. Such a system needs reform at core. We all understand this.

What leader is proposing a holistic solution to the core system issue?

With the best intentions the present global regulatory frame work with laws applying locally – while the system trades in the cloud unregulated – digitally- has failed. The governments and the central banks have lost control to the digital market space. The laws can not be modernized to accommodate the digital world market space. The laws must be revolutionized and applied globally via a world economic global constitution for trade – tax – and world trade that is fair – uniform – and an equal opportunity for all. It is not hard. We have the knowledge and brains to do it. What leader is proposing a holistic global economic revolution to protect us all and keep us safe – and to truncate an economic SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR that is historic?

The crises is in leadership pounding competitive thought versus cooperative thinking. The problem is buggy virus ride MENTAL SOFTWARE as the book REDEMPTION presents hard data to illuminate.

CEO SPACE is ground zero for leaders in global industry who wish to reform their corporate and national cultures into cooperation versus competition – because it simply works better. CEO SPACE is a space to build safe harbor for leaders to prosper in the developing SUPER CRASH and world economic crises. There is safety in numbers. The more aligned global cooperative partnerships the stronger the world is without government assistance. CEO SPACE IS A REVOLUTION of SOLUTIONS. If you want immediate acceleration to your prosperity and you want to DO SOMETHING that is bigger than any of our lives individually, explore CEO SPACE on line and hook up for September 26th or Dec 11th in our next BUSINESS ACCELERATION cooperative economic programs in Orlando. Check out CEO SPACE with one click ( and see a video or two ). What else makes sense? ( share this link with your circle you care most for and trade with ).

For 30 years we have advocated the REVOLUTION into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM correcting system failures of economics in communism, socialism and competitive capitalism. Everyone wins from THIS REVOLUTION which requires no bullets or violence. As Forbes # 1 ranked business conference in the world – we are turning out LEADERSHIP that resolves the crises of leadership major universities are increasingly affiliating with CEO SPACE upon. We welcome institutional association consulting to Institutional nations and education globally. Contact us.

CEO SPACE is an expression of SOLUTION ACTION versus theory and talking about theory. For thirty years we have demonstrating a new working model for Fortune institutions and nations. Now that process IS accelerating.

We hate – truly – harping on the developing SUPER CRASH. We serve enormous numbers of CEO business owners in 140 nations globally. Informing our members and our tens of thousands of blog readers ( we have trouble approving our new daily subscribers as the numbers are huge world wide as YOU SHARE this blog site ).

Giving you the TRUTH is what we are all about.

Keeping you better informed is what we are all about.

As you know I am Chairman of CEO SPACE and speak 100’s of days a year on stages world wide on these topics. I author numerous books yearly and appear on countless radio and television programs from Moscow to the EU to the World. My blog is written as I have time which is never and I apologize if my drafts are not as polished as those who have more time. My goal is data not style.

As in investment banker economist I give you my best. Your comments thrill me and I always answer you – so do comment on any article you find helpful – we all cross read those comments. This is YOUR SITE for WHAT IS REAL.

Use it with others to form your own perspective. Disagree with me. Thats honored in cooperation. I celebrate never punish opposing thinking. Its all good.

This update conveys my gratitude that you read and share this information. This is YOUR BLOG site for TRUTH.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on Just For YOU

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