Turbulence is the new normal. August the large % of trading dollars are on Holiday until after schools return. The market volume and velocity can’t reach record levels during this time. During the reduced trading volume minor players and state players can Manipulate to their advantage.

When the big boy software comes back on line in September the market modereates to the new SPECULATIVE Casino normal. As there is no REAL MARKET remaining. The market is a fully manipulated casino market where unregulated software specualation of super pools of money fix and moderate price for EVERYTHING including national currency.

Nothing is a real market on supply and demand nothing.

So in the CASINO it is liklely to see some scarcy times in August. But on lower volume.

It is likey to correct into a rally into year end. If we have a threat anywhere in the world or a digital attack October is the weak time for a SUPER CRASH. If we get through October the next SUPER CRASH alert time is April 2017 or anytime after New Year utnil April. That SUPER CRASH testing the NEW PRESIDENT may be the last time we will see a full on digital attack – as an opportunity for our enemy to strike us when we are in transition.

No real MARS plan as we have written about exists today.

It is a little bit odd to “me”.

We know the threat.

We know World War III the Pope discussed today is DIGITAL and on line.

We know the threat sources.

Yet we have no integration THREAT REPSONSE. That seems odd to me.

One might ask why.

They keep asking ME in this climate who is my pick for President of the United States.

I answer with a smile as I do for all voters in all nations –


That may be the only real issue in the end.

Berny Dohrmann – Telling the Truth for you