To prevent Super Crash and a world wide depression economically, the central banks of the world have invested ten years of FREE MONEY. This has not worked. Economic growth is pathetic no matter how they manipulate the numbers.

In the USA the leadership of shame has taken the LONG TERM UNEMPLOYED out of the unemployment numbers. Put those 34 million back in and we have 25% unemployment. Which is about right after the crash.

All the spending in the trillions has not jump started economcics. In fact all the spending in the rigged financial system of casino capitalism goes to pay off bad debts of the super rich and banks, while the invested cash is used for speculation and profit taking versus long term investment and economy making.

In half the world from Japan to the EU they PAY YOU TO INVEST known as negative interest – which after a year – is also not working.

Now in full PANIC mode the governments of the world from the USA to EU to ASIA are talking about helicopter money. That is printing money and directly putting it into the economy – by giving it to nations to spend – mostly. Very ineffecient. Ideally helipopter money is dropping trillions on the population so they will spend it. But they won’t because they’ll save it.

Everyone reads the tea leaves.

Everyone just KNOWS there is something wrong in the system.

Everyone also KNOWS there is only one crises – A CRISES OF LEADERSHIP. You can feel a crises of leadership and a desert of ideas.

They let it go too far.

No one has the answers.

Everyone is competiting when only cooperation will resolve the systemic issues.

So now they will try and fight the death spiral of deflation effecting all nations trying in panic to restart real sustained inflation – by injecting enormous new money into global systems. This will fail as well.

When it does we will have SUPER CRASH.

Meaanwhile home ownership in the USA is the lowest % level since the 1960’s. Not good. The trend is down. Home buyership is soaring down. Why?

80% of mellinnials the pig in the python of populations – can not qualify for first time home ownership. The inventory of first time homes is tight. The price has risen. The buyer can’t afford it with a decade of wages going backwards in real terms. Whenthe majority of wage earners can’t afford a new home – the market is not sustainable. As there is no place to trade your home to trade up. This base line will utliamatley cause home prices to go DOWN to reflect real market conditions of affordability to buyer. Meanwhile long term – millennial’s are renting – for life – wishing to shed the liablity and burden of ownership and be more free to travel and enjoy without upkeep and obligation. This attitude issue does not bode well for home buying long term.

Face book – record earnings. CEO SPACE is hosting the most disruptive new on line platforms in history – we feel Facebook will become an antique novelity like MY SPACE against the new platform technologies about to explode across the world screne. I’d short face book. Sell high ( now ) and buy low.

Oil – is as this blog reported facing a run on the bank away from oil usage at every possible level. As demand goes down the pumping and output is soaring. Each month the inventory of oil advances to new records over supply. Speculators are loosing their long control on price. For those specualtors on the wrong side of the bet they are and will lose trillions. Oil is down 20% this year and going much lower. Just as we predicted. Everyone said we were fools. They always say that. Then we are right. We have been data driven and right generally for thirty years.

Increasingly CEO’s and professonals rely on this blog as a resource for planning. Investment professionals national leadership and media are using the content as a resource for discussion.

Our objective in presenting raw data on what is GOING ON OUT THERE is to read through the spin – and give you the REAL INFORMATION – so you are informed before you take action. You have another opinion yet one more resource view. You can disagree or agree. We respect both. If you comment at the bottom of our blogs we love it.

The entire world is reading. We are adding 1,000 folks a week and we thank you. All. Spread the word. We get emails how much we saved some one. How much they did not loose and would have lost had they not had the relevent information.

For those investing all their savings and holdings into diversified insurance investing as we began recommending last year for the coming five to seven years – we believe you will have the most guaranteed, highest return, and best sleep at night posture, outside all the risk and loss as SUPER CRASH approaches.

We are now ONE CONTAGION event any where in the world, from a SUPER CRASH. WE believe the trigger may be Russia firing a financial digital weapoon, or a bank collapse into dominoe bank investment bank and hedge fund colllapse starting with China Banks ( the worst of the worst ) or EU banks in Italy or Spain.

Keep your eye on the money and read between the lines.



PS: Vote for your candidate the ONE you just KNOW will steal….LESS……




Turbulence is the new normal. August the large % of trading dollars are on Holiday until after schools return. The market volume and velocity can’t reach record levels during this time. During the reduced trading volume minor players and state players can Manipulate to their advantage.

When the big boy software comes back on line in September the market modereates to the new SPECULATIVE Casino normal. As there is no REAL MARKET remaining. The market is a fully manipulated casino market where unregulated software specualation of super pools of money fix and moderate price for EVERYTHING including national currency.

Nothing is a real market on supply and demand nothing.

So in the CASINO it is liklely to see some scarcy times in August. But on lower volume.

It is likey to correct into a rally into year end. If we have a threat anywhere in the world or a digital attack October is the weak time for a SUPER CRASH. If we get through October the next SUPER CRASH alert time is April 2017 or anytime after New Year utnil April. That SUPER CRASH testing the NEW PRESIDENT may be the last time we will see a full on digital attack – as an opportunity for our enemy to strike us when we are in transition.

No real MARS plan as we have written about exists today.

It is a little bit odd to “me”.

We know the threat.

We know World War III the Pope discussed today is DIGITAL and on line.

We know the threat sources.

Yet we have no integration THREAT REPSONSE. That seems odd to me.

One might ask why.

They keep asking ME in this climate who is my pick for President of the United States.

I answer with a smile as I do for all voters in all nations –


That may be the only real issue in the end.

Berny Dohrmann – Telling the Truth for you




The Pope confirmed the World has lost the peace and IS in World War III which is not religious. The Pope said all religions desire peace. The Pope said the war is economic over control and resources. Control of people and resources.

In 2006 this blog reported that the global system was vulnerable to a digital weapon. In 2008 as the crash took hold we reported a digital weapon had been fired. Later Kevin Freeman best selling author would write THE SECRET WEAPON documenting World War III began with the digital attack by Russia upon the West.

Today the Shooting war is staging – in China Sea – In Middle East – and in Europe. The Digital war directed by Russia is ferocisous. Having recently LAUNCHED THE COUP in Turkey as PAY BACK Russia is now using digital weapons to accuse the coup on the USA to move Turkey toward Russia. Fall back plan.

Putin has invented and equiped ISIS. Who is behind ISIS? Putin. Who fails to bomb ISIS and only bombs Alliance troops against Isis? Putin. We fight Putin’s ISIS alone. On the ground IRAN is far more an ally than Putin to the USA fighting terror. And PUTIN has been unable to control IRAN the way he thought he could. Interesting. Strange bed fellows.

Putin hacked the Democratic data base and attempted to use digital weapons to influence USA elections. Why? Putin can make a deal with Trump. Putin must go to war with Hillary because to him she is too globally inept to deal with and he doesn’t plan to. He plans to USE Hillary if she wins and he knows he can’t use Donald Trump who has Putin’s dial in number – and he will have to make a deal he can live with economically.

Still Russia is now a AXIS OF EVIL NATION that is operating outside any rule of law and has engaged in starting WORLD WAR III. The new Hitler “IS” Putin. He is attacking all nations. Invading Europe with 5 million refugee’s and still coming – he is pouring them in to break the EU financially. He has sent so many Muslim radicals into the EU Germany has expeirenced five serious terror events a WEEK. It is WEEKLY all over the EU now – WEEKLY in the WORLD WAR. The peace is gone.

Putin’s plan IS working.

The West has no plan. This was outlined in Kevin Freemans “must read” work on the present situation – GAME PLAN. Game Plan tells you the EU and the USA have zero game plan. None. So Kevin tells you how to make your own because WORLD WAR III is a wave that will wash over all of us.

Now the POPE ( you think his CIA isn’t better than ours – you think presideing over the oldest form of government with over 1 billion citizens in his Catholic nation he lacks the intel ? ) – says to the world that THE ENTIRE WORLD “IS” IN WORLD WAR III and thats today folks.

The pople confirms our blog.

We ARE in World War III. Putin is behind the war. Unless Russia kills him and they may – the world is going to move into a shooting war. We know this which is why we are putting MISSEL DEFENSE in South Korea to block RUSSIA and her rogue nation alliacne from shooting Nuke’s at LA and the West Coast with all our digital resources three bombs away from being gone for 100 years.

Folks. We are vulunerable. The EU and America. We have no plan.

Kevin and I have lobbied in Washington for MARS – Mutually Assured Reconstruction. If we don’t get mutually assured reconstruction or MARS on the game plan – we are beyond alseep at the wheel. We deserve what comes.

The POPE that is the POPE said today WE ARE IN WORLD WAR III – so if your investing with that in mind this blog makes a little more sense to you. If you think the Pope is a liar or spin doctor like Putin chanting the USA did the Turkey COUP when it was HIM all along – then you will bash catholics and consider the POPE a liar.

We however honor the brave call to tell the world the truth.

Folks we ARE in World War III just like this blog has been reporting to you since the digital weapon was fired in 2008 with no let up since in how we react instead of get ahead – because we have no plan – and Russia does have a plan.

Putin is winning.





I’ve written so much about the CASINO that your investing into the market of MANIPULATION and SPECULATION is simply on “you”. If you think you can win against the house – the GREED MACHINE – have at it. The Super Money working against you include:

  • Trillions in speculative ETF side bets manipualting which way future prices will go. All unregulated.
  • Trillions of shadow banking and in dark pools are working in thier own speculations to manipulate market prices.
  • Sovereign nation funds are using software to buy into speculation side bets in the market space of the casino.
  • Central banks are attempting to control speculation excess without much success each trying to protect thier own positon.
  • Governments and their treasuries are adding trillions more into the forces of the rip tides of the casion seeking to stablize their currencies inside global rising trade wars.
  • Banks Hedge Funds and Private Equity and elite super funds are adding trillions with investment banks at leverage and borrowing made possible by free money in the wildest speculative bubble ever known.
  • Super money in private hands direcly plays in the casino by the hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • Cities and municiple treasuries play in the casino globally.

None of these investments add value to jobs, plant, equipment and the economy.

These investments are speculations – side bets – stock buy backs and manipualtions of pricing. These investments add no value to the economy and bubble up prices until SUPER CRASH destroys the powers making the manipulation.

You wish to personally gamble in between all these forces and their are so many more?

Don’t you believe the bubble must burst before we return to a REAL  market?

I do.

My cautions and opinions provided in early blogs on what to do- still apply.

Good luck in the casino. You will need it.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for you




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